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K-pop Half Time Show 2013 Debuts

I have noticed that with the creation of this blog I know a lot more about rookie groups. I am paying more attention to everything that is happening in K-pop and I am so glad for that! There are all of these great rookie groups that I would have never known about otherwise had I not searched for them. 

There is so much going on in the K-pop world that it is hard to become big when there are so many other established groups out there. There is so much talent coming from small companies that get crushed by other companies like SM, YG, and Cube, it is easy to over look some of them. Don't do it though! Go love the little people who sing these songs!

Comebacks      Solos and Sub Units



Heyne "Dalla"

I am kind of obsessed with this song right now. The first time that I heard it I wasn't sure how I felt about it because she has a very cute voice, it's almost at a J-pop level just to give you an idea. The video is also very cute and collectively all those things are totally not me. But now, for some unknown reason, I absolutely love this song. There is a comment on Youtube at the moment that says "Her voice is the sound of honeybees, candy, baby animals, and rainbows all having an orgy" and I completely agree with that statement. It just makes me really happy and I think that it is a really good song to be listening to right now that summer has come upon us.   

~ Alora

GI (Global Icon) "Beatles"

This debut was picked by Becca and I have to say that I agree. I was excited to see them debut because they seemed to have quite a different concept from most girl groups; especially girl groups this year because it is all about "sex sells" right now and this video showcased their vocals and dancing without wearing next to nothing. Sure it was a little heavy on the auto tune, but listening to their debut stage shows that they aren't just a bunch of cute faces. I hope that they stick with this concept and it isn't just a gimmick to get them popularity in the beginning. 

~ Alora  

Most awesome bad a** female debut - Becca


Never Mind "Shooting Star" 

I am super obsessed with this group right now. They are just so wonderful and my life is better for discovering them. They have a really interesting sound for K-pop because they don't sound like a K-pop band; they sound like something that I would hear over the American radio, aside from the fact that they are singing in Korean, of course. To make them even cooler, they write, compose, and arrange all their own music! Please excuse me while I commence drooling over them. Bands are very unrepresented in the K-pop scene and I hope that these guys do really well because I will probably buy everything that they put out. These guys have one other video called "Hoi Hoi" go check it out!

~ Alora

PURE "I Still Love You" 

I love a good piano track and this music video delivers just that. The only problem with this group, and it is a problem, is that they do sound just like any other group and that makes me sad because they do have strong vocals. Hopefully in the future they can create a more solid sound because I would like to hear more from them.

~ Alora

 BTS "No More Dream"

The fact that I love this song so much baffles me because it is totally not my style. I don't mind some rapping, but I need a melody line to keep me happy. This doesn't really have one, but the first time I heard it I just wanted more. I am excited to see what else that they put out in the future. Something that I wonder about is if they will ever do a cutey boy concept because I have seen some pictures of them being really cute. Rap Monster being cute.......cue the goosebumps.

~ Alora 
LC9 "MaMa Beat"

Oh man this song, or should I say this video? After I watched the video I was in a state of shock and I realized that I had no idea what the song sounded like because I was so caught up in what was happening before my eyes. Once I listened to it again, without watching the video, I realized that they did sound pretty good. I am also kind of in love with King and his ridiculous hair, also, that boy can sing! They recently did a cover of Nelly's "Just a Dream" that I am still drooling over and it totally focuses on their vocals so you can get a better feel for all of their sounds. 

~ Alora 

Most disturbing music video award - Becca 

History "Dreamer"

This song doesn't really do it for me, so I'll just let Becca be happy about it, don't tell her

This song is so freaking good, please give me more award - Becca 

Airplane "So Pretty" 

This song came out on January 6 and these boys have been MIA since and it makes me really sad. I like that they are a smaller groups since lately the trend has been to produce these monster groups. It is easier to hear all of their vocals this way, and man do they have vocals. They voices are all very clear and they do seem to seem to have a sound down that is their own, unlike another group that I have mentioned. The video was also pretty funny, but who puts on half a face of make up and then leaves the house? 

I like this song, but it seems like maybe you fell of the face of the earth... that's too bad award - Becca


MFBTY "Sweet Dream"

I put this here slightly tentatively since all of the people in this group have already made names for themselves. This group is a new thing though and that is how I justify putting it in the debut section. One of my favorite things about these people is that they are so diverse and they are making a large impact on the music industry by doing something different. I also think that it is really cool that Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK are married and have a kid and you can see how much that they love each other when they are together. 

~ Alora 

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