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K-pop Half Time Show 2013 Solos and Subunits

I think that it takes a special person to promote singly, especially when you are in a presently promoting group. I can see going from a group where you can feed off other people's energy to being solo could be both exhilarating and terrifying. One of my favorite things about people who are putting out solo albums for the first time outside of a group is you get to see a completely different side of them. You are so used to seeing them one way but then they completely 180 when they are on their own. Here are those people that we felt really shined through the masses of large groups as a singular star.

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Lee Hyori "Bad Girls"

Lee Hyori has been killing it this year with all the songs and videos that she has put out. I love the pop art concept that is going on in this video and the back track sounds like something that you might hear in an old cartoon during a corny chase scene. I am also a fan of her newest video "Crazy". She is just furthering the fact that she is one of the queens of K-pop.

~ Alora
Lee Hi

This song is so pretty and it has a really different sound from a lot of other K-pop videos. It is a ballad, and while I don't usually go for ballads, I actually really like this one. I also like how the song is sung predominantly in her chest voice, it just gives the song a whole different feel from the popular sounds that K-pop is putting out right now.

~ Alora

I wish I had your voice award - Becca


Heo Young Saeng "The Art of Seduction

I love this song so much. I haven't been listening to K-pop for too awfully long so I missed SS501, even though they don't really do it for me anyways, sorry. This song has a great funky kind of disco sound and it is also rocking the synths. This is one of the songs that makes me wish that I really could sing along with it and not just make up nonsensical words and sounds that sound similar. That being said I've been singing "I'm burning up yeah" during the chorus, apparently it's "Oppa neun eottae", who knew? Last note, I totally want crazy-stalker-kidnapper girls pink sweater. 

~ Alora

Roy Kim "Bom Bom Bom"

This was the first time that I had ever heard a Roy Kim song even though I had seen his name before on K-pop news sites. When I listened to this song, the first thing that came to mind when he started singing was "Oh my gosh it's the Korean John Denver" and I still stand by that. He has such a wonderfully smooth voice and can hit higher notes as well as deeper notes with ease. He can come and sing me to sleep any time. 

~ Alora

 Jae Joong "Mine"

I got into K-pop long after the whole DBSK fiasco, so I don't suffer from DBSK withdraws like so many others, even though I am quite fond of "Mirotic", but then again who isn't? I loved this song the second the first chord was played because this is the type of American music I listen to. This song is just so gritty and different from the super sexy electric feel that normally comes with K-pop. This song is definitely toeing the line between K-pop and J-rock and I absolutely love it. Keep doing this JaeJoong, because it's freaking awesome. 

~ Alora 
G-Dragon "Michi Go"

Oh G-Dragon, what would we do without your cracked out solo videos? Also, that pink elephant? Totally not subtle, is all. 

~ Alora

Why do all my friends say you look like a girl in this music video? award - Becca 

K.Will "Love Blossom"

I had heard K.Will songs before because he is the king of OSTs, but I had never actually sat down and really listened to a song or watched a video. This song was awesome though, it is one of those songs you listen to and think, "Yeah! Sometime it will stop snowing and being cold. The sun will come out and everything will be okay!" It is too bad that K.Will took a head shot from L though, even though it was a clever way to use an otherwise "unusable" singer in a video. Put K.Will in his own videos, dang it!  

~ Alora

Cleverest use of the artist in a music video award - Becca 

Jay Park "Joah" 

I don't listen to Jay Park because he tends to be a angry gangster rapper and I am not an angry gangster rap type of person. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this song though. It's so cute and, well, cute. Who knew right? I know that Jay Park is a phenomenal rapper, but I would not be sad to hear more songs like this because his voice is like butter. 

~ Alora 

Where did this soft side come from and how can I see it more often award - Becca  


 Sub Units 

I think that subunits are very similar to solo artists in the sense that you get to see something different that the usual concept that you are used to from a specific group. It showcases the talents of certain people that may be overshadowed in large vocal groups.There weren't a lot to pick from in this category, but from those few, these are who we really liked.


 Infinite H "Special Girl"

I don't really listen to Infinite, the only thing I really knew about them was that L was in Shut Up! Flower Boys Band, but I really liked this song when it came out. I like the mix between the sung chorus and the rapped verses. I also decided that I really like Dongwoo because he had pink hair and, not to sound super weird or anything, he has really nice lips. 

~ Alora

Best dancing and swagger in a Sub Group music video award - Becca 

U-Beat "Should Have Treated You Better"

I have recently come to love U-Kiss so I was excited to hear the a sub group was going to be created. I liked that AJ and Eli were the main players in this sun group because rappers don't get a lot of stage time in a group. They usually come out for the bridge or do basic background rapping. Not this time though! AJ and Eli are getting their chance to shine in their very own sub group with a special appearance by Kevin.

~ Alora

Most upbeat sad song award - Becca


 No love for female sub groups here, sorry.

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