Thursday, May 21, 2015

A6P Face Off Debut MV Review

I thought I would mix it up today and talk about a newly debuted group. I hadn't even heard about them until the day of their debut but I am always willing to listen to a new group. I try to not make a snap decision on a group's debut song because a debut song isn't always a correct representation of who a group is. I mean, look at Block B and VIXX (to name some recent groups) and where they started and what they are doing now. Of course, VIXX's debut was actually enjoyable whereas Block B's debut was slightly cringe worthy. To go off on a brief tangent, it's a good thing that Stardom decided that Taeil wasn't cool, because as soon as they gave him the "nerdy/quirky" concept he became cool because he didn't look so freaking uncomfortable all the time. Tangent over.

Monday, May 18, 2015

SHINee Odd Album Review

SHINee's back and this album is dang good. 

That was a solid English introduction by Key. I already have high hopes for this album and the first song Odd Eye just makes my hopes higher. All the singing and the raps are on point and blend very well which is something that SHINee has definitely refined over the years. The chorus is also beautiful with the sexy synths and floating falsettos. 

Orange Marmalade First Impressions

Yeo Jin Goo makes me mad. There I said it. He makes me mad. Why you ask? Because he's super talented and has a beautiful voice and yet he's jailbate. He's a few months younger than my sister. He could literally be my younger sibling.

When I heard about this drama it sounded cute enough even though I am not the biggest vampire fan. I don't have anything against vampires, it's just that they are so hyped that I have kind of lost what little interest I had in them. You better believe that I am waiting with bated breath for Scholar Who Walks the Night to begin though. I watched Iljimae for Lee Joon Ki, very few things could be worse that that.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Warm and Cozy First Impressions

For a drama that is written by the Hong Sisters, this definitely doesn't feel like it was written by them. Thus far the drama has been very calm and (dare I say it?) warm and cozy. Not that there is anything wrong with that but the dramas that I have seen from these women are very quick out of the gate and slap stick.

But then, our heroine threw an imaginary spear at her cheating ex-boyfriend and the mayor of Jeju Island has a secret past life as an underwear model. We have hit the crazy antics wall and it matches really well with the easiness that the drama has brought thus far. This drama also doesn't have a real plot either. Like the scenery around them, thing just seem to be happening and I am perfectly content to watch it unfold. This drama is really refreshing and I like it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Angry Mom Drama Review

Verdict: This drama is awesome and you should go watch it.

Going in to this drama I expected a lot of funny and while it was quite fun, it was also very dark and at first I was a little taken aback, but by the end I loved it. This is one of those dramas that even though it had a silly premise, it did have moments that struck close to home.

In school people are bullied and in life the people that are suppose to keep us safe are the ones that are actually putting us in danger. That is a horrible thing to say, I know, but it is unfortunately true. This dramas whole premise was about corrupt leaders and if the little man gather other little men there is a chance for change to be made. Even with that collective movement, victory is not always 100%.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Liebster Award Nomination

Since this blog is a little baby blog, one of my favorite things is when I get a comment. It means that whether on accident or on purpose, someone saw something of interest and not only that, but they took a moment out of their day to say that they liked something. It always gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me want to send out internet love to those people. Now, to make things even better there is something called the Liebster Award that helps small blogs gain more attention which I think is a lovely thought. We could all use new internet friends.

I have been nominated by the blog IKurate who compile recaps, first impressions, and reviews of different dramas. This is something I am always in need of when I am writing something about a drama and I am missing a picture that I want. Thank you recappers who are better at taking screen shots than I am! I also really like their blog lay put. It's easy use and it's pretty. What more could a person want?

Friday, May 1, 2015

BIGBANG Loser MV Review

It took me a few listens to like "Bae Bae", but as soon as "Loser" started, I knew that I was going to like it. I say this frequently, but I don't really like slow/mid tempo songs but there are a select few groups and songs that I like and BIGBANG is one of those groups. I love "Blue" and "Haru Haru" and this song definitely fits in the same category as those songs.

Again, like my "Bae Bae" post I am really interested in the video. This time though I am not confused at the events but......I don't want to say in awe........but impressed with what was portrayed though the five members because they are real things that are happening the world to real people.

Each member of BIGBANG are dealing with their own demons and in the end they are destroyed by those demons, thus becoming losers.

BIGBANG Bae Bae MV Review

I hate the word bae.

And almost three years later, we get a BIGBANG comeback. They are ready to take over too what with their MV schedule that's going to be happening. But, YG also said that 2NE1 were also going to do this one video a month thing a few years ago and we all know how that went down. It didn't.

I remembered this morning that the video came out and I watched it and I didn't love the song at first. In retrospect, I think I wasn't sure how I felt about the song because I was trying to figure out what the heck I had just watched  Now that I have listened to the song a little more I do like it. The song has a floatiness to it which is kind of fun and it adds to the weirdness of the video.