Monday, May 18, 2015

SHINee Odd Album Review

SHINee's back and this album is dang good. 

That was a solid English introduction by Key. I already have high hopes for this album and the first song Odd Eye just makes my hopes higher. All the singing and the raps are on point and blend very well which is something that SHINee has definitely refined over the years. The chorus is also beautiful with the sexy synths and floating falsettos. 

Love Sick takes away away from the sexy synths of Odd Eye and gives the happier synths that I attribute to the SHINee sound. SHINee has a solid sound and that is something that really comes out in this song. When they all sing together whether it be in unison or harmony they know how to blend their voices and make you feel ready to attack the day. 

At this point in the review, View is definitely my favorite song which is a good thing since this is the song that gets a video. Seriously, how can you not like that chorus? The chorus has a very chill bouncing party vibe to it that makes you want to stop what you're doing and dance along. This song is going to be dangerous to listen to in public places. 

Romance I thinks gets the second best song spot. The heavily autotuned "shooby-dooping" of the chorus is so fun and infectious. This song makes me think of a fun beach party and if it was a video it would be a lot of fast camera work as a couple runs around playing hide and seek with each other. Or if the set in the Juliette video was less serious and more acid filled that could work too. 

This album needs to calm it the heck down. Like seriously, everything thus far has been amazing. Trigger is just a barrage of sounds and I don't know what to do with all of it other than listen in awe. The song goes up and up through the chorus and then brings you back down during the verse. I'm exhausted just listening to it. This song also does what I look forward to from SHINee songs: layers and layers of synths and and the members singing different parts either on their own of over other members parts. This song is amazing. 

There is definitely some obviously 90s influence in this album and  Farewell My Love hearkens back to the R&B breakup songs of the 90s. This song is a body role put to music. That is the best way to explain it. Not quite a shirtless body roll, but a half buttoned up shirt with a glimpse of abs kind of body roll with a little interpretive dance thrown in for good measure. 

An Ode to You is the first true ballad that is on the track. There is a lovely piano and violin to begin the song which is later joined by a snare and a few other instruments which allows SHINee's vocals to really shine in the foreground. 

Well they weren't sad for very long. Alive doesn't take us as high as some of the other song have but it is another beautifully messy SHINee song that I love so much. Minho and Key also have a pretty good rap in this song too. I don't say this very often, but I think that it was my favorite part of the song. It it very fast and in your face and quite enjoyable for that reason. 

Woof Woof makes me want to break out my poodle skirt and learn how to swing dance. This song is literally so much fun. I am literally at a loss for words because of how happy this song makes me. Just go listen to it and try to resist the urge to start dancing. I dare you!

I remember when we as an F4Plus1 were first getting into K-pop and we were learning about all thing SHINee and Autumn decided that SHINee were actually rainbow unicorns full of goodness and sparkles and I must agree. Contrary to the name Black Hole is another feel good SHINee song. My only issue is that it is so short! I was totally grooving to that and all of a sudden it was over! Not cool SHINee, Not cool. 

And to put a bow on this lovely shiny package (ba dump tss) is An Encore and this is a good final song. This is the song that would get a video of concert footage and love notes written by the members that would scroll across the screen. It is the end of this trip of an album and I feel content with what I have experienced. 

Well dang. Good job SHINee. I have never bought a full SHINee album before, I usually pick and choose songs, but I am kind of wanting to buy this whole album and then listen to it forever. Something that I love about SHINee is that because they have been in the game for a while they know what their sound is and they know what they are good at and this album is proof of that.

At the end of this review, View is still my favorite song and I am so excited to see the video. It better be amazing!

~ Alora

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