Friday, August 30, 2013

Bad Family

In honor of Heechul's discharge from the military, I am going to be writing about the 2006 drama Bad Family. I am also going to try to review this drama in a similar way that I review music videos to try for a more structured approach. Let me know what you think about it!

Initial thoughts 

Bad Family is one of those dramas that, while it is very good, it is hard to find and it is even harder to find anyone talking about it, which is a shame. Yes, this is an older drama, but it doesn't have that same old feel that you might get from Full House which made me laugh the whole time at how "old" it seemed in comparison to what is being produced today.

Again I say, it is a huge injustice that this drama doesn't get the recognition that it deserves because it really is a heartwarming story about a fake family that becomes a real one and all the crazy things that happen to them. The cast is also fabulous and you could tell that they really all enjoyed working with one another.

The last thing that I like about this drama is that it seems like they took every single dramaland trope and tossed them into the same drama and let it unfold. This drama seriously had everything: amnesia, car crashes, adoption, murder, fake families, gangsters, loan sharks, chaebols, flying kicks to the face, lip pressing, and awkward relationships. How awesome does that sound? It is done it a totally not annoying way too because some of these things, when they happen, you sit and yell at your computer, but not this time. They all tie very well into the story line and make it better. 

The storyline

This story is about the tragic death of a little girl's, Na Rim, family and the loss of her memory all resulting from a terrible car crash caused by a "friend" of the family. Na Rim's uncle becomes suspicious of said "friend" and highers the help of ex-ganster Oh Dal Gun to put together a fake family in the hopes that they will bring back Na Rim's memories of that day. Oh Dal Gun then finds people that owe him money and blackmail them into becoming a family telling them that they can repay their debts this way.

How amazing does this sound so far? Car crashes, amnesia, gangsters, and blackmail all in the first episode!

As you can probably guess, these people do NOT like each other which adds to the fun of watching it. The fight and gripe, but as soon as Na Rim enters the room, no matter what it happening, they have to love each other. It is like watching an improve show when the actors are acting out a bar fight and then someone calls out a change for "Swan Lake".

I think what ends up being my favorite part of the drama is that everyone is happy and has somebody to love at the end. In a lot of dramas there always seems to be those one or two people that either don't live happily ever after or just live ever after with nothing much to go for. Everyone has someone at the end though and the characters don't totally change either, they just become better versions, happier versions, of themselves.

The characters 

Even though we only know Na Rim's real family for about fifteen minutes, you can tell that they are a family that really love each other. Grandma and Grandpa probably spoil their granddaughter silly and let her get away with about anything; Mom and dad are the perfect couple who love each other and their daughter unconditionally; and whatever the uncle was like, he was probably the complete opposite of Oh Dal Gun. The only people who are the closest to being like Na Rim's real family are her fake brother and sister, Kim Yang Ah and Gong Min, who care for Na Rim because of their own sad home lives.  

This is something that makes the fake family so much more fun to watch because they are all such horrible people. Grandpa is a womanizer, Grandma is a foulmouthed, dirty ahjumma, Dad is a push over with no self respect, Mom is selfish, and Uncle is an ex-ganster, yeah, that's a winning combination.

Na Rim  

Na Rim is at the center of this drama and she could not be cuter. While she was young during the filming, sitting at eight years old, she did a wonderful job and totally killed in it the last episode when she came to the family crying. If you've seen this drama you know what I'm talking about and don't pretend that you didn't cry too with the whole will they or won't they issue in the last episode.

Gong Min 

Let's be honest here, the reason that I watched Bad Family was because Heechul was in it, no shame. Heechul was far from the most important person in the drama, being a side character, but whenever he was on camera, he did a pretty good job.

One of my favorite moments from his character that hit me right in the feels was toward the end as he interacted with Na Rim. Na Rim was crying because she drew a family portrait, but it was wrong because she had to color Gong Min's hair orange instead of yellow because she didn't have a yellow crayon. Gong Min then told her wait and ran off the the hair salon and dyed his hair for her. Cutest thing ever!


I was just going to talk about Na Rim and Gong Min because she's adorable and he's Heechul, but this was my first experience watching a drama with Kang Nam Gil and I am so happy that I have found him! In the dramas that I have seen him in, he always plays these happy father figures and it just makes me really happy. I want him to adopt me into his family!


One more mention and that belongs to Yeo Wun Gye who did a wonderful job as Grandma. This is the only thing that I have ever seen her in and I don't know if I'll ever watch anything with her in it again because she unfortunately died in 2009 at the age of 69 from complications from kidney cancer. 

All the other characters do fantastic jobs a well and really make you care for the them. There are no weak links in the main cast and they all do a really good job complimenting each other. I would love to watch more of their home life and I think that it would make an interesting sitcom to expand upon all of their characteristics.

I am all for themes and symbolism since that is what I learned for four years as an English major in college and this drama deals a lot with the theme of love and what it means to be a family. Is a family the people that you are born to or the ones that adopt you? It also touches on what kind of people deserve to be a part of a family. You have all of these people who have been abandoned in one way or another forced to work together. They don't think that they need each other, but in the end, the thought of leaving breaks their hearts (and the audiences).

One other thing that is put on the table is the theme of self worth. These people have all been mistreated or abandoned by someone and because of it, they feel that they do not deserve the love of someone else or they don't need the love of someone else. It is fun to watch them grow and discover that they do need each other and that they are worth loving.

 Final thoughts

This drama will pull on your heart strings, but it is also very funny in equal doses. It is a shame that more people haven't watched it or write about it. It isn't flashy and it may not stick with you in the same way as a trendy drama, but it shouldn't be ignored! I don't feel like I've ever watched anything like Bad Family before either, are there any other dramas that follow the same idea as this one, because I would totally watch that. 

So, yes, this is a drama that everyone should take the time to watch and enjoy and then make everyone around you watch as well. 

What else am I watching? 

Who Are You? - Is it wrong that I want Hyung Joon to either pull an Arang or have Si On die? Because, seriously, their chemistry is SOOOO much better than her's and Taec's.

The Master's Sun - Who cried during episode nine? I did! I might have also yelled "shut up and kiss!" at my computer a few times during both episode nine and  ten, because, man, they got really close to each other a few times.

~ Alora 

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Wol is the female lead in the 2012 drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun. I don't want to give too much away, but something happens to her as a child which causes her to loose her memory and now she is being passed off a shaman in training.

A few months ago my friend challenged me to make a Lee Hwon doll and at the back of my mind I also wanted to make him a Wol doll. At the beginning of this week when I started to do it, I almost made her in a queen outfit, but decided against it because she is most known in her shaman outfit.

Wol was actually a lot easier to make than I expected her to be. Sure, there are a lot of parts to her outfit, but it wasn't anything too crazy, just a lot of small pieces. The thing that gave me the most problems was the back of her jacket. I made it wrong, but when I figured that out I had already glued everything to the front of it. After much hemming and hawing, I just cut out the back but left the front because redoing the whole thing was not happening. Her hair was also interesting to make because while I did braid Martina's hair, this braid is architectural, but in the end, I did it and while I wish that it was a little longer, I really like it.

I'm going to add some extra pictures below that didn't fit in the general picture. Appreciate them!

~ Alora

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Block B in the House!!

So today we were going to put up our thoughts on KCON and all the fun things that we did to get ready for it to replace a K-pop review, but unfortunately Autumn and Becca are slow so that isn't going to get posted at the moment, but something else wonderful and glorious and magical has happened, that's right,

I just don't know what to do with myself right now because no one I know in Utah cares about K-pop so I'm just sitting here forever alone spazzing out. Block B is even trending worldwide on Twitter right now which goes to show how many happy people there are right now.

And you know what is happening in two days? Heechul is coming back from the army! I'm not sure if my life could get any better than it is at this moment.

~ Alora

Saturday, August 24, 2013

We're Having a Contest!

Hey you guys! We've decided that we want to have a contest just because we can, and also, I think we enjoy torturing ourselves by taking on these large projects. We wouldn't do it if we didn't love it though, right? Since we are a tiny blog within the giant sea of the internet, we figured that if we wanted to get a few more people to know about us, what better place to do it that at KCON? There will be tons of crazy people there, like us, that might enjoy this, and not just our non K-pop friends who give us the shifty eyes whenever we bring it up.

Here's how this thing is going to go down:

Three prizes for three winners

Kimchi to Kimchi cards, ABC book, or a doll

How do you enter?

That's easy, all you need to do is comment on a post or two! Every time that you leave a comment on a different post, you will be entered into a drawing to either win a book or cards. We will then draw two peoples' name out and they will be the lucky winners.

What about the dolls? Those are pretty awesome!

I know, right? To win a doll, you do the same thing as above, leave a comment. I will go through those comments and pick one that I really like because these dolls are not an easy thing to do. I really need to be inspired by someone to spend the time needed to make one of these bad boys.

How long do I have to enter? 

You will have until September 13, midnight, California time to make your entries and hopefully we get some because I love reading what people have to think. It must be my inner English teacher crying out for the thoughts of others.

I think that's about it. Let us know what you think of our blog and hopefully we can make some new friends tomorrow! Have a lovely weekend, I know that we will!

~ Alora

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AA Okay About It

 How's the song? 

I am totally in love with this song. It's so catchy and I can't help but bob along when I am listening to it. When it first started, I was a little unsure about where it was going to go because of all of the English, it just felt a unnatural and I wasn't digging it. As the song continued though, I got more into it and I even (kind of) accepted the English part when it came up again at the end of the song. But now, after listening to the song a million times, I have come to love the awkward English intro. I totally sing along and dance to it. No shame.

This song also get points for not being a mopey break up song. This is a "I don't need you, don't call me no more" type of video. This may sound weird to say, but I think that there should be more songs like this. Some times relationships suck (I make myself sound so knowledgeable, right?) and getting out of it might call for a party. This is also good for people who break up and they can make themselves feel better instead of more depressed about whatever has happened.  

My favorite part of the song would definitely have to be the chorus with the "Okay about it, don't call me no more." It is just so wonderfully catchy and I think that I am going to be singing that for the rest of the week, maybe forever because I just bought it. I can jam to this song whenever I want now, thank you iTunes.

I don't know how everyone else thinks, but I feel like the summer has brought better music that we were given at the beginning of the year. There seems to be so many more songs that I listen to and fall in love with. That's not to say that there weren't any good songs during the first of the year, I just think that all the really good songs have come out in this latter half, hopefully this trend continues.

How's the video? 

When I realized that this was a video full of cutey boys I got excited because I thought that I would be given the opportunity to kill someone off. Unfortunately, this video is pretty straight forward and has a solid story. There aren't any random rooms with girls in them or creepy Barbie dolls to decapitate. When will I get another video to ruin?!

So, maybe, someone can answer this question for me: is One Piece a really big deal in Korea? I feel like at least one member in every boy group, if not the whole group, reads this manga, or manhwa, since this is Korea. Also, when I was in Oahu, there was a trolly line that had One Piece on it, probably because there are a large amount of Japanese tourists that go to Oahu, but I thought that it was kind of awesome.

Did anyone recognize a certain place where they went to film, say, maybe this one?

Here's your clue: a sub unit of my favorite group filmed there. Anyone? Anyone? 

Super Junior H filmed "Cooking Cooking" there back in 2009, so this video gets extra points for using an area that I recognized.

The other set that they were at was your general cutey boy house party set, which looked like was so fun to film. This is a set that we see a lot of in the summer too. With the appearance of house parties and clubs, there is a high probability that we will be given awkward backup dancers that look like they would rather poke themselves in the eye with a sharp stick that be on the set. These people seem to be having a genuinely good time though, probably because they don't have to be "cool" like you do at a club. This is a cutey boy house party and I would also like to be invited.

How's the styling? 

Holy short shorts Batman! There was so much man (and boy) leg in this video! It actually made me a little comfortable because I felt like one wrong move and I would have seen a lot more of AA than I ever wanted to.

I feel pretty
Are you even wearing pants?
We are about a centimeter away from seeing a whole lot of Aoora 
Outfits like this make me wonder how the members feel about wearing them. Do they just consider them "work clothes" so they don't care, or do they make fun of the things that each other are wearing, or do they love it? It would be really interesting to find out these type of things.

Along with the tiny shorts, there are a lot of patterns and different things happening on these clothes, and I am not really a fan. I think that the difference between all the outfits in Xia's video "Incredible" and this one is that I feel that AA is trying to be cool, while in Xia's video, they were being worn more ironically. I don't know how to properly explain this reasoning, so hopefully someone is with me in this differentiation.

Another thing that I found questionable was Aoora's ear cuff

The pop art aspect of it just seems so out of place to me, even though Kimchi did have a pop art design on his hat, but I liked that one. I don't have a problem with earrings or ear cuffs, I really liked the one that Key wore in the "Why So Serious" video, but this one is just so big. Sure the video is colorful and crazy, but not a pop art crazy, go downsize that to a smaller "crazy" and you'll be perfect. 

Is the dance super amazing?

Let's change that "amazing" to "cute" because holy crap was this cute. It wasn't a painful cute either, like these boys were thinking "oh gosh why are we doing this?" They had a lot of natural aegyo and it totally worked for them.

Most of the video is happy jumping and messing around, but there is one dance part during the "ok about it" part where they make little "ok" signs and do a little swaying bounce.

It seems to me that a lot of summer songs have simpler dances, it is more about having fun and being happy. It is also nice to see simpler dances in K-pop because they can get so complicated sometimes and there is nothing for the audience to do but watch in awe.

That is what is cool about this dance, it is simple and I would assume that most people would be able to make "ok" signs and move their arms. With the increasing popularity of K-pop groups and increasing number of them, you have to stand out in some way and many people do that with their dancing. That definitely isn't happening here, and it is kind of a breath of fresh air. I can put this with dances like "Sorry Sorry" to be used in my every day life, I haven't had one of those in a while. 

Which member owned it? 

I don't know much about AA, but the member that caught my eye was the one with the most unfortunate name: Kimchi. That's right, this kid's name is Kimchi. Why would you do that to someone? When I saw him though, I just wanted to bring him home and give him a cookie, especially with those little ears on.

So, apparently, AA has a new member in the group who was born in 1998. 1998! I feel like I am slowly turning into an ajhumma and I don't like it. Not! One! Bit! What is even weirder is that the oldest member was born in 1985. I have no problem with groups having large age gaps, but it seems like it would be a little difficult for those members to become close because there is such a difference in age.

I also don't how I feel about the fact that the oldest member and I have such similar names, his is Aoora. I think that it is because it is almost my name, but it isn't. I guess it makes me feel like I am misspelling my own name or something. 

Did the English make you ears bleed?

The English itself isn't bad, it's pronounced well and it makes sense, but that part at the beginning and the end just makes my finger curl a little. I understand that they are saying that they are free and they can party and have fun, but it just makes me cringe a little. 

We're off to LA today for KCON so nothing will be posted on Friday or Monday. We also fail at making shirts, but we will be handing F4 cards out to people, because the opportunity is too good to pass up!

What else is happening?

Kim Sori "B.I.K.I.N.I" - Well that was uncomfortable, not anywhere close to "Dual Life", but yeah, we get it Kim Sori, you have a hot bod, congratulations. 

Bumkey "Attraction" - This song isn't really my style, but it is a good song with a smooth R&B sound. The video was also creative with the use of split images and layering of different shots to create one whole shot.

Seungri "Gotta Talk to U" - I was super scared to watch this because of the teaser video, but this wasn't anything like that at all. The song was pretty good and I liked that pan pipe synth sound (because that's totally a thing) that was in the background.

History "Tell Me Love" - I'm a little confused about this song, probably because the song is also confused. It wasn't sure if it wanted to be a pop song or a dubstep song and it wasn't until the end that it found its happy medium. Once it figured it out it was okay, but until then, I didn't know how I was suppose to feel.

Sunmi "24 Hours" - solo debut from Wonder Girls, This song isn't really my thing, but it has this classy sexy sound and I also liked the contemporary dance style that they were using in the video.  

Kara "Runaway" - I was so overcome by the bad acting and having flashbacks to Nail Salon Paris, that I couldn't concentrate on the video.

Henry "1-4-3" - I like this song a lot more that "Trap". I basically just loved everything about this song and it featured Amber which made it even better.

~ Alora 

Monday, August 19, 2013

We're Going to KCON 2013!!!

That's right! Autumn, Becca, Alyson, and I are all going to KCON! We have a wonderful week planed which involves going to Korea Town, seeing the LA temple, and of course spending two days at KCON.

While we are there, we are going to be wearing some wonderfully dorky F4Plus1 shirts, so if anyone reads this and sees us, let us know! The main reason that we are going to be making shirts though is that we are going to be bringing the many games that we have created to play. We will have Kimchi to Kimchi, K-pop/drama themed Telestrations, and K-pop/drama themed MASH. If you don't know what any of these things are, go watch this video and then skip ahead to the 45 minute mark and you will be enlightened. 

We hope to see people there who will play with us because we put a lot of effort into these things and they deserves to be played! Also, see if you can think of any new cards we can add in after playing, because there are probably things that we either don't know about or forgot! We hope to see some people there!

Friday, August 16, 2013

White Christmas

I was recommended this drama by Murphy and it was a good recommendation. I feel like she hyped it up a little for me though so I wasn't as impressed when I had finished it as I initially thought I would be. It was good, but I wasn't overwhelmed by the awesomeness of it all like she was. This drama was very different from many popular dramas because it is a shorter with 8 episodes, which works for the story because I think that condensing it was a far better idea than putting it into the usual sixteen episode drama pattern. It also deals with the human mind and brings some interesting questions to the table.

I love stories like this that really strip down the human spirit and show the audience what is underneath; seeing the why behind the actions is fascinating which is probably why one of my favorite research papers that I wrote in college was about the tragic villain. I got to read all of these articles on killers and dissect why my case studies did what they did and whether the monsters that they became were born or created.  

Our drama takes place at a school in the mountains that only the top 0.1% of students are allowed to attend. They are allowed eight days off every year and those are the days that encompass Christmas and the New Year, hence the title. Seven of these students decide to stay at the school during these eight days for one particular reason, they have all received a strange letter saying that someone will die at the end of their break. I am glad that I watched this drama when I did because I already knew a lot of the actors from other things that they have done since White Christmas and may I say

Seriously, there are so many good looking people in this drama, it is just one big pretty party with a side of murder. I watched this with my friend Kris and we both decided that almost all of the guys in this drama were prettier than the one girl. Not that she wasn't pretty, she was suppose to appear plain, but those guys were just way too good looking for their own good. I think that if I had to pick a winner for the prettiest person in the drama, that award would go to Lee Soo Hyuk with Sung Joon taking a close second.

He wasn't just a pretty face either. He did a really good job as the drug addled, unstable, rich kid and I think that it is pretty safe to say that he has the saddest story out of all the characters. 

While doing some research on the drama, I found that the director's main goal in casting all the men for the drama was that he wanted them to be tall which seems like something that should be at the bottom of your priority list when casting for a drama. This turned out to be a good idea though because as Kris and I were watching, she couldn't keep track of who all the actors were. When discussing the characters, we opted to speak about them through their attitude or a defining feature. We also gave them nicknames, they were: Vampire Idol (Lee Soo Hyuk), Ear piece (Kwak Jung Wook), the girl, (Esom), Moo Jin (Hong Jong Hyun, since I had just watched him in Cyrano), Kim Woo Bin, the main dude (Baek Sung Hyun), Sung Joon, and the jerk or that guy from Love Rain (Kim Young Kwang). Oh yeah, that's the way to do it.    

Back to why this is all important, the students at this school aren't there as individuals, they are there as an IQ number and no one seems to care for each other. Everything is about you and how well you do so you don't fail and bring dishonor upon everyone. All of the students are basically the same, but only on the surface. As we get deeper into the story, we really are able to see their personalities more and they slowly become individuals, for better or for worse. The only person who started out with any individuality was Kang Mi-reu (Kim Woo Bin) and his red hair. 

He is the only character who, at the beginning, refused to conform and secretly stayed at the school even though he was technically expelled. He is like this ticking time bomb and neither the audience, nor the other characters, are ever quite sure what he is going to do next.

With the introduction of Mi-reu, we start to see more individuality, but also more of a sense of togetherness from the other characters. There is a bit of a paradox in this because as they learn that their individual actions are bringing them closer as a group, their actions in their group work shows the audience more of their characteristics as individuals.

The beginning of the end really starts at episode five, that is when the "experiment" begins and all the characters begin to crack. You really get to see all of these students true colors as they are each brought to their limit, and it is up to them to choose whether or not they will cross that line and do something that they might regret later. 

The thing that really bothered me about this drama is that there were some continuity issues and there were some serious suspension of disbelief, especially with the last episode. Kris and I actually paused the episode at one point and had a quick talk about what had just been discussed. That is not to say that the last episode isn't a very good and thought provoking one, it's just not done in the best way.

Overall, while I didn't like this drama as much as Murphy, but I still thought that is was a good story that brought forward an interesting plot and theme of is a monster born or created. It is a real life question with real life application that we can all think about. I would suggest that people watch this drama and decide for themselves what they think of this question, and beware of the monster in the corner. 

 What else am I watching?

Cruel Palace: War of the Flower - I will finish this someday, it may take the rest of my life, but I will finish it, dang it!

Who Are You - I'm getting use to the acting of our main characters and they don't bother me as much any more. I do like the story though, especially now that Kim Jae Wook has finally shown his ghostly face! Let the confusing love triangle begin!

The Master's Sun - This is definitely a Hong Sister drama and I am absolutely loving it. I just hope that it doesn't crap out in the end as I heard Big did. 

~ Alora

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Who Has it Worse?

So, this post is a little random, but since going to Oahu, I haven't written anything and I think that I might explode before Friday, so here we go.

Yesterday, when I was on my computer, I was goofing around on Pinterest. On my personal Pinterest page there are a lot of nerdy things that pop up, one of which are pins about the BBC series Sherlock which I love. After I was finished with Pinterest, I went over to the Block B twitter translation page to see what was going on with the Block B boys, and hoping that they would put out some amazing revelation about an song coming out, but no such luck *sob*.

After looking over these two things I got to thinking, who has it worse: the Sherlockians (is that what we're called?) or the BBCs? Both of these fandoms suffer from similar problems, they have something that they love with an unknown future with nothing but reruns to watch and turn into memes and gifs. Fortunately there are more Block B things to love, but one can only watch Block B's Match Up so many times, and why has no one subbed the second Match Up? That makes me so mad!

With the lack of Sherlock material, the fandom is doing everything they can to create things, and they are slowly losing their minds. There is "music" and there are memes and tumblr pages galore as the fandom continues to create with a slowly diminishing well to work from.

There is hope on the horizon though! The third season is being filmed, but I am unsure if there is a release date or not. This is a wonderful, yet terrifying, thing for the Sherlock fans because yay! Sherlock is coming back, but how is Moffat going to emotionally destroy us this time? 

Block B has some really dedicated fans as well, because they have also spent a lot of time waiting, especially after the whole Thailand fiasco, but BBCs still showed their love by creating their own funny pictures

The BBCs have slowly quieted though, especially after the end of Block B's lawsuit that they lost. Block B is now a group that has no label and no definite future. They have not disbanded and most of them update their Twitter regularly to keep in touch with their fans. Zico, Kyung, and PO have also put out mix tapes and B-Bomb is a part of a dance crew so people can still watch and listen to them perform. Jaehyo and Taeil are also good are Tweeting but U-Kwon, unfortunately, seems to have fallen off the side of the earth, seriously, where is that guy?

The only thing that the BBCs might have - and they are clawing at it - is that there are rumors that Block B might be announcing something this month. Who knows where that started and I don't know if there is any truth to be found in it, but I want it to be true SO BAD!

So what do you guys think: who has it worse? A TV show that only gives you three emotionally taxing episodes and leaves you high and dry for an unspecified amount of time? Or a group that is technically still together but without a solid future as a group and sketchy rumors? Either way, I have a lot of emotions over here because I am suffering from both. I think I'm just going to go find a nice corner and cry now.

~ Alora

2NE1 Do You Love Me?

How's the song?  

Finally 2NE1 has helped me remember why I love them so much. With CL's "The Baddest Female" and "Falling in Love" I just kept getting disappointed, but with this song there was no awkward "Touch me over here, touch me over there" and no cheezy "Not 'bad' meaning bad, but 'bad' meaning good, you know." Just a great party anthem that you want to jump around and dance to just like they do in the video.

Each of the girls had an opportunity to let their voice shine. I love how when you listen to it you can pick out who sings which part. You have CL with her awesome talk rap/singing, Sandara with her softer melodic voice, Park with her awesome wailing, and Minzy with her lower range and awesome harmonies. And even though they all do have a very different and distinct sound to their voices, the song still totally flows and all the pieces just seem to make it a whole lot of layered goodness.

How's the video? 

I love this music video. Like I was saying the song is such a good jump around and sing it with your friends song and that is exactly what's going on in this video. They're singing it in the car,

 at a party with awesome cheezy dance moves,

at a slumber party with curlers in their hair

At a pool party

 and one of my favorite parts, making their friends look awesomely silly by putting singing lips on them.

I really like how it feels like this whole video could have (and actually might have been) filmed on a cell phone camera. There are even different parts of the video where it really looks like they have an instagram filter turned on.

The process of making the video and why they make stylistic choices is always interesting to me (probably because I'm a photographer) and I thought it was really cool that this is the direction they took for a few reasons: #1 Their original concept fell through and to be able to make the deadline so they could keep rolling out a music video a month they decided to make it more homemade. #2 I guess people are really intimidated by the girls of 2NE1 and they wanted to show their personalities in more of a "look, see, I'm human. I can be silly and fun, don't you just want to be my friend" kind of light. And I for one think they did a great job in that aspect.

How's the styling? 

2NE1 is of course always known for being some of the leaders in fashion, and although they are dressed in some of the brands their known for (*cough*adidas*cough*) 

their look in this music video is a lot more casual than we usually see from these girls. 

I know I already mentioned it before, but I so love Sandara for having curlers in her hair through half of the music video.

Park Bom had awesome amazing nails.

It seems to me, like the majority of the video the theme of the styling was comfortable fashion with CL's oversized sweatshirt

and Minzy's sweater dress

Was the dance super amazing?  

There was only one small part where it looked like they were doing a dance together:

If you are like me and love super fun cheezy dancing, then yes. 

But most of the time it was just people being goofy and rocking out to the song.

 Which member owned it?  

I think Sandara Park did an amazing job showing how awesome her personality is. She was so funny and just seemed like someone I would actually want to know in real life. And no, it's not JUST so I can meet her adorable brother (although, I wouldn't say no if she offered)

No, but seriously, here are a few gifs to show you just why I thought Sandara was the best in the video.
You're just jealous of the fourth dimension CL.
She is so talented.
Okay, so Sandara isn't the only one in this gif, but I love her reaction the most :)

Did the English make you ears bleed? 

Of course not. CL's english is impecable and I'm sure she keeps the rest of the band's English in check.

What else is happening?  

MBLAQ "No Love"- MBLAQ changed it up and put out a ballad. It is good, but it didn't knock my socks off. They are adorable though.

Ze:A "The Ghost of Wind"- I almost chose to review this video. I really like the song, and thanks to Autumn pointing it out, I know that they can see unicorns.

NC.A "My Student Teacher"- I love the original version of this music video because it is so simple, but so funny. I couldn't stop laughing. I also watched the drama version of this music video and I liked it, then it made me a little uncomfortable, and then a little confused. Anyway, make sure to turn on the captions when you watch, because half the fun is in the words.

BAP "Badman"- Is following the post-apocalyptic trend that is going on now a days. For some reason I feel like a few of the lines from the chorus of the song are from other songs that I've heard, especially the "I've got a feelin'" and the "I'm a badman"... I can't put my finger on it, but I'm really not interested in researching it either.

And probably a whole bunch of other stuff too, but Alora is way better at this than I am.