Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spring Favorites 2015

I have not been in the writing mood lately if you couldn't tell and even if I had felt super inspired to write something I have had literally no time. It is the end of the semester over here in Korea and which means essay tests. My students write an essay at the end of each semester for my class and I have been giving essays and grading them All MONTH LONG. You know how many classes I have? 24! And each class has about 30 students each! 30! There was also some scheduling issues so my co teacher and I have been hustling this week and it's been rough, but now it's done! And next week is finals which means I don't have classes. Let the vegetating begin!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I have some mixed feelings about this song and video. Most of the feelings are good, but there is some underlying confliction.

As soon as this song started I was so on board. This was an anthem and is the closest thing to "Fantastic Baby" that we have received so far. The reason for that comparison is because, let's be honest, that song was amazing and people have kind of been waiting for "Fantastic Baby 2.0". This video also furthers the hilarity that I feel when I watch a BIGBANG video. They are a group and by the end they are all together, but the first half of their videos are often spent separately. I think that BIGBANG decides that they need to have a comeback but because they are all doing their own thing they have to start filming separately but by the end it all comes together like they have been together the whole time. I know that this probably isn't the case but it is the funny scenario that I have created in my mind.