Saturday, June 29, 2013

What if You Were a K-pop Stylist?

We asked the members of F4Plus1:

What if you were a stylist and had to dress Korean idols in each of these looks from the 2013 London Men's Fashion Show?

#1. by Astrid Andersen 


This is Daesung's new workout gear (He's going to the gym to get sexy so why not be sexy in the process?) -Becca  

There is no good choice of idol for this outfit, but I can imagine throwing Minho in this for his role in "To the Beautiful You." -Autumn

This is the ugliest thing that I have ever seen, that means that Taemin will probably be wearing it in the next SHINee video. -Alora

JYP (I saw a picture of him in a sleeveless white top and could totally picture the rest!)  -Mindy

What is this?. -Andy

And the Winner Is....

#2. by Astrid Andersen

This outfit should be worn by 2PM in their next video. It will save them the trouble of lifting up their shirts to expose their abs. It's functional! -Autumn 

Reminds me of Siwon's outfit from Sexy Free & Single, but I think I would give it to TaeYang because he finds fabric around his torso to be too restricting. I think this is his perfect solution. -Becca

Junsu will wear this one in his next super sexy video. -Alora

It should go to Taecyeon- you have to agree with me here! -Mindy

No comment. -Andy 

And the Winner Is....


#3. by Craig Green


 What is this third one supposed to be? Wearing trash paper? -Andy

K.Will announced that he will be starring in his next music video and this is his costume. -Autumn

I think this is a fashion fail for all K-pop idols because we couldn't see their pretty face... that's the whole point... I could however see K.Will's management company saying "The only way you can star in your own music video is if you wear this outfit" To which I say "You're stupid! Merong!" -Becca

I'm going to hop on the bandwagon and say K.Will. Poor K.Will, we think you're cute. -Alora

I disagree, it should be G Dragon- as long as the hole is big enough for his face to peek through during those close up shots. -Mindy

  And the Winner Is.... 

#4. by Sibling 


For some reason I keep thinking that only JYJ can pull off this combination of sexy and preppy. -Autumn

I would give to Chansung from 2 PM. I think he has just the right amount of sexy and confidence to pull it off. -Becca

I have been watching "Full House" lately and this loos like something that Rain would have worn in that show. He would be wearing real pants though. -Alora

 Hong Ki- He's a fashionista. -Mindy

Heechul? -Andy

And the Winner Is.... 

#5. by Kay Kwok 


This outfit would be worn by every k-pop idol ever, but I think SHINee would be the first to grab it.  -Autumn

Siwon -Andy

I would love to see Kevin of U-Kiss in this suit. Mostly I just really love Kevin, but I think it would look awesome on him. -Becca

I would give this suit to TVXQ and burn the ones that they wore in the "Keep Your Head Down" video. -Alora

Lee Min Ho, totally. -Mindy

  And the Winner Is.... 
Lee MinHo

#6. by Alan Taylor for MAN


 Hongki would rock this outfit so hard. This is definite airport fashion, except he would have better shoes. -Alora

Kim Hyun Joong- Andy

 I could imagine Siwon wearing this on a tour though India. -Autumn

T.O.P. -Mindy

As soon as I saw this I thought of Lee Hongki (THE HUNKY ONE!). He would rock this outfit not to mention accessorize the heck out of it. -Becca

  And the Winner Is.... 
Lee HongKi

#7. by Topman 


Yoon Shi Yoon- you know you can see it too. -Mindy

For some reason I think Ryeowook from Super Junior would totally be able to pull this off and make it look super classy. -Becca

This could be everyday wear for TOP. It is a little weird, but totally modest which fits his concept very well.  -Alora

 Two words come to mind when I look at this outfit: "crafty" & "Steve Jobs." Hmmm, I guess in that case I would give it to either Psy or JYP. -Autumn

These outfits are all so ugly. -Andy

  And the Winner Is.... 
Yoon Shi Yoon

#8. by Bobby Abley for MAN 


What is going on in these designer's minds!?! -Andy

Taeyang -Mindy

I think G-Dragon could rock this outfit. He has the swag, that's for sure. -Becca

G-Dragon will be wearing this in his next solo video. -Alora

I'm afraid the only idol willing to wear this kind of outfit would be a nugu group trying to get exposure. Get it? Exposure! Hahaha! -Autumn

What are these designers thinking?? -Andy

  And the Winner Is.... 
G Dragon

#9. by Kay Kwok 


This outfit has no redeeming value and I hate it. So I would give it to Eunhyuk cause I'm still mad at him for what he did on WGM*. Come on Eunhyuk, you know what you did. You deserve it. -Autumn

First of all, I would have to take in the shirt to make it actually fit him, but I think Changmin from TVXQ could pull off those shorts X) -Becca

Amber would look good in this one, it is boyish, but still colorful and weird. The shorts might be too short though. -Alora

Taemin -Mindy

Taemin -Andy 

  * Eunhyuk made a girl cry on a group date during an episode of "We Got Married." It made me cry too. -Autumn
 And the Winner Is....

#10. by Agi & Sam 


Again, this suit is made for K-pop idols. I'd love to see it on T.O.P., just as an excuse to stare at him. -Autumn

This one is my favorite, so I'd give it to my favorite Idol: Onew! (and have him wear glasses with it.) -Becca

I keep thinking of TVXQ and those awful suits.....they can have this too as long as they never wear those other ones again. -Alora

Jang Geun Suk -Mindy

Me. -Andy

And the Winner Is.... 
TVXQ, but only if they make Andy an honorary member