Wednesday, May 22, 2013

B1A4 - What's Happening?

How's the video? 

What's happening? I have no idea! The first time I watched this video I was legitimately scared because I had never watched a B1A4 video before. I knew that they were a little weird, but I did not realize the extent of it until I saw this video. Wow.

So the story seems to be that B1A4 is dating Barbie. The rest of the 'real' story is going to be thrown out the window now because it's "Story Time With Alora"!

Barbie has been kidnapped by Ken and is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. It is up to B1A4 to save their creepy girlfriend.  

The boys find Ken's secret lair and are somehow able to set up spy cams so that they can see inside.

Ken, realizing what is going on, boards up the doors so that B1A4 have no hope of getting in. Sandeul does appear to have a flame thrower though, so that house must be made out of some tough stuff.

The boys are eventually able to break in and Baro knocks Ken's head off with a pillow.

CNU is the first to get to Barbie and because she is not that bright, he knows that she will follow him anywhere.

The other boys realize what is happening and they all turn on each other and Barbie looks on in horror as her saviors massacre each other with pillows and pink feathers.

The End

I have noticed that all my stories are very gruesome. Oh well.   

How's the song? 

This song won B1A4 their first music show win! Yay!

The leader of the group Jin Young wrote this song which is very cool. I like it when idols get to contribute to the artistic process in some way. I think that we are seeing that a lot more recently too with various groups writing, composing, and choreographing their own songs and videos.

This song also goes along with the recent trend of Frankenstein-ing songs. There are a lot of different sounds in this song and at first it threw me off, especially that dissonant sounding rappish part that Baro and CNU do. It does seem to come together quite well in the end though. It is alive!

Is the dance super amazing? 

If by amazing you mean cute, then yes, it was super amazing. Something that I have noticed in the short time that I have been listening to B1A4 is that they are more of a vocal group than a dance group. They go for larger and cuter movements rather than the crazy things that you might see 2PM or SHINee do.

This fits their style though and it would be weird for them to all of a sudden become b-boys or something. I think the world would explode if that happened.

Baro's derping in the background
Which member owned it? 

This song was pretty evenly divided. Well, maybe that's not true. The music video face time was evenly divided, but Gongchan didn't seem to do much in the song. Since there is no one to talk about, I'm going to talk about my favorite person!

I have decided that my favorite person is CNU, even if his name is super weird. Something that I have noticed from the few things that I have watched with them is that CNU seems to be one of the quieter members. He and Baro (who is a close second) are on completely different sides of the spectrum. I just think that he's super cute and stuff. Is all.

How's the styling? 

There were so many outfits in this video it was ridiculous.

Please notice the dead Ken behind the couch
Baro gets one random outfit of his own
There were six outfits in this video, seven if you are Baro. They had different hair and head pieces in each one too. I want to know how long these boys were in hair and make up. The majority of shooting was probably them getting done up for their next cut. Then there were also all the head shots of them when they are in those weird boxes. Madness!!

Does the English make your ears bleed? 

There are a few pieces of English in this song. There are singular words like 'everyday' 'baby girl' and 'alright'. It is when they use full sentences that they get into trouble. They are a followed:

Falling in love - Perfect 

Wassup, wassup, tell me, tell me wassup - This is acceptable

You! Baby, I want you beautiful love - It's a little awkward and it would be better if the 'love' wasn't there or if it was "your beautiful love"

(Parenthesis are Korean) Every time I think about you, every day (I think about you) Every time I think about you (again today) - Every time what? The 'every day' part is okay but the other confuses me. Are they talking like actual time on a clock or is it an unfinished thought?

All that being said, the English isn't terrible but it could be better. I think that it would be good if B1A4 stuck with smaller phrases for the time being. This is a far cry from "Beautiful Target" though so they are moving in the right direction. 

Should you buy it? 

Yes of course you should! It's fun and I think that B1A4 is one of those underrated idol groups. They get overshadowed by all those other big groups, so go and support them! 

What else is happening?  

EXO is having a comeback! Freaking finally! Their album comes out on June 3

MBLAQ is having a comeback in June!

Shinhwa This Love - There is some serious voguing happening in this video 

VIXX Hyde - This song is pretty good, but I wish the sound was a little darker

Lee Min Ho's album comes out on May 22

CL's solo debut will be released on May 28 

~ Alora 


  1. I'm so mad that there is nothing on our blog that allows me to "thumbs up" your commentary. I love it when you explain the plots of music videos. I want you to do that forever.
    Alora, you are stinkin' amazing!


  2. Enjoyed this post ^^