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How was the song?

I had heard of VIXX before they put this song out, but they never really did it for me. Their songs were okay but none of them had grabbed me and forced me to listen the song to death and listen to it a few more times. I think that I have something against beastly idols, I can't think of one group that I love, I mainly just tolerate them. Strangely enough, I really like this song, but it did take me a few listens to really like it, it wasn't an automatic thing. 

Like I said, the first time I heard the song I didn't really like it. I thought that is was too upbeat and major sounding for a song that was put on the table as dark and creepy. The teaser made me think that it was going to be more haunting sounding; none of the members have very deep voices either so I wasn't sure how I felt about it. After listening to it again though, I am in love with it. I do take a little issue with the ending 'can't control's though because, like I said, it is very major sounding and I think that there should be some dissonance in there somewhere.

How was the video?

I though the Jekyll and Hyde concept that was used was really cool. The video can be a little jarring at first because there are so many quick shots of creepy crawlers and of the members; they do use the quick shots effectively though because it takes you from the members white side to their black side. It may have been used excessively, but it was a good idea. 

The video's story (I think) is that VIXX are fighting their inner demons when it comes to this girl that they like. I think that no matter if they are black or white, they are all still pretty creepy. Ravi and N and maybe Hyuk seem to be the only ones who have some sort of relationship with this girl. All the other members are totally creeping on her or she is creeping on them. Then Leo takes it a step farther and tries to choke her. VIXX obviously needs some relationship advice.


The song ends with VIXX dramatically sprouting wing and making sexy faces.

So are they all fallen angels? How did this happen? Were they aware of their other side or did they just sprout wings one day? Also, what happens now that they have wings? Is the light side completely taken over? So many questions!

Was the dance super amazing? 

The dance really contributed well to the theme of the song. It was almost like they were trying to restrain themselves from doing something bad either to someone around them or to themselves. 

In the first part of he the dance, the members reach their hand forward and then pull it back with the other hand. It made me think that they are trying with all their might to restrain the evil side of themselves that is slowing taking over their body. 

The second part is my favorite. The members are all doubled up and the one in the back reaches forward like they are choking the one in the front, then the person in the front breaks away. At first I thought it was weird, but a split second later I realized what was happening and thought that it was genius.

Then, during the very last move of the song, the members in the back seem to win by breaking the front members necks. So I guess that means that the evil side does win?

Overall, I loved the dance because it took elements of the song and used them in an interesting way and they didn't just make sexy faces at the camera, pointed at their crotches, and rubbed their lips. 

Which member owned it?  

I think that I need to change the name of this section or vary it depending on the video. I don't know if 'owned it' is the right thing to say, but the member that caught my attention the most was Ravi. I loved his rap part with the dubstep in the background.

I think that another reason I liked him was because he had a deeper voice that was coming from the back of his throat instead of the front.

The other member that caught my attention was N and that is because he is very good at making the sex to the camera.

 How's the styling?  

The make up was awesome! It was all unique and done very well. You can tell that the makeup artists really thought about what they were going to do because of the way the makeup compliments the members face shapes and how their hair is styled.

There were five outfits in this video, unfortunately, two of those outfits are all in individual shots and ain't nobody got time for that. There were just suits though, one white and one black.

There were also the outfits that the members danced in, one black and one white. These outfits were kind of cool because it was like they were trying to be dress clothes, but then they had all of these holes and mesh parts. 

The only true group shot that you get of the members is when they are in a forest looking angsty and they all have this weird red splotch over their hearts. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that they are some sort of fallen angel. They do grab their chests a few times as if they are in pain. Does that mean that their heart is breaking, or that it is already broken? Why is this video making me ask so many pointless questions?

Does the English make your ears bleed? 

There are two parts of English in this song. There is the chorus of "Just can't control" which completely fits in with the song because of the Hyde concept and the pronunciation was very good.

The other English part was at the beginning when Ravi was introducing the song. There is nothing technically wrong with it, but one part confuses me a little, here it is

New generation is back - Maybe it's because I'm not a Starlight, but wouldn't that be a reference to 2NE1 and not VIXX?

That is really my only issue and it isn't even an issue, I'm just being nit-picky. 

What else is happening?  

100% Want U Back - It's an okay song, but it's not really my style

MBLAQ fifth mini album 'Sexy Beat' will be released on June 4

Eunhyuk and Donghae I Wanna Dance - This was super catchy, I liked it a lot better than "Oppa Oppa"

Boyfriend On and On - A cute song with a cute video

CL The Baddest Female  - The song is very CL, but not me at all

EXO teasers - *Enter hysterical laughter here*

~ Alora

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