Sunday, July 13, 2014

Onew - Dream Girl Doll

If I didn't like the finished product of the "Lucifer" Onew doll, I freaking love the "Dream Girl" Onew doll. Murphy commissioned me to make this for her friend who was graduating from college. It makes me feel cool to say I was commissioned to do something.

I had to pump this doll out though. I was working on him right up until I left and Murphy didn't even pick him up until after I had been in Korea for a while.

This guy is my new masterpiece I think. My other masterpiece dolls involved a lot of finger work and small pieces but this is a masterpiece in painting. I painted on his shirt and I painted the entire jacket which was both parts painful and fun. I also really enjoyed making the tie. Since it was a checkered pattern, I had to cut out tiny pieces of felt and glue them on to a tie shape. It went pretty well as long as I didn't breathe too hard. I learned that the hard way.

Another little detail that you can't see is that his pants are a little short and he has little turquoise socks. They're pretty adorable.

~ Alora

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