Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Block B HER MV Review

How's the song? 

We're talking about Block B this week! Woo~! Is anyone surprised, because you shouldn't be just like you better believe that as soon as Super Junior releases their new album in a few months, I am going to be all over that like the crazy was in this video which I will talk about it a moment.

With most songs, you have an idea of what the song will sound like, but the teasers that were put out didn't really give a clear sound for this song so I was really happy when it started. It doesn't sound like anything that they have done before, but it still a Block B song.

Song distribution wise, this was a typical Block B song, Jaehyo got one line and it makes me sad. I was surprised that Taeil only sang once though and not until the end of the song. He is normally the chorus guy, but this time U-Kwon and PO were in charge of that.

And speaking of PO, I think that it is interesting that he and Kyung has been singing more in Block B's recent songs. I quite like it when rappers sing because their voices normally have a different quality because they normally aren't "singers".

How's the video? 

I can honestly say that at first, I wasn't sure how I felt about this video. I think that the main reason I say that is because I wasn't ready for it. I have come to accept it and quite like it now, but my first watch left me confused and conflicted. I knew that it was going to be different, but I don't think I was ready for the amount of weirdness that was going to ensue. It is more of a B1A4 video to me and I immediately created this scenario in my head:

Zico: (calling Jinyoung) Jinyoung-ssi! Hyung! It's Zico from Block B, yeah we did Match Up! together. Yeah...... I was the one that chased you around the set...... yes, you were quite funny...... not my finest moment...... are you done laughing now? Catch your breath..... Ready? Yes, I have a some questions about the concept of our next music video.......

And, thus, a music video was born and Zico started it off strong by burping a pink bubble

And apparently his HER is this ostrich.

I am also slightly curious about the ostrich because it appears stuffed 95% of the time, but then it also looks alive but I don't think they would put Zico in the same space as a ostrich because those things are mean!

Something that I have noticed in the last two Block B videos, is that even though Jaehyo only gets one line and doesn't get a lot of screen time, he somehow gets a lot of screen time. That sounds a little contradictory, but it's true. He is rarely front and center, but he is always in the background doing who knows what.

One thing that I really didn't like about the video was the interview cut. Something that I always mention in MV posts is that I hate it when my song is interrupted. I think that I was even less impressed than usual because I couldn't understand what was being said. What came after was quite awesome though.

I especially liked that when they were acting as the band, they were trying to be ask awkward as they possibly could. Zico, PO, and U-Kwon were particularly into their rolls. Maybe it was because they were the ones with the string instruments.

How's the styling? 

I don't know who decided that PO was going to have a different neon hair color every come back, but I would like to give them a hug. Especially this bright pink hair. I thought that the purple was fantastic but this takes it to a whole other level and I love it! Love it! His contacts were the perfect color as well. Just, everything that was happening was wonderful.

Something that I didn't like were B-Bomb's eyebrows

They were like this in 5 Minutes Before Chaos as well and I do not like them. They are so overdrawn and in this video they are kind of blue and it's just not a good look for him.

Is the dance super amazing? 

Block B has been trying to channel their inner dancers lately and it is making for some fun dances. There are also different from the dances that they were doing earlier as well. "Nilili Mambo" and "NalinA" had very strong dances whereas their last three songs have been goofier and more carefree. There is also a lot of leg work in those dances too.

Which member owned it? 

I was worried that this video would be a lot of Zico and PO, but there was a nice balance between all the members.

Did the English make your ears bleed? 

Before I looked up the lyrics in a video I saw that there were the Korean lyrics in the description of the Seven Seasons video and I saw the line "I need suction" which was immediately concerning. After reading the translated lyrics though, it's still a little weird. The only real issue that I have with the song is their use of Jesus's name. I am definitely not a fan of that.

Sorry that this ended a little abruptly in places! I missed the last step going into the subway yesterday and I had a boot put on my foot today and I am feeling sad and also really tired from using my crutches. Hopefully your week is going better than mine!

~ Alora

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