Monday, May 20, 2013

Word of the Day: Umbrella

Umbrella n 1. a device used to protect you from rain 2. A symbol of true love, especially when yellow

A few months ago I watched the drama I Miss You, it was horribly sad, but I loved it. Then, more recently, I watched Love Rain and about half way through it hit me, they have a yellow umbrella. It's not like I didn't know that Love Rain had an important yellow umbrella, it just didn't occur to me until I was a few episodes in. I also have a friend who watched Big and they also had an umbrella, but theirs is green.

I Miss You
Love Rain

So I thought, what's with the umbrella? I haven't seen Big - and probably never will - but in the other two dramas, the umbrella represents the past and a happier time. The umbrella also brought these two couple back together. In Love Rain, it helped our hero recognize his first love and in I Miss You, it is when our hero finally proposed to the heroine that they be secret lovers instead of secret friends. 

That's about all I got for today. My house was basically flipped on its head this weekend and I didn't feel much like writing. That being said, are there any other dramas that have this umbrella motif?

I hope you had a better weekend than I did!

~ Alora


  1. I wonder if this motif is cross cultural? It had long been stated that a yellow umbrella is also central to Ted's love story on How I Met your Mother. I also feel like there are probably a hundred Indie movies that feature a yellow umbrella. I really think you have got something here.

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