Monday, July 8, 2013

Word of the Day: 4th Dimensional

4th Dimensional adj. 1. A person who is wacky, strange, or spaced out. 2. The idea that regular people live in the 3rd dimension, while the most strange, and intriguing people are in a 4th dimension. Also known as being 4D. ex. That girl so 4th dimensional, it's like she's in her own world.

The first time I ever heard about this concept was when I was watched an episode of Boys Over Flowers. Here, let me recap it for you. In this scene, all of the F4 along with Ga Eul and Jae Kyung are visiting Jandi in her new apartment and decide to play a game of Spin-the-Truth-or-Dare-Bottle.

 Pause, a second for all of the other members of F4 to get offended....

Philosophical Thought of the Day: Why does Woo Bin not want to marry any of them while I want to marry all of them?

Since then, I have noticed whenever media outlets post articles on celebrities being 4th dimensional. Here are some of my favorite celebrity 4D videos.

1. Sandara of 2ne1 parody of Seven's "When I Can't Sing," on Strong Heart.

Some people may think this is just aegyo. I think that to have aegyo with this level of creativity must be 4th dimensional.

2. Jaekyung of Rainbow talking to dogs.

 As a celebrity, you really might want to rethink getting stuff like this on video.

3. Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 on Thank You for Waking Me Up teaches how to cook.

I knew you were beautiful but I didn't know you were weird & funny too.

Who are your favorite 4th Dimensional celebrities?


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