Saturday, August 24, 2013

We're Having a Contest!

Hey you guys! We've decided that we want to have a contest just because we can, and also, I think we enjoy torturing ourselves by taking on these large projects. We wouldn't do it if we didn't love it though, right? Since we are a tiny blog within the giant sea of the internet, we figured that if we wanted to get a few more people to know about us, what better place to do it that at KCON? There will be tons of crazy people there, like us, that might enjoy this, and not just our non K-pop friends who give us the shifty eyes whenever we bring it up.

Here's how this thing is going to go down:

Three prizes for three winners

Kimchi to Kimchi cards, ABC book, or a doll

How do you enter?

That's easy, all you need to do is comment on a post or two! Every time that you leave a comment on a different post, you will be entered into a drawing to either win a book or cards. We will then draw two peoples' name out and they will be the lucky winners.

What about the dolls? Those are pretty awesome!

I know, right? To win a doll, you do the same thing as above, leave a comment. I will go through those comments and pick one that I really like because these dolls are not an easy thing to do. I really need to be inspired by someone to spend the time needed to make one of these bad boys.

How long do I have to enter? 

You will have until September 13, midnight, California time to make your entries and hopefully we get some because I love reading what people have to think. It must be my inner English teacher crying out for the thoughts of others.

I think that's about it. Let us know what you think of our blog and hopefully we can make some new friends tomorrow! Have a lovely weekend, I know that we will!

~ Alora


  1. Loved meeting fellow noonas as passionate about the Korean culture as us! (Although we're more like ahjummas ) at kcon! Loved your game kimchi to kimchi, you have to tell Simon and Martina about it :)

  2. It was awesome meeting you guys at the sausage truck yesterday at Kcon (we were there first!) I loved your game!