Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AA Okay About It

 How's the song? 

I am totally in love with this song. It's so catchy and I can't help but bob along when I am listening to it. When it first started, I was a little unsure about where it was going to go because of all of the English, it just felt a unnatural and I wasn't digging it. As the song continued though, I got more into it and I even (kind of) accepted the English part when it came up again at the end of the song. But now, after listening to the song a million times, I have come to love the awkward English intro. I totally sing along and dance to it. No shame.

This song also get points for not being a mopey break up song. This is a "I don't need you, don't call me no more" type of video. This may sound weird to say, but I think that there should be more songs like this. Some times relationships suck (I make myself sound so knowledgeable, right?) and getting out of it might call for a party. This is also good for people who break up and they can make themselves feel better instead of more depressed about whatever has happened.  

My favorite part of the song would definitely have to be the chorus with the "Okay about it, don't call me no more." It is just so wonderfully catchy and I think that I am going to be singing that for the rest of the week, maybe forever because I just bought it. I can jam to this song whenever I want now, thank you iTunes.

I don't know how everyone else thinks, but I feel like the summer has brought better music that we were given at the beginning of the year. There seems to be so many more songs that I listen to and fall in love with. That's not to say that there weren't any good songs during the first of the year, I just think that all the really good songs have come out in this latter half, hopefully this trend continues.

How's the video? 

When I realized that this was a video full of cutey boys I got excited because I thought that I would be given the opportunity to kill someone off. Unfortunately, this video is pretty straight forward and has a solid story. There aren't any random rooms with girls in them or creepy Barbie dolls to decapitate. When will I get another video to ruin?!

So, maybe, someone can answer this question for me: is One Piece a really big deal in Korea? I feel like at least one member in every boy group, if not the whole group, reads this manga, or manhwa, since this is Korea. Also, when I was in Oahu, there was a trolly line that had One Piece on it, probably because there are a large amount of Japanese tourists that go to Oahu, but I thought that it was kind of awesome.

Did anyone recognize a certain place where they went to film, say, maybe this one?

Here's your clue: a sub unit of my favorite group filmed there. Anyone? Anyone? 

Super Junior H filmed "Cooking Cooking" there back in 2009, so this video gets extra points for using an area that I recognized.

The other set that they were at was your general cutey boy house party set, which looked like was so fun to film. This is a set that we see a lot of in the summer too. With the appearance of house parties and clubs, there is a high probability that we will be given awkward backup dancers that look like they would rather poke themselves in the eye with a sharp stick that be on the set. These people seem to be having a genuinely good time though, probably because they don't have to be "cool" like you do at a club. This is a cutey boy house party and I would also like to be invited.

How's the styling? 

Holy short shorts Batman! There was so much man (and boy) leg in this video! It actually made me a little comfortable because I felt like one wrong move and I would have seen a lot more of AA than I ever wanted to.

I feel pretty
Are you even wearing pants?
We are about a centimeter away from seeing a whole lot of Aoora 
Outfits like this make me wonder how the members feel about wearing them. Do they just consider them "work clothes" so they don't care, or do they make fun of the things that each other are wearing, or do they love it? It would be really interesting to find out these type of things.

Along with the tiny shorts, there are a lot of patterns and different things happening on these clothes, and I am not really a fan. I think that the difference between all the outfits in Xia's video "Incredible" and this one is that I feel that AA is trying to be cool, while in Xia's video, they were being worn more ironically. I don't know how to properly explain this reasoning, so hopefully someone is with me in this differentiation.

Another thing that I found questionable was Aoora's ear cuff

The pop art aspect of it just seems so out of place to me, even though Kimchi did have a pop art design on his hat, but I liked that one. I don't have a problem with earrings or ear cuffs, I really liked the one that Key wore in the "Why So Serious" video, but this one is just so big. Sure the video is colorful and crazy, but not a pop art crazy, go downsize that to a smaller "crazy" and you'll be perfect. 

Is the dance super amazing?

Let's change that "amazing" to "cute" because holy crap was this cute. It wasn't a painful cute either, like these boys were thinking "oh gosh why are we doing this?" They had a lot of natural aegyo and it totally worked for them.

Most of the video is happy jumping and messing around, but there is one dance part during the "ok about it" part where they make little "ok" signs and do a little swaying bounce.

It seems to me that a lot of summer songs have simpler dances, it is more about having fun and being happy. It is also nice to see simpler dances in K-pop because they can get so complicated sometimes and there is nothing for the audience to do but watch in awe.

That is what is cool about this dance, it is simple and I would assume that most people would be able to make "ok" signs and move their arms. With the increasing popularity of K-pop groups and increasing number of them, you have to stand out in some way and many people do that with their dancing. That definitely isn't happening here, and it is kind of a breath of fresh air. I can put this with dances like "Sorry Sorry" to be used in my every day life, I haven't had one of those in a while. 

Which member owned it? 

I don't know much about AA, but the member that caught my eye was the one with the most unfortunate name: Kimchi. That's right, this kid's name is Kimchi. Why would you do that to someone? When I saw him though, I just wanted to bring him home and give him a cookie, especially with those little ears on.

So, apparently, AA has a new member in the group who was born in 1998. 1998! I feel like I am slowly turning into an ajhumma and I don't like it. Not! One! Bit! What is even weirder is that the oldest member was born in 1985. I have no problem with groups having large age gaps, but it seems like it would be a little difficult for those members to become close because there is such a difference in age.

I also don't how I feel about the fact that the oldest member and I have such similar names, his is Aoora. I think that it is because it is almost my name, but it isn't. I guess it makes me feel like I am misspelling my own name or something. 

Did the English make you ears bleed?

The English itself isn't bad, it's pronounced well and it makes sense, but that part at the beginning and the end just makes my finger curl a little. I understand that they are saying that they are free and they can party and have fun, but it just makes me cringe a little. 

We're off to LA today for KCON so nothing will be posted on Friday or Monday. We also fail at making shirts, but we will be handing F4 cards out to people, because the opportunity is too good to pass up!

What else is happening?

Kim Sori "B.I.K.I.N.I" - Well that was uncomfortable, not anywhere close to "Dual Life", but yeah, we get it Kim Sori, you have a hot bod, congratulations. 

Bumkey "Attraction" - This song isn't really my style, but it is a good song with a smooth R&B sound. The video was also creative with the use of split images and layering of different shots to create one whole shot.

Seungri "Gotta Talk to U" - I was super scared to watch this because of the teaser video, but this wasn't anything like that at all. The song was pretty good and I liked that pan pipe synth sound (because that's totally a thing) that was in the background.

History "Tell Me Love" - I'm a little confused about this song, probably because the song is also confused. It wasn't sure if it wanted to be a pop song or a dubstep song and it wasn't until the end that it found its happy medium. Once it figured it out it was okay, but until then, I didn't know how I was suppose to feel.

Sunmi "24 Hours" - solo debut from Wonder Girls, This song isn't really my thing, but it has this classy sexy sound and I also liked the contemporary dance style that they were using in the video.  

Kara "Runaway" - I was so overcome by the bad acting and having flashbacks to Nail Salon Paris, that I couldn't concentrate on the video.

Henry "1-4-3" - I like this song a lot more that "Trap". I basically just loved everything about this song and it featured Amber which made it even better.

~ Alora 

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