Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SHINee - Why So Serious?

How's the song? 

I wonder if Minho is sad that he can't say "SHINee's back" at the beginning of this video. Since SHINee has been back since last month he only gets to say "SHINee". It feels kind of empty, but I am glad that they are back again. 

I actually really liked this song. It makes me feel a little bad to say that though since Jonghyun isn't in it. That just leads me to think, how much more amazing will this song be when Jonghyun comes back to wail and ad-lib in the background like we all expect him to.

We miss you!
I haven't listened to all of SHINee's stuff so maybe I'm wrong about this, but this song seems really different from their other songs. It is edgier and I like it. They have all of a sudden become rock stars or something.

There needs to be more of this type of sound in K-pop I think. JaeJoong did it in "Mine" and Super Junior did it once upon a time with "Don't Don" and I love it. Those two songs were definitely more rock than this pop rock sound, but it's nice to hear groups starting to branch out a bit.

How's the video? 

This video is a typical SHINee dance video. There isn't really a plot though, so I've decided to create my own. Here we go:

SHINee has been trapped at the top of a tower for a number of years. Jonghyun was able to escape and said that he would come back for them, but never did. One day a girl finds the entrance to the tower.

SHINee doesn't know what to do when the girl opens the door. Onew is immediately smitten though as everyone else stands dumfounded. 
What is that thing?
Onew tries to woo the new girl but gets book blocked by Key, and all the other members for that matter.

Stupid uncloseable adds
All the boys finally decide that to protect their friendship, the girl will belong to all of them and they will just keep her as a pet.

Taemin likes this idea
 As they are celebrating, a cop that guards the tower knocks on the door. Luckily he goes away before they are found out.

Anyone home?
The cop turns around though because he thinks that he hears something. When he looks in the window all he sees is a girl dancing by herself. Little does he know she is actually a zombie and has consumed them

They tasted so good I have to dance
 The End

Yeah, that's totally what happened. As for the zombie part, read the lyrics and tell me they are not all zombies. Also, what is that pink drippy stuff on the title of the song? Think about it.....

Was the dance super amazing? 

I wouldn't say super amazing just because I know SHINee is capable of more; this was cool, but they have had better ones. I would say that SHINee's best dances are "Sherlock" and "Lucifer". This dance doesn't look as daunting as those other ones, but it is still very fun.

There is a lot of jumping and hip moving here and you can see that they guys are enjoying themselves as they perform. They don't have super serious faces like when they do some other dances that are sexy and complex. 

Which member owned it? 

This was definitely Taemin's video. I feel like he was singing his parts and Jonghyun's parts because he was everywhere. Not that I'm complaining, he was just in it a lot. Things like this do make me wonder what will happen when Jonghyun comes back though. Who is singing whose lines and where is everyone going to stand when there is one more body on the stage?

Good job Taemin!
How is the styling? 

The styling is really crisp in this video. There are no flowers or pastel pants and Taemin isn't dressed in women's clothing. There were four costume changes:

Key              Minho                  Onew            Taemin
All the outfits are very clean and there aren't a pair of pencil pants in sight. When the boys came out in the blue suits it made me wonder if it was some kind of homage to the fact that Minho and Key went to England for SHINee's One Fine Day. That show was amazing.

I also really like the leather jackets they wear in their individual shots. I think my favorite one is Key. He's such a little diva.
Does the English make your ears bleed? 

There is not a lot of English in the song aside from the 'why so serious' which I love. It all sounds good too. Good job SHINee.

Should you buy the song?  

I haven't bought it yet, but I am definitely considering it. Like I said, you can tell Jonghyun is missing, but it is just such an awesome sounding song!

~ Alora 

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  1. Alora- You are amazingly hilarious! I love hearing your take on it. I haven't taken time to listen to it yet, but I'm excited to watch it with your plot description in mind. Also, you might wanna go back and look at the first pic on this post. I think it is both intentionally and unintentionally hilarious. To put it delicately, at first glance it looked like an homage to Koreans' renowned bathroom humor.