Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BAP Coffee Shop

 How's the song?

I was totally planning on doing Roy Kim's "Love Love Love" this week because I have totally fallen in love with him, forgetting that BAP was coming out with this song. I am not always a fan of BAP's sound so I was waiting for these songs to have a battle to the death. I figured that Roy Kim would either bludgeon them with his guitar or BAP would go all "Warrior" on him and my problems would be solved. Unfortunately, these songs decided to be friends and mock my indecision and love for both of them.

I then decided the ask for aid from my friends who ignored my request to help me choose, so here I am writing two posts because I can't smack people that are 1000+ miles away from me. Hey science, get to work on aparation, okay? Since I was hoping for help I waited to write these and now I have half as much time as usual two write two posts. Thanks guys.........Expect for Mindy, but she decided to be helpful on Tuesday and that is way too late.

Anyways, jazzy piano music, yay! Then a drum set comes in and beautiful sounds commence to come out of my computer with the added voices of BAP. This song is so far removed from anything that they have done and they nail it. This song is just so smooth and very cohesive. The lyrics match the sound, which matches with the video, it's just kind of perfect. 

How's the video? 

Everything was very complimentary in this video. The whole concept was very relaxed even though it was shot in these big cities cities. I don't think that the feel of the song would have been as powerful if they had been in rooms because the lyrics are talking about how everything is moving, but they fell like they are stuck in the same place. What better way to covey that then putting them in these cities that never sleep?

One of my favorite shots in the video is at the end when the guys are all meeting at a coffee shop. It just looks so natural. It doesn't look painful and staged like some other "let's break out of the video box and pretend to be normal" videos. That's right B2ST, I'm looking at you. If I was in San Francisco and saw them all sitting outside of a coffee shop, besides the fact that I would probably think "gorgeous men alert!", I would just go about my business. 

Something else that I thought was funny, at least to me, when I was watching the video I kept thinking, look at all those real life props! We have real life street signs

And what K-pop video would be complete without a brick room? But the probability of this one being a real brick room is quite high

One last thing that I want to mention is the book that YoungJae is reading on the beach.

1) It's in English and I'm pretty sure that no one in BAP speaks English, especially enough to read a book.
2) Why the heck are you reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven? Is this just a continuation of the hipster feel, but that's super random.
3) I don't have a third issue, but I feel like there should be three things written down.

How's the styling?

Instead of just using the group shots of BAP I really wanted to use all of their individual shots because the shots are all so freaking artsy fartsy.   

YoungJae, dude, why are you wearing not one, but two, floppy women's hats? I know that you guys are all going for the hipster vibe, but that's not cute. I love the picture on the top right though. I would totally wear that, I don't even care that they are boy clothes, they look really comfortable and I am always down for a good sweater. 

Now for Zelo. A recent trend that I have seen in K-pop is the clothing brand FUKK. The first time that I saw it was in the BTS dance practice video, and here is it again in the top left picture. I thought that maybe this was by the same person who made the swear hats that Girls' Generation wore in the "I Got a Boy" video, but no, this is just another person making rude clothes. Other than that, the only other outfit I'm not totally sold on is the bottom left one. The beanie and those distressed jeans are just not doing it for me.  

Leader Bang! I have some mixed feelings on his outfits. Something that I have noticed about foreign people is they like to wear American flag pattered clothes which I think is a little odd. Shouldn't they wear clothes with their own flag on it or is that something that is not okay to do? The outfit that is my least favorite is the bottom left one. I don't like that big shirt with the skinny jeans. It makes him look short and top heavy, which he totally isn't. 

Daehyun is the only person who I have no issues with. I like his hair, I like his clothes, and he sings like an angel. Darn you, Daehyun! Why are you so perfect!

Besides the fact that I don't like the whole hair in the face look he's rocking on the bottom left, I really like all of Himchan's outfits. He's also my favorite member, so there. My favorite outfit is the top left one because, as I've stated before, I really like sweaters and I like how relaxed looking it is.

I think that Jongup had some of the coolest pants in this video but they were either out of the shot, top right, or really far away, bottom left. The pants on the top right look like a paisley explosion and I want to experience the full effect of them. I guess I will never know if they are fabulous of hideous, dang. I am also loving his hair. I wouldn't be sad if his hair was like this forever. 

Was the dance super amazing?  

No dance here, just walking and sitting and looking cool.

Who owned it? 

This song was very evenly divided which I liked because much of the time Bang Yong Guk and Zelo tend to be the stars of the show since BAP is predominantly a rap group. This song was definitely more suited for the singers though and if I had to pick someone as number one in the video, it would be Daehyun. Those high notes that he hit were so clear and beautiful; he was definitely in his element with this song. 

Did the English make your ears bleed?

The English was really good in this song. All the English words and phrases were used in context and the pronunciation was awesome. Especially Daehyun's because he had to say "coffee shop" and "coffee" in Korean sounds a lot like "copy" in English. He nailed it though which brought an added smoothness I feel because an "f" sound is a lot smoother than a "p" sound. 

What else is happening? 

If you want to know what's happening, go look at the Roy Kim "Love Love Love" post.

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