Sunday, December 28, 2014

Modern Farmer Drama Review

I love this show. I don't know what else to say. It was cute and not over complicated but it made you feel all sorts of emotions and by the end, you cared about every single character. There was at least one hole in the plot by the end, but I can forgive that because of everything else that happened.

Modern Farmer is a very character driven show which is not an easy thing to do. The characters have to be these wonderful and interesting people or else no one is going to be interested in the show because character driven can often lead to boredom. Putting this one on paper is does sound a little boring. Four wannabe rock stars go to the countryside to farm cabbages. I feel like I could farm cabbages after all the time we spent with them and Man Goo in the field. There is also a girl who will come and the entire time she's there she will either be painting a wall or digging for hidden treasure. That's it. We are also going to be learning about all the everyday people that live in the tiny town of Hadurokri from their past loves to their rivalries with other villages and their farming woes.

Something that was really fun about all the characters is that even though they were all very over the top, they felt like real people that you could meet in the country. I have not spent much time in the Korean countryside (I've passed through it to get other places) but I feel like I could find these people living out there somewhere. These people could also be in the city.

There is a Mi Young somewhere taking care of her elderly father as a single mom; there is a Sang Deuk who pines for his first love as his mother desperately tries to marry him off; there most definitely is a Soon Boon who is the queen of busybodies and can't keep a secret and the list goes on. Every single character was unique and you wanted them to be happy and I feel like I could watch Modern Farmer forever if it means I get to watch these crazy people being crazy with each other.

The two things that I had issues with in this story (and they aren't even issues) are the before mentioned plot hole and Hyuk not getting the girl. The hole concerns the whole reason why the boys went to the country in the first place: what the heck happened to Snake? He moved to the countryside to creep on Min Ki and then disappeared. After the boys sold all their salted cabbages they even said that they would donate all the money that they had earned. Maybe Snake got hit by that meteor and that's why Min Ki wasn't worried anymore.

Now for number two: Hyuk. I wanted so badly for him and Yoon Hee to end up together. I felt that the chemistry between them was stronger that Yoon Hee and Min Ki. With all their interactions, I did feel that Min Ki was more of a dongsaeng/uncle to her and Min Ho. Park Min Woo was also wonderful as Hyuk and brought a lot of subtlety and layers to Hyuk's character that you couldn't help but root for him. He seemed so fragile and desperate for someone to love and love him back that I was afraid that he would break if Yoon Hee ended up not sharing his feelings, but he gave his blessing to Min Ki and Yoon Hee in the end, so I guess it's okay. I guess.

I'm sad to see this drama end because I feel like I could watch this forever. I want to watch our four boys on their new hair-brained scheme to make money for their new album. I want to know how they got Ki Joon out of Yanbien and if Hwa Ran came too and about their baby. I want to see Cheol and Yeon Boutique become popular and I also want to see that awkward goatee that they slapped on Lee Hong Ki's face go away. Seriously, what was that thing? I also want to see more of the weird famly dynamic that has been formed with the marriage of Soon Boon and In Ki.

I would totally watch this drama again it was so fun and heartfelt and I will miss all the characters. They are my new drama friends and I wish them the best of luck in their future drama lives!

~ Alora


  1. i honestly hoped that yoon hee would end up with the childs father. i know that he didnt take responsibility at first... may be because he was baffled by the fact that suddenly he has a seven year old kid .. but he tried to make up in the end... should yoon hee accept him???? {there are scenes that give us the idea that yoon hee is not completely over him } i really wanted yoon hee { being portrayed as a more serious , more wise , and older person when compared to the too much childish min ki} to choose the childs father rather that a cute boyish person that she has really met for only three months!!!!.. its not like the childs father deceived her ... even park min woo would have a better choice... like u said i always got more of a dongseang vibe in their [ yoon hee n min ki ] interacions through out the series

    1. Once the father did accept Min Ho he did seem a lot cooler than at first when he practically tried to pay Yoon Hee off. If she had decided to go off with him I don't think that I would have been too upset. You're right, there were obviously still feelings there and I think that they could have made everything work in the end. It's just that my love for Park Min Woo and his character made him the top priority for me. XD

      ~ Alora

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