Friday, July 19, 2013

Dating Agency: Cyrano

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this drama. It had a light story line and it didn't take too much brain power to watch. Sometimes it is fun to watch something that you can really just enjoy and then move on with your life rather than be thinking about some mystery plot line. We did venture into Crazy Town during episode 15 which was really weird, but it can be forgiven because of all the awesome that happened around it.

Maybe if I had seen the movie I wouldn't have been as confused about the sudden change in the feel of the drama, but I decided that I didn't want to watch the movie until I had finished the drama. I didn't want anything to influence my watching and how I felt about this story. Maybe I can do that for next week though, watch the movie and do a little comparing. Hmmmm.......

The idea of a dating agency isn't a completely new concept, but I like how these writers did it. Something that I thought they did well was we are never really told how the relationships continued without the help of the agency. In the end many of the relationships were based on a lie - the librarian and the cook set ups - and it was the job of the person who employed the agency to keep the relationship together. That could be seen as a moral dilemma of sorts, especially what happens during the Crazy town segment. Are these people really doing a good thing, or should they just leave well enough alone? 

I thought that the main cast of the drama were all really well matched. They interacted well with each other and you could tell that they were enjoying what they were doing. I was really excited to see Jo Joon Woo in a drama since he was awesome in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, even if he was still denied a girlfriend at the end of the drama. They did the same thing that they did in Ramyun Shop where they showed a hint of what could become of his love life. What the heck TvN! I want him to get a girl and the end of the drama! Is that so hard? Geez. 

Look how sad you're making him!
I think that I have also fallen in love with Jo Joon Woo's partner in crime Hong Jong Hyeon as Moo Jin. He was such an adorable little robot as he was finding out that he did have a heart. I thought that it was clever of the writers to only let Moo Jin find out that he liked Hye Ri when he had a heart beat monitor on to show him proof and even then he had to do a little experimenting to prove to himself it was hormones and not some abnormality in him.

Something else that made this drama really fun were all the cameos that happened. I think that the cameo that I was looking forward to the most was Gong Yoo's because, let's be honest, he's awesome, but he was only in his episode for about two seconds and he had like one line. So disappointed!!! The cameo that was maybe the most surprising, and maybe most confusing, was Taemin's.

As we know, Taemin is frequently dead eyed when he takes pictures and this drama is no different.

I thought that he did a pretty good job in his role and he really meshed well with Jo Yoon Woo's character. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how adorable this picture is, unless you are unmoved by the adorableness of these two, and then you may move along. 

The reason that I was confused is because Taemin played a character named Ray who was in an idol group that I don't remember the name of. The thing is though, when we are at the high school these boys go to, they are playing "Why So Serious" on the television and I thought someone said that was Taemin's group. There was also a part later on when Taemin is in a practice room dancing to a SHINee song, I just thought that is was weird.

Now for my favorite cameo, that title goes to Lee Kwang Soo. The only thing that I have seen him in is City Hunter and I just fell in love with him after that. I also know that he is on Running Man which I have never seen, shame on me. He was just so funny and the fact that he towered over everybody else on set and kept making these weird faces made everything better.

This is his sexy face
Overall, this drama was well written and the acting was also very good. There was just enough twist and mystery in the story line to keep you coming back for more, but not enough that made this drama stick with you for very long after the episode was over, and that is not an insult. It is a perfect summer drama because of these qualities. TvN keeps showing that they are masters at the Rom-com and I hope they keep putting out these sweet and funny dramas for our enjoyment.

Now I will leave you with the best line in the drama.

What else am I watching? 

Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers - I'm such a bag of fail when it comes to this drama.

I Hear Your Voice -Lee Jong Suk turns me into a puddle of fangirling goo and I am not ashamed to admit that.

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  1. Alora, You know I always wait till the drama is finished before I start to watch them, so thanks for the great review. You always share just enough but never give away too much. You're the best!