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Gu Family Book

I think that this drama is a classic example of a drama that has an amazing plot line but then craps out on you in the end. The writers try to be clever in wrapping up the story, but, in reality, they could have done it in such a better way. Maybe that better way would be to make the story end on a mournful note, sure that would be sad, but it would be better than having the audience sit there wondering what the heck just happened. Then to make matters worse, you try to be Marvel and throw a weird after credit scene at us. Does this mean that there will be a season two or were you a little heavy on the soju when you were writing?

Questionable ending aside, this drama was very well written and the actors were wonderful. Our main hero, Choi Kangchi, was played by the wonderful Lee Seung Ki who I had never seen in a drama before. I already knew that he was one of those actors that everybody loved, but I have never seen him in action before, and I am glad that I finally have.

This story is center around the Gumiho legend and the desire that a Gumiho has to become human when they find a human and fall in love. Unfortunately, becoming human is not easy and almost all Gumiho fail and that is the premise that our story is built upon. 

The first couple of episodes is the back story to the drama and it is so sad and beautiful. It is about a Gumiho who falls in love with a human, but ultimately fails in his quest to become human and becomes a demon.

Even though the beginning of this drama was heartbreaking, there were plenty of funny moments to break through the sadness of both the beginning and what is peppered through the drama. Here are some funny scenes that you will get no explanation for. You just get to be confused. You're welcome.

Yeah, this drama is awesome. Most of the time. That sword at the beginning......

Another reason why I loved this drama so much is because the cast meshed with each other so well. Before I began watching the drama I would see articles about Lee Seung Ki and Suzy and how natural they were with each other on and off the camera, and that was not a lie. You could tell that they honestly liked to work with each other and they we comfortable with each other which is always a good thing.

My main problem with sageuks, fusion or other wise, is that sometimes I feel like there are too many characters and I can't remember who everyone is, but I didn't have that problem in this drama which I was thankful for. There aren't a million old men who all look alike all conspiring against each other, but there is definitely one big bad, this guy.

He was such a nasty little skeeze ball and every time that he came into the scene I got the heeby jeebies, especially whenever he went to gibang house and his sick desire for some of the girls. I had to find a rage face to correctly express how I felt when he came on the screen. I feel like I found a pretty good one.

Eternal Contempt
Spoilers!!!!!! Like I did with Nail Salon Paris, I'm going to be grumpy at the ending. If you don't want to know what happens, scroll down three pictures, I also advise you to maybe cross your eyes or something, because these pictures should not be viewed by those who don't know what's happening. Let's go!

I get what you were trying to do writer, I do, you wanted to show that Kangchi's love is able to withstand centuries of being alone. Love conquers all and blah blah blah, but really? I absolutely hated the fact that they killed Yo Oul from the gun shot wound. I was expecting that Kangchi and Yo Oul's story would end happily where Mom and Dad's story was tragic, but how much more tragic did the kids story end up? Mom and Dad at least had a reconciliation, as sad as that was. Since it did end up this way, what was the point of Kanchi wanting to find the Gu Family Book? It didn't even matter in the end because he just remained a Gumiho hoping that some day he would come into contact with a reincarnated Yo Oul. 

I think that I would have been happier if the story ended with Kangchi walking away and the purple flower coming back to life. Then we could have had some bitter sweet voice over. It would be really sad, but I think that that would have been a more satisfying ending.

Once we were in modern day land, I'm not sure how I feel about the position Kangchi's dad has in his life. You couldn't have given you dad a better job than your secretary? That seems kind of low for the guy that adopted you as a river orphan. Something that I did think was clever was the use of Tae So's and Kon's actors name's when they cam onto the scene, but it's still weird.

Then with Yo Oul, it's her, but it's not her. Sure she has the same name, but she is no longer Kangchi's Yo Oul and I feel that that could come back and bite him in the butt. He will want to treat her the same, but she's not.

Now with Kon's reincarnation, what the heck was up with that after credits scene? Do they somehow still have their memories and they are going to go all SHIELD on Kangchi? Before I started watching this drama I would always see these posts of "Oh my gosh! I hope there's a sequel!" I never thought much of it because people say that a lot about dramas they like, but now I am seriously wondering too. You can't have that kind of ending without having more, can you? CAN YOU? That would just be rude. 

One of my favorite themes of this drama is that it explores what it really means to be a human. Kangchi wants so badly to become fully human, but how much of a better person is he than many of the other characters in the drama, both bad and good. I am a sucker for a drama that explores the human condition. Not that this drama goes that deep, but it does dip into those ideals. 

Overall, even though I was a little disappointed in the ending, even though I could see what the writers wanted to do, I really liked this drama. There was love, friendship, betrayal, strong females, and it pulled all sorts of emotions out of you.

What else am I watching? 

I Hear Your Voice - Oh. My. Gosh. Is it Wednesday yet? 

Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers - I finally watched more of this drama and I continue to love it. My relationship with this drama is I watch an episode and think "Oh my gosh! Why have I neglected you? I love you! I'll never do that again!" but I will definitely do it again.  

White Christmas - I thought that it was a pretty good story. It explored the human psychology and whether or not a monster is created or born. It's a little like Lord of the Flies, where a group of people are trapped together and what they do when they have nothing, or everything, to lose. It definitely had some continuity issues and the last episode was kind of confusing, but I did enjoy it and I would fully recommend it to others.

~ Alora  

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  1. What's funny is that I've seen you make the face of eternal contempt! It really looks authentic.