Sunday, July 13, 2014

Onew - Lucifer Doll

It hit me the other day that I completely forgot to put up some pictures of dolls that I made before I came to Korea. It makes me a little sad to post this and the one coming after because they will be the last ones that get posted for a while. I miss making dolls. *cries quietly*

I have been making a set of SHINee dolls from the "Lucifer" era and this Onew doll was the last one that I was able to do. Someday they will be completed with Jonghyun, but who knows when the heck that is going to happen.

Onew actually took a really long time because I started him as a project to keep me occupied as I took the train from Utah to California, and then I didn't work on him for a long time. He obviously got finished though, and maybe it's because I wasn't super interested in this doll, but I'm not in love with it, especially his hair which I realize looks slightly tragic in this picture, but there is nothing to be done about that.

My favorite part about the Onew doll, aside from the fact that he has a furry vest like Key that you can't see, is that the bottom oh his shirt has fringe. That was an experience. I cut out a strip of felt and then make little cuts all around it for fringe and then glued it to the base of the shirt. So yeah, there is one piece of glory on the doll.

~ Alora

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