Friday, September 27, 2013

Bring on October!!

I am so ready, you guys! It is going to be a wonderful month full of all types of feels and there will be ships that sail and ships that sink in the tears of fan girls and probably a few fan boys as well. What am I talking about? Well unless you live under a K-pop and a K-drama rock you probably are aware of a few things that are going to happen. Let me expound upon all the things that are going to go down.

October 2

Block B is going to release their 3rd mini album "Very Good" and it is about time that I had more music by them on my ipod. And since we are already looking at this picture, what the heck is up with Zico's hair?

Along with their album release they are going to put out the music video for their title track "Very Good", except this song isn't coming out on the 2nd, it's coming out on the 2rd.

October 3

Block B is going to have their first showcase since the comeback and I heard that it will be live streamed and since I don't have to work on the 4th, I might have to track it down and watch it.

The third will also be the last day of "The Master's Sun" which I have been absolutely loving. Yes, the amnesia made me a little grumpy, but I like it when the amnesiac is still in love, but they don't know what they are feeling or who they are feeling it for. It gives me the warm fuzzies.

October 9 

Finally! The drama that everyone has been peeing themselves about for months is going to begin. There are so many big names in this drama, I'm surprised that it can even been filmed and it doesn't just explode the cameras. I kind of hope that it isn't just a rehashing of Boys Over Flowers (even though I loved that crazy show). I am also interested to see what happens when Lee Min Ho's lips meet Park Shin Hye's because he kisses well and she is a wide eyed fish. 

October 14

Yay! A Yoon Eun Hye drama! She is my ultimate girl crush. The first thing that I saw her in was Coffee Prince which was fabulous and I have watched four of her other dramas since then. I'm not sure what this drama is about, but just the fact that she is in it has caught my attention.

Make time go faster!!!

~ Alora

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