Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Teen Top Rocking

 How was the song? 

Things that I know about Teen Top: there are members named L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, and CAP, but I can only identify Niel; I love the chorus of "Miss Right"; they sang a song telling a noona not to wear perfume so their girlfriend won't know they are cheating; one or more speak English; they performed this song at KCON.

Things I have learned since writing this post: the other members are Chunji and Changjo; Niel is not the leader (I don't know why I thought that) but he is a pink haired super saiyan; almost everyone in this group is a baby; CAP likes tattoos.

There are just so many K-pop groups out there and it is hard to know all of them! There are a lot of groups I know of, but have never taken the time to look into, these guys being one of them, and that seems to be a large trend in the songs that I review. I just review what I like though, I don't care if I know the groups or not, so there.  

That being said, I really liked this song, especially that synth that was playing scales in the back ground. I also liked the chorus of this song. from the few Teen Top songs that I know, they always seem to have these really infectious choruses which is a good thing since that is what most people remember from a song.

How was the video?

The video, while it is very colorful and fun, doesn't make any sense when you put it up next to the actual lyrics of the song. Before we get too far into that, I want to make a mention that this room is back along with the mounted deer heads, these are not as weird as the one from the A-Jax video though, thank goodness.

I know that I have said this before, but why is this room so popular this year? I guess it's cool looking, but it is just so random that out of everything you could put in a video, they would choose these light colored rooms with the decorative squares and the occasional mounted deer head.

This video starts out with dramatic staring and shirt grabbing. Okay, I can deal with that, I assume it's setting me up for some rough lyrics or visuals, but no, it's not, they just want to have a random beach fight. I also read that one of the members actually punched another one on accident while filming this. Oops.

Then we move on to a dramatic and rather bromantic viewing of the city from a parking lot. Are you apologizing for punching your member in the face because this is a kind of weird place to do it.

After all of this strangeness that happens in the outside world, we get to go to strange interior rooms. While the rooms themselves are not that odd, minus the one mentioned above, it is the objects inside that make them interesting for example, why does Niel have so many freaking hats?

I know that caps are an essential item to being cool and all, and there are six members of Teen Top, but oh my gosh. I just can't imagine having that much of just came to mind that I have about 350 books in my room in California (that's right I know how many books I have and where every one is!) but that's different! Books are forever!  

The video didn't end anywhere that made sense either. At the end, we were given individual shots of the boys in that cathedral looking area with flashlights. Why? Nothing in the song is about looking for anything. It's actually saying that the girl that you love to hate will probably call you the next morning after the break up so, what's the problem?

How was the styling?  

Like the video, there is also a lot going on clothes wise, weirdest thing? Niel's pants

I've already commented on the absurd amount of hats in this video, but those tinsel pants really bring everything about this scene together. Then to make it even better, as I watched the video and came to this shot, I realized that the pants were not tinseled in the back, but were made of baby blue fabric, question: does that make them better or worse?

Not all the outfits were covered in tinsel though, some of them were actually quiet nice, like the red and gold clothes that they wore in that cathedral-like area.

Was the dance super amazing? 

There was some majorly fancy footwork in this video and I'm surprised that their legs didn't just get tangled into a giant knot causing them to fall over, but that's why they're the professionals and I'm not, right?

The only thing that I didn't like about this dance was that they danced in a straight line a few times and I mentioned in my post on 2PM that I don't think that straight lines are visually pleasing. I feel even more assured about this because they did perform this song at KCON and, while it was cool, when Teen Top broke the line it was a lot more fun to watch. It just makes everything look more dynamic and interesting.  

Who owned it?  

I don't know if this person "owned" it, but the person that I payed the most attention to is Niel and that is because he is the only one that I can put a name to. Also, his mouth is really big. I don't have a problem with big mouths, I think that Dongwoo from Infinite has a wonderful mouth (that doesn't sound weird at all), but Niel's mouth looks like it is trying to consume his face, maybe it's because he's already so skinny, someone give that boy a sandwich!

The other member that I liked was CAP and he really just caught my attention toward the end of the video at about the 2:30 mark and he says "where are you?" but of course in Korean. It was kind of sexy and beautiful so I though that I would mention it.

Did the English make you ears bleed?  

I liked the opening part with L.Joe saying the "Teen Top we gon' rock it" lines, and since he speaks English, I always knew what was being said.

What else is happening?  

BLOCK B IS BACK!!! That's really all that matters to me right now, but I won't just end there. 

Royal Pirates "Shout Out" - So this is their Korean debut, but they have actually been around since 2004 based in LA under the name Fading From Dawn, but changed the name after the death of their bassist and brother. This song is really good and I am glad that there seem to be more bands popping up this year.

B2ST "How to Love"

Kim Ye Rim "Rain" - I am not a ballad person, but this song is fantastic. It has kind of a French sound and it sounds like something that you would listen to while drinking something hot at your window while listening to the rain.

SPICA "Tonight"

BTOB "When I was Your Man"

LYn "I Like this Song"

Airplane "Give Me a Chance"- I almost reviewed this song, because I was excited that Airplane finally put out another song and they did not disappoint, but there was a lot more to talk about with Teen Top.

G-Dragon "Coup D'etat" - Well that was super symbolic. I liked the song and I would like to dive more into what it means, maybe next week?

Kara "Damaged Lady" - Kara has never really done it for me. I feel like they have a very generic sound and now their image has been tarnished because of Nail Salon Paris, the two will be forever connected.

Yoon Jong Shin "Goodbye" - As soon as this song started I thought of a prince and a princess singing to each other over some long distance like in The Swan Princess.

NU'EST "Fine Girl" - The song was cute, but I was super distracted by the video and all of its raw adorableness to fully listen to it.

Apink "U You" - Aside from this awful title, I actually really liked this song and video. Shocking I know, since girl groups usually annoy me.

Ladies' Code "Pretty Pretty" - I've finally found another girl group that I like! These girls are rookies, but they have such powerful vocals and they also have a definite sound, I'm excited to hear more from them!

EXO "Growl" drama version - What the crap, SM? Also, Tao is beautiful and Kris is awkward.

~ Alora

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