Saturday, May 11, 2013


Minho is a member of the Korean idol group SHINee. He is the rapper and the resident sports freak. He also may be the least person inclined to do aegyo in the group. For this reason Key (who is a master aegyo-er) likes to do aegyo around him to make him uncomfortable and it is hilarious.

I made this doll a few months after making the Key doll, again from boredom. I also made him because I thought that it might be fun to make an entire K-pop group someday. I only have three more for SHINee and I don't know when they will be made. The problem with this is what to do with them when I am done. I already have three other dolls, excluding Key, that are sitting around.

I had fun making him because I got to use fabric dye for the first time. He is suppose to have a metallic jacket, unfortunately felt does not come in metallic. It made it kind of hard to work with, but it was fun. I also put lines on his shin guards and that was a mess. There was sparkly paint everywhere, including on my phone. I also gave him shoelaces which was a fun touch. Overall, I am happy with him. 

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