Thursday, October 2, 2014

Block B Merchandise!

I have stated this fact a few times on this blog I think, but the most recent time was in the Super Junior "Mamacita" review post and it is this:

I may look like I am 24, but I am actually a 12 year old girl. Why, you ask? Let me tell you.

My first K-pop group was Super Junior and because of that, they will always be number one my heart no matter what. The thing that makes me a 12 year old girl is that sometimes when I get too excited about another group, I feel bad because I feel like I am abandoning Super Junior. You may judge me now. I can accept that, I judge myself on this topic.

I have recently felt a little of this shame because even though I own probably 90% of Super Junior's music, I don't actually own any of their merchandise. I own one poster from the Sexy, Free, and Single era (which means no Heechul *sad face*) and that was a gift. I have been collecting a few Block B things though, I have two albums, Nillili Mambo and the Jackpot single and two desk calenders. They are all awesome, but the twelve year old in the back of my head whispers to me that I should own more Super Junior things.

Now that we are done talking about about the little girl that lives in my head, let's look at what I bought!

The first thing I got at Kyobo books. For what I have gathered Kyobo books is to Korea what Boarders used to be to America. Not let's have a moment of silence for Boarders
I went to the bookstore with a Korean speaking friend who wanted a book. After he found his book we found ourselves in the music section of the store. I have seen K-pop albums before, I bought the Nillili Mambo album from a K-pop shop in LA during KCON 2013, but I will never get over just how big some albums are. They aren't even albums anymore! They are like coffee table books! They were selling the two versions of the Winner album and oh my gosh, it was a small box! I don't know what all was inside, but it was large and expensive.

My own album came out to be 30,000 won and that was the only reason that I was a little uncertain if I wanted to buy it or not. That's a little expensive to buy something that is only a single. I justified it to myself though by telling myself that the Jackpot albums are very limited because they only printed one batch of them since the promotions were halted because of the ferry accident that happened a day or two after the song was released. So, here is my album!

It is rather large, but I like the gambling theme that is going on. The CD also has the same poker chip feel that the front of the album has

And last, I forgot that in some albums you get a group member card. I didn't get one in the other album that I have so I didn't think about it with this album, but I got Taeil!

Taeil is my favorite member after Jaehyo so I was quite okay with this card. Taeil also has a special place in my heart because out of all the members, I think that he is the one that has changed the most. When Block B first debuted, they tried so hard to make Taeil look cool, and then in all of their photos he looked so incredibly uncomfortable and awkward. Then during the NalinA promotions magical things happened. Some stylist decided to give him a bowl cut and thick glasses and it was good. Taeil has now fully embraced his awkwardness, as has every other member of the group. I love these guys. 

Now that sharing time is over, let's look at my other thing! I bought this at a K-pop shop at one of the underground markets by City Hall it's a double year calender.

I already have one for the 2013 and 2014 year and I have liked it so when I saw this one, I decided that I wanted it. I was a little afraid to buy it though because I have heard from a few people that when foreigners buy things from little K-pop shops, the sellers jack up the prices. I decided that I would pay 10,000 won for this and was also ready to be sad at a high price but the woman asked for 6,000 won! Great success!

And there you have it! My newest editions to my very small K-pop collection. I am not the biggest merchandise person and I frequently think that whatever I buy while I'm in Korea will have to be transported back to the states in some way. I may buy more and I may not, we'll see.

~ Alora

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