Wednesday, October 15, 2014

VIXX Error MV Review

I have a lot to say, strap yourselves in.

I am feeling a certain kind of way about what I have just viewed. I'm not sure that I am yet capable of coherent thoughts because that video and song were pretty legit.

*deep breath*

Okay, let's do this.

How's the song?

With "Eternity" and now this song, VIXX seems to be toning it down a little; since "On and On" VIXX's song have really been building in intensity. VIXX is a pretty versatile group and I like never knowing what they are going to be doing next.

As for the song itself, I have one thing to say: Leo.

We all know that Leo is my bias and spirit animal so I was not quite ready for the beginning. And then right when I am gaining my bearings and floating on the loveliness that is Leo and N's voices, Hongbin comes in with that low voice of his and my fragile grasp on serenity is shattered into a thousand pieces.  Seriously though, I knew that Hongbin had a lower range, but dang! Please do more of that.

One more thing that I want to mention about the song is that it was very reminiscent of Bigbang's "Monster" sound wise. At least for me, I really hear it in the opening of the song in the piano. Not that is a bad thing, I think that it is gorgeous and it works with the song. I always think that when something sounds the same and people make a big deal about it, it is annoying. There are 88 notes on a piano and there are only so many ways that they can be put together so if someone wants to borrow a riff, I am not off put by that. That's not to say that straight out plagiarism is wrong though! Don't do it!  

The song was definitely VIXX though. VIXX and Jellyfish really know what they want to do melodically and they are running with it. It also helps that Ravi writes some of the things that they do. When one person is writing the music, there is less of a chance of the musical whiplash that occurs when a group bounces between producers.

How's the video? 

It was a VIXX video in the sense that it's dark and VIXX can't have nice things.

Seriously though, I don't think that VIXX has lived happily ever after since "Rock Ur Body". People always end up dead or tortured and I know that is VIXX's concept, but geez! Cut the guys a break!

Our story is about Hongbin and the new member of Kara. They are living happily as what may be the worlds most beautiful couple.

And then, because VIXX can't have nice things, little Kara dies turning Hongbin into a half clothed ball of tears. Maybe his emotions popped the buttons?

Then, because Hongbin is the most dramatic mad scientist/idol/technician in Korea, in order to never be hurt again, he changes himself into a cyborg.

Hongbin then reanimates(?) little Kara and pumps her full of memories and they are able to once again become the world's most beautiful couple, but now they are 2.0 since they are both cyborgs.

Then, everything comes crashing down around their beautiful ears when the Anti-happiness police come and shut down their little love nest. Hongbin is able to overcome the three guards and he and little Kara are able to run to safety. At this point you would think maybe they can live together in his super secret computer lab right? No. Even though Hongbin is now a cyborg, he is still a tad over dramatic so of course their only course of action is dismantlement.

And thus ends the tragic tale of Hongbin and little Kara.

How's the styling? 

Along with having a good sound and music videos, VIXX also has good make up and costuming. I mentioned already that I was unprepared for Leo to majestically start the song but I was completely unprepared for practically the first shot of the video to be this one.


Is he not glorious? I also think that he has the best hair this comeback.

Normally when it comes to make up in K-pop music videos, even if the make-up is suppose to be dramatic or ugly or scary, there is still the desire to make the performers look pretty or handsome. I don't think that Jellyfish gives a single f about that. In "Hyde", their make up was legitimately Halloween status creepy, and in "Voodoo Doll", they were pretty messed up looking. Same goes for this video with their cyborg make up. It is simple, yet effecctive and they are also wearing those really cool contacts again that I liked from "On and On".

Ravi definitely got the short end of the styling stick in this video though, like seriously what is this hair? You look like a Chia pet

I don't want to say that's it's bad, because it's not (even though I just called him a Chia pet), it's just that it's so intense looking. It makes him look really harsh and it is a huge contrast to the other members hairstyles.

And then they put this on his head. Why?

When idols get strange clothing pieces like this, do they really look in the mirror and say, "Yep! That's so cool! I am absolutely ready to go and kill it in the shoot!" Because it looks like he is wearing a Super Junior castoff from the "Sexy, Free, and Single" video.

Continuing along the topic of short hair (I have strong feelings about hair apparently), N's bangs have been becoming increasingly shorter since "Eternity". Will we ever see a full N forehead? Who knows.

Is the dance super amazing? 

I am always really impressed with VIXX's dancing. Not to say that other groups don't do this as well, but VIXX always has a really cool move that corresponds in someway to their concept. In this video, since they had a cyborg concept, they used a lot of electricity themed movements which were super cool. I just wish that they could keep the special effect lights that were used when they "plug" or "unplug" themselves in live performances.

I just noticed after putting in this picture that Hongbin has a really nice Adam's apple. Is that weird of me to notice?

Which member owned it?

Since there are two different parts to the video, there are two main players. One is easy, Hongbin is the star of the show here and did a really good job. Even though four out of the six members have done something that involves acting, Hongbin is like the resident actor of the group.

As for the regular singing and dancing shots, it was Leo's video.

It was almost like no one else in the video mattered Leo was in the center so much. Not that I'm going to complain, but Hyuk was practically nonexistent. I thought things were going to change after his lovely moment in "Eternity". I guess not?

Overall, I really like this song and video. VIXX really climaxed with "VooDoo Doll" and now they are calming the heck down which is good because I'm not sure where they could have gone after that madness of a music video. I hope they keep up the good work and maybe, just maybe, someday, they can have nice things.

~ Alora   


  1. I totally agree with you about Leo's hairstyle in this MV! My friend, who's a pretty new Starlight, even agrees that this is Leo's best look so far. Oh and N has shown his full forehead in one of their recent teaser(?) pics and it got a very big reaction from the fans haha. Love the MV too, definitely their best concept by far :)

    1. Reading your comment I, of course, had to do some internet creeping and I found the picture! It was on the VIXX preview shots for their Music Bank performance and he does have a forehead! Not a black hole like some people thought! XD

    2. It's a black and white picture right? My friend actually couldn't recognise him in the MV the first time she watched it, even though her ultimate VIXX bias is N haha. Have you listened to the other songs on the album? It'd be great if you could do an album review on the new album! I'm planning on doing one myself on my blog :)

    3. Yes, it was the black and white picture. It's so weird so see him like that! Also, thanks about the album reminder. I had forgotten that I wanted to review more albums!