Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LYn and Leo Blossom Tears MV Review

How's the song? 

We all know that I have a great love for Leo and that he is my spirit animal, so when I heard that he was going to be doing a duet with LYn, who I don't really listen to but know has an awesome voice, I knew that it was going to be magical!

Another thing that we know is that I am not really a ballad person, I find them boring more times than not. I don't know if I was brainwashed by the presence of Leo in this song, but I really like it. I usually find that ballads drag but this didn't drag on for me. It had a large enough sound to keep my attention, it wasn't muted and mopey. I'm not an instrumental person either, but I think that if there is an instrumental version of this song it would be lovely.

The lyrics of the song also fit really well with the video, but the video takes it to the extreme, more on that later. The song is about a man and a woman and the man is breaking up with her but she tells him that she isn't leaving. The man realizes that he has been silly and they are meant to be and they decide to be together forever. She should have broken up with him when she had the chance.

How's the video? 

I have been informed that the girl in the video is not LYn as I so mistakenly thought. Well...... I said that I didn't really know who she was right? ^^;

Well, that escalated quickly. It's all puppies and rainbows until your boyfriend is holding your heart in a jar and potentially turning into a Korean Norman Bates.

What seems to happen is Leo the fashion designer and his girlfriend LYn are a happy couple.....most of the time. Look how sparkly his eyes are!

That is until the sparkle is gone and he turns in to a gigantic jerk wad.

Then we get a flash back of another girl from Leo's past, he's making her a wedding dress! I assume it might be for her, but everything isn't perfect here either. Leo seems to have some medical issues. Whether it is prescription or not, and whether it is being used correctly or not is unknown.

This is causing the very real Korean disease known as First Love Syndrome. Leo can't forget this other girl and LYn seems to know that; but what happened to the first girl?

Chick bounced is what happened! Right when Leo appeared to be doing something really romantic. Super rude. This seems to be a reoccurring nightmare for Leo and when he wakes up to find his new lady love gone he flips out and begins destroying the studio. When LYn comes back though, she seems very calm. It makes me wonder if this is a occasional happening.

This is when the tone of the video shifts though as Leo stares at the wedding dress with his newly acquired murder face.

And then the next thing you freaking know, Leo has a heart in a jar, which he holds as he sniffs and caresses the dress form in the wedding dress and LYn is dead in the bathtub.

THEN Leo open his murder cupboard which has VARIOUS JARS in it. How many girls have been killed because this one girl left him? Is there a girl for every dress? Did he make all the dresses for the one girl and needs someone to wear everyone? Then, because the weird train was derailing fast enough, this happened.

The Landlady much? How many other pretty girls do you have stuffed (morbid pun) away Leo? Huh? HUH?!

Even when VIXX members aren't doing VIXX promotions, they still can't have nice things.

How's the styling? 

I wasn't really overly impressed by anything LYn wore in this video, but her hair is fantastic.

She also looks a lot like BTOB's Ilhoon, or he looks like her, I'm not sure which way that goes.

Is the dance super amazing? 

No dancing here, unless you count the dance of death! I think that I have made this joke before and it still isn't funny. Sorry about that.

Which member owned it? 

I'm just going to leave this here.

Did the English make your ears bleed? 

There isn't a single word or English in this song and there doesn't need to be. It's lovely.

~ Alora


  1. I'm a Starlight too and Leo is one of my biases too (my second being Ken)! One tiny thing to point out though, the girl in the MV isn't LYn, she's a model called Go Sohyun and she's also in BTS' Boy in Luv MV :)

    1. Total shame on me then! I said I didn't know who she was and this definitely proves it. XD I assumed that it was her since Leo was in the video. :p

      ~ Alora

    2. Haha it's ok, I don't blame you, I actually found out the girl in the MV wasn't LYn after doing some research on the meaning of the MV haha :)

      I'm from Singapore and I review Kpop MVs too on my blog (but because of school, I don't blog very frequently :( ) so I totally understand certain MV plots can be a bit hard to interpret so it's ok to make some misconceptions here and there. Love your blog btw, great to know that there's a fellow blogger out there who likes reviewing Kpop MVs too :)

  2. Hai. Actually i've been look for some review of this Music Video, and finally found it. Because I want to know someone else point of view about this MV and also a little explanation abou what is the mv actually tell about,.

  3. Actually, I'm a newbie fan of VIXX. Before, I only know N and Ravi.then, I'm searching some info about it.
    Maybe Leo is my Bias.because i fall in love with him since i watch this MV. He's very cool in here. Maybe I just know very little about him by watching some of vixx variety show. As far as I watch, he is very shy, reserved, with low voice and I just know that he's the main vocal (i think it was N, because i seen him often). He's good in high note.
    Here is my opinion, in variety show, He look not interested in join with some 'jokester' member, which is very loud and he just do it silently. I can feel his affection towards other member, but he just show it silently (maybe. is it right?). How nice when I see him with a kid or animal. He looks happy, and smile a lot. Then, when it come to 'introducing Vixx' (V.I.X.X ViXX), performance like dancing and singing, photoshoot, then play soccer, he's totally serious doing it. I have a feeling like 'he dont care or too cool', but actually it doesnt true, right.
    Oh its too long, sorry. I just wanted to share what i've thought. Correct me if theres something not right. Thankyou.

    1. You did a pretty good job at describing him! Since I have fallen in love with VIXX, I have watched almost all of their variety show appearances, so if you need any ideas, may I know some that you haven't watched!
      From VIXX's first variety MyDol to some of their most recent ones, there has been a change in Leo, he used to be more quiet than he is now! With him, you can see that he loves his members but he also has a very low bull crap tolerance so he isn't afraid to smack the members around if they get too crazy, in a loving way though ;)
      You are right about him loving animals and babies, but we should also throw food and coffee in there too. Then, when he is performing, he truly comes alive and it is cool because you can see that he is putting everything he has into a game or performance.
      I'm glad you stopped by the blog and I hope you enjoy becoming a Starlight (VIXX fan club name)!
      ~ Alora

    2. Truthfully, I'm waiting ur reply. I want to know if is it right or not. Because I only watch some of their variety show. I'm happy to read your reply. Thankyou. Finally I found someone who have same thought as his fans.
      I watch mydol only when they do bungee jumping. Other variety show i've watch are Vixx diary, vixx tv only fr 90-100, plan V diary (i like this one), vixx file, and some when they on radio Sukira and shimsimtapa.
      Last night I watched vixx on beatlescode 3d. Then I found the story about Leo's zipper. Oh my god, then he just do self destruct by saying 'yes its habit' jokingly.hehe
      Because I only know a little of their performance stage and activity, then I'm searching them on my old file like gayo daejun and idol athlete championship that. Then I finally found it leo play hard on futsal, N doing archery. I've just notice them recently.. mianhae Vixx. Actually i like other BB too. Maybe a multifandom.
      Sorry too long again. And bad grammar.
      But thankyou.. :)

  4. Hi I know this is a kinda old post and I'm not sure if you take requests but since you're a fellow Starlight, can you do a review on VIXX's Error MV when it comes out? That'd be great thanks! :) I can't wait for their comeback, just one more day for us in Singapore!

    1. No need to request! I have been waiting for this video to come out! I'll probably start writing something later in the day. The teaser looked amazing so I am excited!

  5. Wow! Thank you for your blog. I'm a newly self-proclaimed Leo biased Starlight. Indeed, the song was beautiful. I love how their voices complimented with each other's. The plot too was well matched with the song. I, too, love Leo here ( though he's creepy). But, man, he was gorgeous! Anyways, thanks again!