Monday, June 10, 2013

Word of the Day: Dragon Mom

Dragon Mom n. 1. A parenting style characterized by the extreme measures taken to control, protect, and dominate their children... and anyone who gets in their way. 2. Basically they are Tiger Moms on crack.

Dragon Moms are found in about 40% of all Korean dramas. That percentage would be a lot higher, except that so many characters in these dramas lost their mothers in early childhood. Hmm... maybe the Korean government is behind the high death rate for Dragon Mothers. They know that if all the Dragon Moms united, they could topple the current regime. Or maybe the Dragon Moms of current government officials ordered them to get rid of their competition. Either way, I smell a conspiracy.

 Lets start off with how to identify a Dragon Mom. 

1. She is beautiful and perfectly put together.
Shining Inheritance

2. She has a soft, melodic voice- but the steely glint in her eyes will hypnotize you and turn you to stone- Medusa style.
Original Dragon Mom- Boys Over Flowers

3. She is often found wearing expensive furs as a not so subtle reminder that she has no problem hunting you down, skinning and wearing you.
The fashion statement: Don't mess with me. 

4. This is one of the weird things I've noticed. Many dragon moms reach for their neck with their right hand when their children upset them.
Sure, your kid is a pain in the neck, but do you have to take it so literally?

What if you get in the way of a Dragon Mom? 

1. She will try to pay you off.
2. She will try to pit you against her child using any possible misunderstanding to her advantage.
3. She will blackmail you.
4. She will probably get your family/friends either fired from their job or evicted from their homes.
5. As a last resort she may even buy the building you are living in just so she can demolish it while you are sleeping.

How do you fight a Dragon Mom?

There are a few proven strategies that work.

1. The "Jandi Method", which is where you wait her out. All the while collecting allies among her children, mother-in-law, staff, and comatose husband.
You can't control us all forever.
2. The "I Know What You Did Method" is to publicly make known all of the Dragon Mom's crimes, including but not limited to child abandonment, kidnapping, fraud and blackmail.
Beware! This method usually causes the Dragon Mom to have a total mental breakdown. 

3. Finally, the "It Takes One to Know One Method" is where you show the Dragon Mom that you are every bit as strong willed and conniving as she is. She realizes that if she has to marry him off, it's best if it be to a future Dragon Mom in the making.
"You remind me of a young me."
Here is a list of K-dramas with a Dragon Mom(s):

Boys Over Flowers
Secret Garden
Shining Inheritance
Bachelor Vegetable Store
Protect the Boss
School 2013
Mary Stayed Out All Night (this one is actually a Dragon Dad, who knew?)


Which Dragon Mom do you love to hate? Leave a comment. 


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