Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I have some mixed feelings about this song and video. Most of the feelings are good, but there is some underlying confliction.

As soon as this song started I was so on board. This was an anthem and is the closest thing to "Fantastic Baby" that we have received so far. The reason for that comparison is because, let's be honest, that song was amazing and people have kind of been waiting for "Fantastic Baby 2.0". This video also furthers the hilarity that I feel when I watch a BIGBANG video. They are a group and by the end they are all together, but the first half of their videos are often spent separately. I think that BIGBANG decides that they need to have a comeback but because they are all doing their own thing they have to start filming separately but by the end it all comes together like they have been together the whole time. I know that this probably isn't the case but it is the funny scenario that I have created in my mind.

Back to being on and off board with the song though, as soon as it started with that powerful "ohh~" and then Taeyang was killing it, TOP was......strange......but still killing it, then Seungri came and I was a little thrown off because in my head Daesung should have sang next, and then the "bang bang bang" started and they lost me. It really is just that one part though. When GD started started his rap I was more okay, but those bangs.

I really do think it is more of the beat than the words though. Had the beat not changed so drastically I wouldn't have been caught so off guard. The way that GD says "bang bang bang" also makes me think of this.

GD seriously sounds like he's about five when he says that. I did also read a comment some where though that said he's not actually saying "bang" but a Korean word that sounds like bang but means "shooting" or something like that. I of course lost the comment though so I have no evidence to back up this claim as frail as it already is.

But,, by the end of the song though I had totally forgotten my discomfort at the chorus. Normally a bad breakdown will ruin a song for me, but this song and that ending is so good that it negates the weirdness of the chorus for me. Good job, BIGBANG.

Speaking of weird, that video though. It's definitely evident that someone at YG has been watching a little too much Doctor Who recently.

And, while we're on the topic of TOP, what is up with him and hats? Not even in this video, but in general? He always seems to have the weirdest hats on his head and they are often very large too. BIGBANG is also a group that seems to do most things on their own, so does that mean that TOP actively goes out and tries to find the largest and/or most absurd thing to put on his head?

Seungri also had quite the headdress on when they were on those bikes. Since I have no Native American ancestry it isn't my place to start going on about cultural appropriation, but Native American headdress are beautiful and ceremonial things at it always makes me feel a little weird to see someone who doesn't appreciate what they mean parading around in one. 

Overall, this video was full of life and really fun to watch. Everything was pretty over the top in usual BIGBANG fashion and I am interested to see how they are going to build on this song and video with "We Like 2 Party" on Friday and whatever they put out next month.

It has been three years and BIGBANG is not messing around.

~ Alora

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