Saturday, May 4, 2013

Yi Jung

Yi Jung is one of the supporting cast members from the 2009 drama Boys Over Flowers. He is the resident Cassanova and he both loves and hates that that is the label he is given.

Before I talk about the doll I would just like to mention how hard I ship Yi Jung and Ga Eul. That is all.

Anyways, I think that Yi Jung, next to Ji Hoo, had one of my favorite outfits. If Ji Hoo gets the prize for most clothes, Yi Jung gets the prize for most accessories. I gave him a tie, a belt, and (my favorite part) a pocket square.  I also really like the color that I used to make his clothes.

I'm not totally sold on the eyes though. They're.....okay.....not my best.......

Yi Jung is owned by Lindsi, member of the F4Plus1

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