Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BTOB Thriller

How's the song? 

I don't know a lot about BTOB other than they put out the song "WOW" last year which I really liked. They also did a cover - that word being used lightly - of Block B's "Nallili Mambo" which was pretty funny. I have also learned while writing this that Ilhoon, apparently, is the created of the Gyiomi player which he showcased on their second appearance on Weekly Idol and I'm sure that idols everywhere would like nothing more than to wrap their bejeweled and manicured hands around his adorable little neck for what he has done.

As I was wandering through the BTOB MV section of Youtube, I saw in the comments that people were talking about how Peniel has very few lines in the songs that are put out, so, of course, I had to investigate. It turns out that he doesn't have very many parts, he either gets some backing raps or, when he does get a main part, it is normally in English. Not that that is a bad thing though, if you have an English speaker, use them because they will be understandable and won't tell us that the loofah's on fire. 

I really liked the music for this song because it was a big orchestral sound rather than a computerized one which has been really popular this year with all of the dubstep. Most of the videos that have this dark concept have an orchestral background and I wouldn't say more of these types of videos. They are just more interesting to listen to because you can pick out instruments and listen to what is being played at what time to convey different emotions, at least I like to do that.

Even though the whole song is good, my favorite part was at about the 2:40 mark when we go from Eunkwang's part into Minhyuk's rap. Both are super talented and I think that the jump was done very well from the big sound that Eunkwang was putting forth to the more raw sound that we got from Minhyuk. This jump was also shown in the video from going from the big domed room that BTOB was dancing in back to the empty and fog filled graveyard. 

How's the video? 

After watching BTOB's music videos, I have decided that they are vampire Time Lords. The proof is in their videos. They like to hang out in various types of graveyards, from flaming piano graveyards

To your more traditional graveyards

Minhyuk seems to be the only Time Lord of the group though (does that make everyone else companions?), showing his powers when he stopped the wedding of his two timing girlfriend, which I am still a little confused about, even in the video was cute

Lastly, we have the mystery that is Sungjae. He doesn't seem like a Time Lord, but he was in cahoots with that girl who made all his members disappear and then he made her disappear. Who are you really Sungjae?

I did like this video and all of the sets that they used. They all went together very well to convey this dark feeling and nothing seemed too over the top. Even Ilhoon's bone room worked for me because he was able to shine through his surroundings.

The only thing that I thought was a little weird is the big THRILLER room that some of the members were in. Yes, we know that the song is called "Thriller" thanks for reminding us.

Was the dance super amazing? 

The main point of this dance seems to be the use of BTOB's hands. They are doing all sorts of reaching and waving and it is fun to watch them make creating different shapes and angles with their bodies.

My favorite move that they do is performed by Changsub and Eunkwang. When Changsub finished his lines, Eunkwang is introduced by coming from behind Changsub with the light glasses on and it makes me think of a demon coming out of his cave.

How's the styling?  

I liked the styling in this video, I though that it was fun and it also suited the sets that they were in. There were three different outfits, the graveyard ones

Which fit with the dark feel of the set with all the black fabric and metal detailing. I also thought that it was interesting that Changsub was the members that was exposing the most skin and had all the tattoos in the video because while he is physically fit, he has an average body, while there are three other members who are known to have really toned bodies.

All the tattoos were really well done though and even though it weirds me out that I am posting this next picture, I think that the artwork should be seen. He seriously looks like her should be carrying a whip though, have I mentioned that it weirds me out?

The other two outfits that BTOB are wearing are suits, one set of matching suits and one set of coordinating suits. I really liked the red brocade suits that they were wearing, but what made it even cooler is when they had those cool light glasses on. VIXX also used something like these in their "On and On" video, but I think that I like these better. While VIXX was wearing light up glasses, BTOB actually look like they have glowing eyes and it is a really cool effect.

Their last wardrobe change were some slightly deconstructed satin jewel tone suits. I really liked these ones because, as I have said before, I like it when groups are unified, but they are also different in their clothes. Like a designers fashion line, they are cohesive, but each outfit is its own.

Which member owned it?  

This was totally Ilhoon's video, like seriously, I don't even remember what happened other than he was adorable and was really good at the crazy eyes. Okay, maybe that's not entirely true, but he was a very strong presence in the video. 

I like to learn a little about the groups that I review if I don't know them and in doing so I have learned that Ilhoon is very against skinship, which I totally understand. I'm not a hugger, or a back rubber, or a casual physical contact person, even with people that I know. I will accept hugs from others and I have asked for a massage before, but I just don't really like it. 

This is how I feel when I am surprised hugged. I know your pain Ilhoon
Another member that caught my eye was Sungjae and that is because he looks a lot like Seo In Guk, especially when he is in a side or 3/4 profile angle.

Last person that I'm going to mention is my favorite member, who, while he didn't make a large impact in the video, he's still my favorite so I'm going to post a picture of him, so there.

Did the English make your ears bleed?  

The English in this video is really good, which is a good thing since I think that I read somewhere that Peniel's English is better than his Korean, I don't know if that's true, but I do know that he spent most of his life in Chicago. Since hearing this song, I have been watching BTOB's MTV diary videos and the members, especially Sungjae, are always asking Peniel to say things in English and then they repeat back what he said. He then corrects their pronunciation which is really fun to watch. Especially when he was trying to teach Sungjae how to properly pronounce a "v". Side note, Peniel and Sungjae totally have a thing going on, they're adorable.   

What else is happening?  

Drunken Tiger "The Cure" - This song is absolutely fantastic, heck, these three people are fantastic, keep making music please!

A.T "Don't Be" - This song was catchy and I really enjoyed the singers voice. The video was also really creative and mad props should be given to the buffer bar guy.

Block B "Be a Light" teaser - DYING!!!!!! Is it Monday yet?

5Dolls "Can You Love Me" Ver 2 - Wasn't that the same thing that you put out last week?

ELECTROBOYZ "Let it Rain" - Brace yourself, fall - therefore rain songs - is coming. This song is really pretty though with the slow tempo and the smooth hip hop sound.

5Dolls "Deceive" - The song was pretty, and even though I think that the video went well with the song, nothing happens, they are sitting the whole time not moving. Something else that I have noticed with all the 5Dolls videos that are coming out, the videos are so jumpy! Every cut is about 2-4 beats long and it is kind of annoying.

~ Alora

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