Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spring Favorites 2015

I have not been in the writing mood lately if you couldn't tell and even if I had felt super inspired to write something I have had literally no time. It is the end of the semester over here in Korea and which means essay tests. My students write an essay at the end of each semester for my class and I have been giving essays and grading them All MONTH LONG. You know how many classes I have? 24! And each class has about 30 students each! 30! There was also some scheduling issues so my co teacher and I have been hustling this week and it's been rough, but now it's done! And next week is finals which means I don't have classes. Let the vegetating begin!

Taeil - Inspiring 

I can't believe that this song came out only three months ago, it feels like ages. When I heard that Taeil was going to release a solo song I knew that it was going to be a lovely coffee shop song and I would have been really surprised to have received anything else from Taeil. That suspicion was furthered when I heard that 40 was going to produces this song. Be still my heart. Listening to this song, it definitely has 40's mark on it and Taeil did a fantastic job singing it. More please.

Crayon Pop - FM

What happens when you put Power Rangers, Bleach, Sailor Moon, Halo, and Crayon Pop in a blender? This music video. There is literally so much happening in this video and it is all amazing. The song is also quite catchy with an addictive chorus and it makes me think of J-pop a little. Only a tiny bit and it may be the video itself that is making me say that. If you are a fan of anything listed above or just a fan of fun videos, you'll probably like this.

Cross Gene - Play With Me 

The only thing I know about Cross Gene is that every member is from a different country or something like that, but I do know that I like this song. It has the same charm as A-JAX's MV Insane from 2 years ago which I also really liked. If I had music mashing skills I would probably try to create a beautiful love child between these songs, but alas, my talents do not lay in that area. Who wants to do that for me?

M&D - I Wish 

Heechul is such a punk. From interviews that I have seen with him, it sounds like the way that he acted in this video is not so far away from real life. I was going to write about this video and this MV and the album but, obviously, that never happened. This album doesn't sound like it is a K-pop album but a anime OST and I absolutely love it. It is very different from their debut song "Close Ur Mouth" and that caught me off guard at first, but I love everything about this song and album.

Lim Kim - Awoo

I love Lim Kim. Heck, I love anyone associated with Mystic89. You guys keep being awesome. This song has a really fun beat which is layered with an echo effect and Lim Kim's own unique vocals. I also liked the quirky and colorful nature of the video. It was fun to watch and even though I have watched it multiple times since, it is still a cute video.

N.Flying - Amazing 

FNC is really covering all the bases when it comes to their bands. F.T Island has a J-rock sound, CNBlue is more pop rock, and now we have N.Flying has a fusion hip hop/rock thing going on. This was a really good debut song and I'm glad that they finally debuted because I feel like I kept hearing about them but they hadn't actually debuted yet.

Tangent time: I think that it is a little annoying when a group is really popular before before they debut. For example, take iKON. I know that they have done things individually, but I have some female students say hoe much they love iKON and all I can say in response is "you can't like a group that hasn't debuted yet!" 

Tangent over. This song is quite good though and I am interested to see where they take their sound in the future. 

And that's it for spring! Can you believe that we are already almost half way done with the year? Where the heck did the first half go? 

~ Alora 

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