Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2NE1 Do You Love Me?

How's the song?  

Finally 2NE1 has helped me remember why I love them so much. With CL's "The Baddest Female" and "Falling in Love" I just kept getting disappointed, but with this song there was no awkward "Touch me over here, touch me over there" and no cheezy "Not 'bad' meaning bad, but 'bad' meaning good, you know." Just a great party anthem that you want to jump around and dance to just like they do in the video.

Each of the girls had an opportunity to let their voice shine. I love how when you listen to it you can pick out who sings which part. You have CL with her awesome talk rap/singing, Sandara with her softer melodic voice, Park with her awesome wailing, and Minzy with her lower range and awesome harmonies. And even though they all do have a very different and distinct sound to their voices, the song still totally flows and all the pieces just seem to make it a whole lot of layered goodness.

How's the video? 

I love this music video. Like I was saying the song is such a good jump around and sing it with your friends song and that is exactly what's going on in this video. They're singing it in the car,

 at a party with awesome cheezy dance moves,

at a slumber party with curlers in their hair

At a pool party

 and one of my favorite parts, making their friends look awesomely silly by putting singing lips on them.

I really like how it feels like this whole video could have (and actually might have been) filmed on a cell phone camera. There are even different parts of the video where it really looks like they have an instagram filter turned on.

The process of making the video and why they make stylistic choices is always interesting to me (probably because I'm a photographer) and I thought it was really cool that this is the direction they took for a few reasons: #1 Their original concept fell through and to be able to make the deadline so they could keep rolling out a music video a month they decided to make it more homemade. #2 I guess people are really intimidated by the girls of 2NE1 and they wanted to show their personalities in more of a "look, see, I'm human. I can be silly and fun, don't you just want to be my friend" kind of light. And I for one think they did a great job in that aspect.

How's the styling? 

2NE1 is of course always known for being some of the leaders in fashion, and although they are dressed in some of the brands their known for (*cough*adidas*cough*) 

their look in this music video is a lot more casual than we usually see from these girls. 

I know I already mentioned it before, but I so love Sandara for having curlers in her hair through half of the music video.

Park Bom had awesome amazing nails.

It seems to me, like the majority of the video the theme of the styling was comfortable fashion with CL's oversized sweatshirt

and Minzy's sweater dress

Was the dance super amazing?  

There was only one small part where it looked like they were doing a dance together:

If you are like me and love super fun cheezy dancing, then yes. 

But most of the time it was just people being goofy and rocking out to the song.

 Which member owned it?  

I think Sandara Park did an amazing job showing how awesome her personality is. She was so funny and just seemed like someone I would actually want to know in real life. And no, it's not JUST so I can meet her adorable brother (although, I wouldn't say no if she offered)

No, but seriously, here are a few gifs to show you just why I thought Sandara was the best in the video.
You're just jealous of the fourth dimension CL.
She is so talented.
Okay, so Sandara isn't the only one in this gif, but I love her reaction the most :)

Did the English make you ears bleed? 

Of course not. CL's english is impecable and I'm sure she keeps the rest of the band's English in check.

What else is happening?  

MBLAQ "No Love"- MBLAQ changed it up and put out a ballad. It is good, but it didn't knock my socks off. They are adorable though.

Ze:A "The Ghost of Wind"- I almost chose to review this video. I really like the song, and thanks to Autumn pointing it out, I know that they can see unicorns.

NC.A "My Student Teacher"- I love the original version of this music video because it is so simple, but so funny. I couldn't stop laughing. I also watched the drama version of this music video and I liked it, then it made me a little uncomfortable, and then a little confused. Anyway, make sure to turn on the captions when you watch, because half the fun is in the words.

BAP "Badman"- Is following the post-apocalyptic trend that is going on now a days. For some reason I feel like a few of the lines from the chorus of the song are from other songs that I've heard, especially the "I've got a feelin'" and the "I'm a badman"... I can't put my finger on it, but I'm really not interested in researching it either.

And probably a whole bunch of other stuff too, but Alora is way better at this than I am.


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  1. I just realized that Dara didn't actually throw any food in the air and catch it in her mouth, she just pantomimed it. I love that girl!