Monday, August 12, 2013

Word of the Day: Secondary OTP

Secondary OTP aka Secondary One True Pairing n. 1. OTP or One True Pairing refers to the lead romantic couple in a drama, so the Secondary OTP is the romantic relationship between secondary characters in the drama. ex.My feels are out of control for this secondary OTP.

Okay, this situation has happened to all of us. We are dedicatedly watching a drama and about two-thirds of the way through the series we get frustrated with all the stupid roadblocks and misinterpretations and amnesia that the main characters keep running into. When all of a sudden, like a summer breeze a new secondary couple comes together. They are so funny and cute, we could care less about Jandi drowning in the background.

Yi Jung and Ga Eul you both look great... but can someone tell Woo Bin to stop rubbing that white girl in the background.  Woo Bin, she's not cute enough for you!!

 Here are Some of My Favorite Secondary OTPs.

1. Boys Over Flowers: Yi Jung and Ga Eul.
These two were such a popular pairing that even after Boys Over Flowers finished airing they were asked to reprise their roles for a cell phone commercial. It is all we could have hoped for and more. I say that if they ever wrote a sequel to Boys Over Flowers, these two should be the leads. And Woo Bin should get a girlfriend... and some decent plot points. Here is the cell phone commercial.

2. Dream High- Jason & Pil Suk

These two are truly the most adorable couple I've ever seen. I love how Jason calls her Miss Sushi and avoids singing with other girls because he only likes to sing with her. They just like each other so much but somehow keep slipping away from both admitting it at the same time. This is a clip from one of my favorite scenes. Pil Suk is singing with Sam Dong. Watch how Jason looks at her and then at Sam Dong. There is no question, that boy has got it bad.

3. Dream High- Mr. Kang & Miss Shi
Since the romantic love triangle for the main characters in Dream High is such a disappointing jumble, JYP was able to salvage the series by including not one, but two fantastic Secondary OTPs. Mr. Kang starts off the show as a pretty pathetic guy but finds redemption as a man and as a teacher as he puts everything on the line to help further the dreams of his students. Miss Shi is a talented, stern (& slightly scary) teacher who comes to admire and like Mr. Kang.

How can he not realize that she likes him, even after an open-eyed accidental kiss! Really Mr Kang, you should watch more dramas!

Miss Shi, you don't need a flower in your hair to get Mr. Kang to like you, you just need to spell it out in very small words for him. 

4. Protect the Boss- Moon Wan & Na Yoon

 To me, Protect the Boss is a nearly perfect K-drama and a lot of credit goes to wonderful misadventures of Moon Wan and Na Yoon. Na Yoon is a childish emotional train wreck and Moon Wan is a workaholic mamas boy, but somehow are perfect for one another. Ultimately their only problem is how long it will take Na Yoon to grow up so Moon Wan will marry her.

See, look how much she has grown! Moon Wan, if you like it her then you better put a ring on her.

5. Flower Boy Next Door- Dong Hoon & Web Toon's Company Manager

You know it is true love when she is willing to cosign a crazy loan for him and when he is able to see how cute she is beyond her crazy raccoon eyes. I only have one real issue with this couple. Why wasn't she given a name in the drama? In all the credits she is listed as "Web Toon's Company Manager." That can't be the name embellished on their future wedding invitations.

These picture make me want a boyfriend. One that looks like Dong Hoon, if possible.

6. Me Too, Flower! - Park Tae Hwa & Kim Dal
This is the oddest couple on the list. She is a young, beautiful, self absorbed gold digger and he is an old, dowdy psychologist. She worms her way into his life and eventually comes to realize that he sees and accepts her for who she really is. There are much worse things on which to base a relationship.

7. Faith- King Gong Min & Queen In Deok
Usually royalty are the main characters in a drama, that is, unless Lee Min Ho is a time traveling warrior sent to the modern age to retrieve a plastic surgeon for an injured empress. So in the case of Faith, the King and Queen are bumped down to secondary characters.
Before: They are so stiff. They hardly speak or even look at each other.
After: They love each other so much. They really grow to trust one another. 

Those are all of my favorite secondary OTPs. Leave a comment and tell me which ones are yours.


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