Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fall K-pop Favorites

The fall. The time of year where there are a lot less comebacks and many of the songs that do come out are ballads. As we have gotten closer and closer to winter and Christmas it has been rather quite in the K-pop world (song wise anyways) but I still have a nice little list here. At least I think it is nice, someone could think it was stupid but we are all entitled to our own opinion even if it wrong. There's going to be quite a few posts in the next few days - if I can get my act together - so without further ado, let's get to the post!

Roy Kim - Home 

Roy Kim, how I have missed the lovely sound of your voice. I would like nothing more than to somehow weave Roy Kim's voice into a blanket and wrap myself in it because it would probably make the fluffiest and most wonderful blanket ever. Am I getting a little weird? This video also gives the audience the warm fuzzies as they watch people take care of each other and hopefully this reminds people, especially now during the holiday season, to help the people around us. There are people everywhere that just need one person and we could be that one person but we might have to be willing to step out of our comfort zone to be that help. Be someone's home!

Kim Jin Ho - People 

The power of the fall is strong, it has made me love another slower song. I'm not sure that I had ever hear of Kim Jin Ho before I stumbled upon this video either, and I am glad that I did. He has a lovely voice and I want to listen to it forever and would also probably make a great blanket. The video to the song is also lovely. There is nothing special about it; it's black and white and you watch people stare at the camera and interact with each other. That is the point though. The song is called "People" and the video focuses on that. I especially love at the end when everyone comes together to sing. People often say that music is a universal language and I think that is what is shown here. All the people are Korean, except for the random drummer (who is he?), but they are all different and in the end they come together in song and it might have made me mist up a little to watch it.

The Boss - Rilla Go 

I'm going to be honest, when I first saw the teaser photos for this song I was iffy. I don't know anything about The Boss (who also seem to go by DGNA. Why?) so I figured with these crazy outfits the song was either going to be awesome or terrible, there could be no in between. I was caught off guard at the beginning when the said "get yo ass up" because I don't expect swearing in K-pop but after my moment of "what did you say young man?!" I was grooving to the music and really appreciating the work that was put into their costumes. I especially liked leopard boy's costume but I do have mixed emotions about the parrot and the guy with the hair. That hair has got to do.

Seo Taiji - 

This song is quite possible my favorite one on this list. Everything about it from the song to the video is amazing and I suppose that we shouldn't expect anything less from Seo Taiji. I don't know anything about him other than he is the Seo Taiji from Seo Taiji and the Boys and is basically K-pop royalty. This is the first song that I have ever heard of his and I must say that I like what I am hearing.

No Min Woo (ICON) - October 

Another ballad? What am I becoming? I don't know who I am anymore! This song is really simple, it is just him and his guitar and the video is artsy shots of the lyrics written on post-it notes. I don't really have a lot to say about the song itself. It is very raw and beautiful. I would almost believe that he just happened to be sitting in a field and busted out his guitar and happened to have a microphone on hand and then slapped this thing on YouTube. It's not flashy or sparkly, but it's beautiful and it should be listned to!
B.I.G - Are You Ready? 

I'm going to be honest, I didn't love their debut song. I thought that is was a little corny and maybe even a touch obnoxious. I know that they were promoting Korea and good for them, I just didn't like the song, it bored me. It also felt like they were trying a little too hard. Now that I just slammed their debut song, let's put a band aid on it by saying I think this song is really fun. This song has that boy band feel that a lot of new male groups have but it still has that edginess from their last song. Everything about this from the song to the video feels so much more natural that anything they did for debut and I like it!

Topp Dogg - Annie 

Somehow Topp Dogg always ends up on my seasonal favorites list. I still don't know anything about them and I probably never will (that's what I said about EXO though) but they comeback better and better. This song is so fun and the video matches it perfectly. It's just a big 90s party and I could see 90s, clear plastic panted JYP wiping away one glorious tear as his chest swells with pride at these young harem pant donning rookies. The one rapper needs to cut his hair though I can't take him seriously with that mop on his head.

Yoon Mi Rae ft. Tiger JK and Bizzy - Angel 

Do I need to say anything here? It's Yoon Mi Rae and the gang so you know that it is going to be good. This song is kind of a year wrap up going over everything that has happened in their family. I also really liked the ending with the shots of all those people. I don't know who they all were but you could see that they loved each other. They may have been "real" family or adopted family but you could see the comradery that they felt for each other. Then on a random note, I don't know why but I though that Yoon Mi Rae's son Jordan was a little kid for some reason, like a toddler or something. He is definitely not a toddler.

~ Alora

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