Wednesday, July 3, 2013

K-pop Half Time Show 2013 Comebacks

It has been a busy year in the K-pop industry and there have been a lot of comebacks and a lot of debuts. With all of those songs there is going to be a lot of wonderful things happening, but there is always the chance of disappointment. When a fan is waiting for so long for their favorite group to come back, and when they do and you finish the video you just sit there thinking, that's what I've been waiting for? We will not be talking about those sad moments in K-pop though, these are some of the songs that we thought were the best ones that have come out this year. These are the songs that came and whispered sweet nothings to us and then proceeded to have a love affair with out eardrums.

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Tiny-G "Minimanimo"

This was the first song that I heard from Tiny-G and I absolutely loved it. They are all just so petite looking, I just want to put them in my pocket and take care of them. I liked how they incorporated that into the video by making them appear like they were in a Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie. This song is crazy catchy and after I listened to it I was singing (or at least trying to sing) the chorus all day. It goes a little like "Nanananana Minimanimo" and repeat. Oh yeah, I'm good. 

~ Alora

Why am I so embarrassed to say I love this song award - Becca 

Rainbow "Sunshine"

This song is so fun, it was a nice addition to other summery type of songs that are coming out to welcome the season. Another reason why I liked it is because the girls are cute and sexy, but not to the point where I am uncomfortable watching the video, which is happening quiet often. The song and the video matched very well to create something lovely and happy. I talked about this song for a K-pop review so go read it if you want to know more about what I think. 

~ Alora

Sunny Hill "Darling of all Hearts" 

I know that I recently talked about this song, but I really like the sound and the message it has. Sunny Hill is one of those groups that is really good but isn't one of those super top groups that people drool over, at least I don't think that they are..... am I wrong about this?

~ Alora


MBLAQ "Smoky Girl"

This song was so smooth and loungy sounding. It was pretty different from what they have done in the past and it was welcomed. The chorus was repetitive, but that can be forgiven because it was so good. I've already written a whole post about this, so let me direct you this way!  

~ Alora

Sexiest suits in a music video award - Becca 

B1A4 "What's Happening?"

B1A4, how I love you are your craziness. This music video still creeps me out a little, but I have come to accept it, kind of, Baro still murdered Ken. This song was so funny and strange and it did really well in the combining of different song sounds into one giant song. I hope that they can get more recognition because they are quite talented. I also wrote about this song and created my own tragic story to go along with it, what do you think?

~ Alora

Most appropriately named music video award - Becca 

BAP "One Shot"

Becca chose this video, but to be perfectly honest, it didn't really do it for me. Not that it is a bad song, I just wasn't really feeling it. I have the same issue with "Power" it's an okay song, but far from my favorite thing BAP has put out. I am in love with BAP's new song "Coffee Shop" though, so that is definitely my favorite BAP song of the year thus far. 

~ Alora 

Most surprising music video ending award - Becca 
Nu'est "Hello"

You know why the girl is mad at Ren in the video? It's because he's prettier than her. That girl got some serious Nu'est action though, holy crap. I'm not really a fan of Nu'est, even though this song is quite good. I'll just leave this one for Becca. 

~ Alora 

I like your song, but your music video gives me anger issues award - Becca

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