Monday, September 2, 2013

The Hood

I was bored a while back and decided that I was going to look for all of the music videos that shot on the "ghetto" set that has become so prominent lately. After finding all of them, I thought that it might be fun to build a giant story around it. When I told Autumn about this, she said that if I were to actually write anything that I should call it "The Brohoho Diaries" after the character Mr. Brohoho from the videos from Eat Your Kimchi. I thought that that sounded like a pretty solid idea and I finally decided to post what I have written today.

Yay! Story time!

As many K-popers know, as much as idols like to pretend there is, there is no hood in Korea. That is not to say there is nothing bad in Korea, there is just nothing that equals to the hood that one might find in New York or California; that doesn’t stop these companies from pretending that there is one though. There is one specific area that many idols seem to frequent in their videos such as 2NE1, BAP, and now BTS. But what if this wasn’t a set, but an actual place that only idols knew about? They help create it and tear it down and make of it what they will.

2NE1 "Ugly" July 27, 2011

There once was a city that was put together by the broadcasting companies who were tired of overly sexual female K-pop idols. These companies were always receiving hate mail from fans for banning their favorite k-pop groups from TV, so they decided to do something about it. 

They created a city just for these pretty girls telling them that it would be a Utopia and that they could do whatever they wanted, all they had to do was come and live there. Little did these girls know that they were falling into a trap that would cost them their lives. 

2NE1 had heard about this massacre that had happened so many years before and they decided to go see what was left of the city in the hopes that maybe someone had survived. They went undercover, dressing in punk rock outfits with face masks to insure that they wouldn't be discovered by any enemies that might be in the area.

What they found was disaster. They didn't think that there was anyway that anyone could still be alive, but they continued onward, not wanting to miss anything by giving up.

As they continued in farther, they decided that it would be okay to reveal their identities and take their masks off. They also hoped that if anyone was following them, this would attract their attention and make them come out.

Unfortunately this plan didn't work so in a last attempt to attract attention, they held an impromptu concert on one of the stages that the broadcasting companies placed around the city for the pretty girls to perform on. 

With this also resulting in failure, the girls decided that it was time to head home. Maybe the horrific story of what the broadcasting companies did was really just a story and the area really was just a decrepit part of Korea. Something from the war maybe that had been forgotten. As they were leaving though, they found a large locked gate. CL was able to break the chain and then proceed in to see what was being locked up. 

When they entered the fenced off area, they found the surviving girls. They were all masked and standing at attention waiting for those who had enslaved them to come back. Luckily for them, 2NE1 were to ones to come for them.

After the celebration 2NE1 told all the girls that they should get some sleep so that they would be able to make it back to the YG studio where they would be able to find help. Everybody agreed to this and went to sleep anticipating the return to the city. While every was asleep though, 2NE1 crept out. 2NE1 had come in to the area to look for survivors, but their job was not to save but destroy anything that had been left.

The TV companies and 2NE1 thought that they had pulled off the mission seamlessly. No one on earth could have discovered what they had done. What they didn't anticipate was anyone from the outer reaches of the universe searching for some place they could land and call their home.

Thanks for reading my super corny story! Will there be more? Maybe, we'll see. 

~ Alora 

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