Friday, July 5, 2013

Nail Salon Paris

"If you love "Coffee Prince," this is the drama for you!" I crap you not, this is a real sentence on the Drama Fever series info paragraph. Never have falser words been spoken. This statement is worse than when people say that Twilight is better than Harry Potter and that's a totally crap statement too. Anyways.......

Praise the drama gods this drama is finally over! The time that I spent watching this is time I will never get back. I was so excited for this drama because I really like watching secret girl dramas. They're fun and have a lot of cute guys and I've never seen one that I didn't like. This one was just so bad though! They tried to make is episodic, but that just made it disjointed. They also tried to make it serious, but that made it comical and awkward.The fact that the acting talent in this drama from all the extras was weak did not help either.

Iljimae used to be at the top of my "Dramas That I Hate" list, but Nail Salon Paris has completely destroyed Iljimae and taken first place. If I was being held at gun point and had to choose which drama I would rather rewatch, I would choose the twenty episodes of Iljimae over the ten episodes of Nail Salon Paris in a heart beat, and we all know how I felt about Iljimae.

Another reason why I would rather watch more than less is because at least Iljimae's episodes were all driving home to the ending, as crappy as that was. In Paris, if I had watched episodes 1 and 2 and then 7-10 I would have recieved the whole story. There is a little bit about our heroine trying to figure out if her boss is the Gumiho that saved her while she was a child, but that is all explained at the end anyways, so you wouldn't be confused. There is seriously no point to half of the episodes in this drama.

This drama just tried way to hard to be something that it wasn't. When I think of secret girl dramas, I think of fun and mischief with some drama sprinkled in here and there, because, come on, how serious can a drama about a girl pretending to be a boy be? Well this drama decided to test those limits, and the limits on my patience. 

Our characters are Bunny, the secret girl; Jin, played by Thunder of MBLAQ; Kay, played by the very handsome Song Jae Rim; and Alex, who I don't care about. Seriously, why is your name Alex? It bothered me from episode one, at least Jason in Dream High was actually from American. I can't even really tell you why I didn't like Alex. I think that I just directed all my anger from the show at him because I loved Song Jae Rim so much and they were competing for Bunny's love. 

High five myself!
They cut off his mane of glory.
Thunder and Song Jae Rim are really the only reasons I kept with this drama. Thunder is just adorable and quite funny and once SJR was able to actually do more things than brood in the corner, he did very well.

I think the thing that I hated the most about this drama were the internet story sequences, they were PAINFUL. Bunny put on this super aegyo voice that made my toes curl and she and her roommate were totally dressed as hookers. They wore these weird colored wigs too and there was just so much pleather and vinyl happening at one time I'm surprised that they didn't pass out from heat stroke. Then again, it's not like they were wearing that much anyways......

One more thing about these hookers Gumihos. Bunny's character name is Salsa, that's right, Salsa. I was so shocked at this added but of stupidity, I took a screen shot of it and I rewound the scene a few times to check the pronunciation. Salsa........

Spoilers: I'm about to lay waste to the last fifteen minutes of the drama so scroll down three pictures if you don't want to know what happens.

Are you freaking kidding me drama? Did you realize that you screwed around for too many episodes and that you had to tie off all you plot points into the last fifteen minutes?

Hey guess what? I'm your mom and because your dad couldn't make me human, I faked my death when you were a baby. I'm also the Gumiho that saved you when you were a kid. Also, since I'm your mom, that means you're a half Guniho. Also, you  know that guy Alex? He's half Gumiho too, so you can be besties even if you don't even up together. 

Oh yeah, because you're a Gumiho, you can heal people. That's convenient as hell since your friend is dying and can't have surgery because of her low blood pressure.

Six years later, who knows what happened to your boss/mom, apparently she went into 'hibernation' whatever the crap that means, but you're the new boss! Look at all that hair that has been trapped under your wig! Also you somehow gave birth to an eight year old in the six years since that last scene, unless you conceived that child in record time, she should not be that old. You did marry Kay though, at least the drama did that right.

I hated that this drama tried to be clever at the end when Bunny said, "talk to your father" and they had Kay and Alex walk in at the same time. Don't try to be cool drama, just tell us who gets her in the end.

But at the same time, the drama is also telling us, if Kay isn't the right guy and he dies and Bunny doesn't become human, it will be okay because she will always have Alex by her side. I.....but....I......I just can't..... *head desk* So stupid!!! 

End rant. 

This drama's dumb.

Just thinking about this drama seriously makes me angry, it was just such a waste of talent and time and film. One more thing that I want to mention about the end, this isn't a spoiler, this is just stupid, Bunny's kid is looking at a cat outside the window.

As you can see, this is a fluffy, medium size cat. Then after we look at the cat, we zoom out from the shot and......

Where did the cat go? Is the cat only visible from the inside of the nail shop? Is the cat a stupid Gumiho? I think I need a drink. 

Overall, just writing this post is close to bringing me to tears of anger and frustration because this drama had so much potential. Secret girls, guys running a nail shop, Gumihos, birth secrets, doesn't that sound awesome? But no, it's not, don't try to think that this drama is good. Just walk away and go watch Coffee Prince instead.  

What else am I watching? 

Dating Agency: Cyrano - Self righteous relationship denials, what would dramas be without you?

Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers -I got really caught up in Gu Family Book this week and didn't watch this at all, oops.

Gu Family Book - Because of something that I saw on Pinterest, I'm afraid that this drama is going to make me cry in the end. Dang it!

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