Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Donghae and Eunhyuk Still You

How's the song? 

I was in a bit of a dilemma as to what to do today. I liked Junghyun's solo debut "Flower", I considered doing a Christmas song themed post, I also thought about dropping K-pop until the new year, and then this song came out. I think that I am feeling a little burnt out lately with the holidays and the fact that I don't know what I am doing with my life and it's stressing me out a little and I also have been obsessed with Golden Rainbow lately and I have 16 episodes to catch up on.

Then at the last minute decided to do this, and it really is last minute since it came out yesterday. Write like the wind!!

After watching this video I have decided that it needs a new title, that new title is "Donghae and Eunhyuk's Love Story in London". I think that it is funny that SM knows that the highest shipped pairing after HanChul was no more is EunHae. I really like the songs that Eunhyuk and Donghae put out though. This one is quite different from the dance tracks that they have put out too.

This seems to be the year of artsy fartsy travel abroad videos with BAP and VIXX also doing their own versions of this same idea. This also means that Donghae and Eunhyuk get more singing time! Yay! Donghae is more of a singer than a rapper anyways, but Eunhuyk is the rapper, but he does have a nice voice. It makes me happy when I hear Shindong and Eunhyuk getting to sing in songs because they both can sing, but they don't get the chance to very often. I feel the same way when Yesung gets to be in the front during dances because he can dance as well as sing.  

How's the video? 

Donghae and Eunhyuk have successfully escaped the SM box set! They actually got to leave Korea too! What is happening? Is the next year going to mark a change in the way that SM does things? Probably not, but one can hope. The colors were all very pretty and muted too, it was wonderful! Sometimes the cameras were a little heavy handed with the filters, but it did fit since the video is about them walking about London and always missing each other, even though they are singing about a girl. Right~. Let's look at pretty pictures!

Something that really confused me about this video is who is the owner of the hat? Donghae has it first and almost wears it out, but then changes his mind and tosses it on the bed.

Then Eunhyuk comes in and sees a hat on his bed that he doesn't seem to recognize. How did Donghae throw that hat through time and space onto Eunhyuk's bed? I assume they aren't staying together because if they were, then they wouldn't be looking for each other.

While Eunhyuk is out, he drops the hat, and I'm confused whether he does it once or twice. On the possible second time though, Donghae finds it. Does Donghae know that it's Eunhyuk's hat? Was it a gift to Eunhyuk delivered through a time vortex, or is he wondering how his hat ended up on the streets of London?

The two eventually find each other  and Donghae puts the hat on Eunhyuk's head because another name for this song could be "PDA by EunHae".

How's the styling? 

I'm not a swearer, but the first thing that popped into my head when I say one of Eunhyuk's outfits was literally "What the hell are you wearing?"

Seriously, who thought that this was a good idea. That hat looks like the animal that it was made out of has come back to life and is taking its revenge on Eunhyuk's head. Then, what is that shirt? Why? It is red sequined leopard, plus it is incredibly shapeless and long. And then the stylists HAD to put on one more little accessory on his hip with that chain. Why? Why! This outfit has literally nothing to do with the video. It doesn't go with anything and it actually makes me mad because it's so awkward.

On a happier note, Donghae and Eunhyuk are totally wearing couple scarves. You're really pushing this aren't you SM?

Is the dance super amazing? 

No dance here amazingly considering that Eunhyuk is the dancer of Super Junior and Donghae is also one of the main dancers. 

Which member owned it? 

Since this is a duo everything is very even camera and music wise. That's one reason that I'm glad Eunhyuk is in this duo. He's also in the three other sub groups: M, T, and H. He and Shindong are larger players in H, but it is nice to see him in a duo like this. He is also my favorite member after Heechul, so there is that too.

Did the English make you ears bleed? 

So, amazingly, the English in this song is pretty good. I heard all of it without reading any subs and the pronunciation is pretty good too. I'm always hesitant about SM and their English abilities since they are usually train wrecks, which seems weird considering all the people who are English as a first language speakers and all the others who have learned English.

Another reason that Super Junior's English especially scares me is because I always think of their show Full House and the English lesson and the trip to English Village. 

And then there's Donghae pretending to know what the waiter is saying. Don't be silly Donghae, you have no idea what is going on. Maybe the waiter will music with you.

What else is happening? 

A lot of stuff happened, but you're going to have to find it on your own.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!!!

~ Alora

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Beautiful Man Episodes 7 and 8

Scandal! Lies! Socks! Park Ji Yoon! Sink noodles! This drama doesn't have an incredible amount of depth to it, but it is doing it's job and that is okay with me. I wonder if I would like it as much had I read the manwha before I watched this.

Episode 7

In this episode there are quite a few awkward meetings two of which are uncomfortable and one that makes you take pause and say, "What?" A new woman also came into Ma Te's life, but it's not woman number four, but he will probably be able to learn something from her since that is the dramas theme.

I will become your lover

Ma Te has finally met his match and he isn't aware of it yet. He thinks that In Joong is just another woman who he can drag about on a string, but what he doesn't realize is that he is actually tangled in her strings. She kind of reminds me of an Aes Sedai from the Wheel of Time series. I think that if In Joong were an Aes Sedai, she would be in the Blue Ajah, maybe even a secret Black sister, she sucks enough for that.

Nerd alert! I'm sorry you had to see that. Anyways, he tells her that he will become her lover if she helps him sell 300,000 KRW worth of socks so that Hong Ran doesn't crush them later on. Too bad In Joong got that promise on tape and is going to crush you instead.

How does David know Yoo Ra?

It is no secret that I love the character of David, but as I am getting farther into this drama I realize that he has quite a few secrets. The one that is revealed in this episode is that he and Hong Yoo Ra seem to have had a thing. I don't know what that thing is yet, but he was very surprised to see her, and even more surprised to see that Ma Te has some connection to her.

Knitting clothes for you grandchildren, eh?

Someone had a secret baby in New York! And guess who speaks English because he spent a lot of time in New York? David. Is he this secret child, or are the writers making it so obvious so they can slap us with something later? I don't know anything about the story so I can't say, but I'm thinking that David and Ma Te are going to be step siblings somehow. Unless David is illegitimate child and that adds a whole other layer of scandal frosting to this cake.

Renew, Reuse, Recycle

So gross!! Why would you think that this is a good idea? I know that you guys are all about re-purposing, but there is a fine line between being creative and just being incredibly strange. I did like the phone idea though, that is kind of brilliant. 

Episode 8 

It's confession time in the land of Beautiful Man. By the time the episode is over we are left with two and a half confessions and a collective "omo"! 

Shocking, I never saw that coming. 

Oh, Bo Tong, you sweet, sweet simpleton, everyone knows that you are desperately in love with Ma Te. The only consolation that I have is that the first confession is a big deal in Asian culture and she technically, I assume, has never outright told Ma Te that she loves him. I kind of wonder what Ma Te will do when she finally tells him, because it is one thing to know some one likes you and another thing entirely to have them tell you. 

Another secret baby?

Surprise! Myo Mi isn't actually a lesbian! She just uses that as a front to hide the fact that she had a secret child ten years ago. What? I'm not sure how that makes sense, but whatever. I'm just glad that she was brave enough to say it herself before In Joong used it against her. Side note, In Joong is a sucky human being. 

Get it, David!

I'm going to continue to live in my own personal delusion that Bo Tong will accept David's confession if he actually gets the words out before something happens. Side note, his jacket is fantastic. I love everything that he has worn in the drama. Ever since I watched Dream High last year, I have noticed that I drool over men's outerwear more than women's.

Is that the sound of frenemies I hear? Maybe even a bromance?

I don't know if I would go so far as to say bromance, David is too grumpy that all Bo Tong sees in Ma Te to truly like him. I feel you David, I feel you. If David and Ma Te really are somehow half siblings though, it will be interesting to see what that new conflict does to their potentially budding relationship. 

Final thoughts

Well, the drama is halfway over at this point and thus far I am really enjoyed it. The story is light and it isn't trying to be anything that it isn't. It's about socks and pretty boys for Pete's sake! Ever with this though, there is a nice amount of drama with Yoo Ra's revenge plot and the conflict that is brewing within MG. 

Then we also have the woman of the moment, In Joong messing with Myo Mi and Ma Te's life. she is the longest standing woman thus far and she is doing really well. I kind of wonder though if there are really going to be ten women though since we have only met three out of the ten and we're now half way through the drama. 

Keep doing what you do drama! I am thoroughly enjoying myself.  

~ Alora

Friday, December 13, 2013


I'm going to be honest, I didn't watch the last four episodes of Heirs, I literally couldn't do it, so I just read the recaps on Dramabeans. For the last six or eight episodes, I had been falling behind because I just didn't care about anything that the drama was doing. Tan and Young Do are fighting over Eun Sang? You mean like the million other times it happened, cool. Dad is an annoying dirt bag? Seen it. Oh, people are crying again, awesome, I should probably be feeling sad about this. Tan and Eun Sang are fighting again, how original.

This drama was so drawn out and because the story wasn't going anywhere fast, every episode just felt like a repeat of the last. In the end, the Chairman got sick, Madam Jung made her move, Young Do started to be honest with himself, Won started to be a better person, why didn't that happen in the middle instead during the last three or four episodes?

I have been thinking about Boys Over Flowers a lot in this drama because that was also really drawn out and you just wanted everyone to stop dragging their feet and confess and stop being incredibly annoying. At least with BOF though, it was funny so you almost forgot that the drama was staying in the same place, almost. Heirs was just so full of drama and tears though it was a lot  more noticeable that we were stuck in the same place because amid the monotony, there was nothing fun to take you mind from it.

The story  

I was pretty excited when I heard that this drama was going to come out, even though I did think that it might just be a rehashed BOF. Even if it was that, maybe Heirs could fix the things that didn't quite go right in BOF.

The first hook in this drama is the fact that Lee Min Ho is playing the main character. That is probably one of the best ways to get anyone to watch or buy anything. Then to make the deal even sweeter, the second male lead is Kim Woo Bin. The two of them used to be friends, but they had a falling out and now they hate each other.

Two angst ridden men, sounds good. This can also grab the people who watched School 2013 in the hopes that they can see another budding bromance to rival that of Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk. Yeah, right, that could never happen.

These two boys are fighting over the poor, yet spunky, Cha Eun Sang. She meets Tan in California and Young Do in Korea and they are both fighting for her affection. I have come to accept this in dramas, the boys fighting over the girl, but the reason that this rubbed me the wrong way is because it was almost like Eun Sang wasn't even a person to them. She was the prize in their contest to see who had the most testosterone.

Eun Sang also lost all that spunk that she had in the beginning. I liked her for that because she seemed to be able to take care of herself, but in the end, she became that girl that let herself be wrist dragged from one person to the next.

Something that I did like about the story, at least at first, was all the allusions that were made to Joseon in these chaebol groups. These students weren't allowed to be children, they were always the successor to "the throne" and they were expected to act in such a way that would not embarrass their parents. There was also the arranged marriage of Tan and Rachel and company merger weddings. Then we also had Madam Han the "concubine" who was woman of the house, but nothing more.

I really did like all this in the beginning, but along with everything else that happened in the story, it got old and boring by the end.

The only thing that I liked about this drama from beginning to end was Chan Young and Bo Na's relationship. In a sea of unhappy people, they loved each other and that was a very welcome breath of fresh air.

The characters 

And, oh man, are there characters. I'm going to separate the characters that I liked from the characters that I didn't like to make everything a little more interesting. Let's do this.

Characters that I liked 

So these are the "kids" and adults that I liked in the drama. For some reason I really liked Young Do's character. Yes, he was a giant turd bucket, but he was such a sad character and you could see why he was that way as well. He was kind of a tragic villain and I am a sucker for a tragic villain.

Here we also have the only good couple in the drama, Chan Young and Bo Na. They were happy and they cared about each other and there wasn't any wrist grabbing either. Whenever they were on screen, especially Bo Na (after I realized that she wasn't a terrible person), everything seemed better.

Lastly for the kids, we have two rather minor, yet good, characters, Myung Soo and Hyo Shin. Myung Soo, like Bo Na and Chan Young was a breath of fresh air in this angst ridden drama. He was so happy and ridiculous I knew that something funny would happen when he was on screen. He is the Jeremy in this drama. Then we have Hyo Shin. He is so sad, but I loved him and I don't know why. I'm glad that he was able to have a good, I guess it can be called that, ending.

Now we have the adults and our lady romance of the drama. Why isn't there a female equivalent to bromance? These two were amazing together and it was cute to see them interact because you knew that they needed each other, but they would never admit it.

There is also one honorable mention in this category and that goes to Jay the Surfer.

Even though he is every single Southern California stereotype wrapped up into one awkward character, he has a special place in my heart.

Characters that I didn't like or didn't care about 

And here is a visual of why I was bored of the drama, I disliked a lot more than I liked, and many of those people were the main characters. 

To be perfectly frank, Tan and Eun Sang were really annoying. Tan was way too mopey and he had trouble putting his plans into action. He always talked about escaping, but then when he did, he would end up giving up. He also treated Eun Sang like she was his possession more than a person which is not okay. This isn't just his fault though because Eun Sang let herself be tossed around between Tan and Young Do. She was more teary and ridiculous than Tan was and that made me even more angry. 

Finally, with Rachel, I did feel bad for her for about a hot second and then I just stopped caring about her. Sometimes feelings of sympathy would pop up because she really did like Tan and Tan was a giant jerk to her, but she was a giant jerk back. She almost made it to the like category, but, meh. I can't say that I like or dislike her, she just is.

Now, with all those adults, I wish I cared about them, especially Secretary Yoon, he also almost made it to the "like" section. They were just there and were mostly an annoyance to move the plot forward because apparently the kids in the drama were unable to do anything on their own.

Final thoughts

I'm really bad at saying "don't watch a drama". I always hesitate and say, "you can watch it if you want, but just know......." because there is always something that someone is going to like, but I cannot say that for this drama. I'm sure that there are some people that like it, (the rating sure said so) but I couldn't even finish it.

I was excited for it in the beginning, but by the end, I had no emotional connection to the drama and I felt that it was a waste of my life. The only way that I would have finished it is if I spoke Korean or if I had a dubbed version because then I could at least do other things around the house while I watched it.

This drama was hyped so much and I was cautiously excited for it, but now I'm just sad, especially since I was also let down by Mi Rae's Choice. Hopefully the drama that is taking Heirs time slot, My Lover From the Stars, will be good because I don't know how much more disappointment I can take.

~ Alora

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Heyne Love007

How's the song? 

From the moment that she debuted, I fell in love with Heyne and I don't know why, it doesn't makes any sense. Her voice is so cute and her debut video was really cute too and that is something that I normally don't like at all. But then again, I do like to listen to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu sometimes. I'm a complicated being.

Heyne has this fun 80s vibe about her so it made perfect sense that she would dress up as Cyndi Lauper during that performance where VIXX dressed like the Wonder Girls. When I heard that was going to be her performance, I immediately though, that makes perfect sense. I could already hear her voice and see her bouncing around the stage with teased hair and neon colors.

I think that what I like about her so much is that she does have a different sound than the other female singers around her. That's one of the reasons that I like Lim Kim, her voice is fantastic! There are so many groups and soloists in K-pop and it is hard to make yourself known even if you do have something that no one else does.

It also helps if you have a large company to back you up, but not everyone has that. As I have been broadening my K-pop spectrum I have found that some of my favorite groups are a bit nugu which is a shame because they deserve some sort of recognition, but who's to say if that is ever going to happen with the amount of activity that is going on in the entertainment world. Go support the lesser knowns!!!

How's the video? 

I don't think that Heyne would be a very good spy, either that, or the company she is working for is incompetent because she wouldn't be able to take anyone out in that brick room because every member of the K-pop community live in there. I can see it now.......

HEYNE: Code Name: Heyne. Mission: take out that guy from SNL Korea. My target is locked, nothing could go wrong........wait, what? U-KISS? What are you doing here? I'm on a top secret mission, you have to get out!

U-KISS: We can't! We're been stuck in this room for so long that Dongho has come down with a serious case of the crazies! He has this imaginary girlfriend and we don't want to get him out into the real world until we know that he isn't going to end up doing something embarrassing or dangerous.

HEYNE: That's terrible! I hope that he is okay, send me a text when he's better. Try to stay out of my way though, I may be the size of a toothpick, but I'm packing heat. Okay, that was weird. Well, back to the mission. Where are you, you.....what? Again? What are you guys doing in here?

TEEN TOP: Oh, you know, just posing, cheating on girls, you want to join?

HEYNE: Excuse me? How about I shoot you? Get out of here! I'm on a mission! Seriously, how big is this room? I could have sworn that U-KISS was standing in that exact spot a second ago.

This is totally what would happen. This room is so overused, you would think that K-pop groups would want to be original but they all just go to this same room. Whoever owns this room is a genius because he must be rolling in money.

How's the styling? 

I wasn't totally sold on Heyne's hair in this video. I actually thought that she was wearing a bad hair piece in the beginning. From the front it looks likes she has ahjumma hair and it confused me.

The only time that I thought her bangs looked good was in the dancing scenes and when she was wearing the pencil skirt because they were straight and even then I wasn't totally on the bang boat. They seemed way over styled and heavy and they weren't doing anything for her face.

Questionable hair aside, I did like what she was wearing in the video. I also noticed for the first time how tiny she was. I had read something about it, but I didn't realize how small she was until she was standing with her back up dancers.

Yes, he knees are a little bent, but so are all the other girls' knees! And look at her waist! She is seriously like half the size of the girls around her.

My favorite outfit that she wore was the white one with all the colorful  spots.

This outfit has a bit of an 80s feel with the one glove and the tulle skirt and I've already said that she reminds me of an Asian Cyndi Lauper so I loved everything about this.

Is the dance super amazing? 

The main point of the dance was a modified River Dance.  

Other than that, there wasn't much to the dance, just a lot of hopping and looking cute.

Which member owned it? 

Since Kim Min Kyo played Heyne's James Bond, it could have been easy for him to outshine her since he is such a large character and popular in Korea. Heyne was able to shine along side him though, which is good since it was her video and all. 

Did the English make your ears bleed? 

The English in this song is all pretty good. I heard all the English parts before I added subs and that can sometimes be a great accomplishment in songs (ie Ravi-ese). I don't know if Heyne speaks any English or if she just works under a very competent company, but I hope that her English continues to be good. 

What else is happening?  

Things I liked 

MIB "Worry About Yourself

LPG "Ppang Ya Ppang Ya"

Topp Dogg "Cigarette"

Things that made me go meh

9Muses "Glue"

G.NA "Mornin'"

Jonghyun and Juniel "Love Falls"


Crayon Pop "Lonely Christmas

EXO "Miracles in December"

United Cube "Christmas Song"

Jellyfish Entrainment "Winter Confession"

Mystic89 "Christmas Wishes"

Koyote "After Winter"

Queen B'z "What I Want"

Friday, December 6, 2013

Beautiful Man Episodes 5 and 6

I am still enjoying this drama which is good because I am still a little traumatized about the time that I put into Mi-Rae's Choice and the realization that it had no point. Why do you do these things to me dramas? This one continues to be cute though and I am suffering from Second Male Lead Love right now, which seems to be a trend in the dramas that I am picking this year. I don't know how much more my poor heart can take!

In this weeks episodes, there were misunderstandings, hidden agendas, and a whole lot of socks. I love a good sock, but it is getting a little ridiculous, but I love it. This drama is based off a manwha so it is going to be a little crazier than your usual drama and it is doing just that. Now all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that it doesn't crash and burn.

Episode 5

Does Hong Yoo Ra have a heart somewhere under that facade of beautiful vengeance? 

This episode begins with Hong Yoo Ra crying to Ma Te because her ex-mother-in-law has told Yoo Ra that she is going to send Yoo Ra's six year old daughter abroad. This, of course, makes Yoo Ra cry which is totally understandable. She misses her daughter and wants her back, but now there is no way that is going to ever happen because she won't even be in the same country. She asks Ma Te to help her take down MG so that she and her daughter can be reunited. Special moment.....kind of.....

As soon as she is out of Ma Te's house though her scary poker face is back and all she's concerned about is her smudged mascara. So, do you actually care about your daughter or not?

Be careful Ma Te, your button is showing

Even though Ma Te isn't aware of it yet, Bo Tong is his button, it will be interesting to see what he does when he realizes that. When he misunderstood when Bo Tong and David said that they were living together and talking about beds was amazing. Like with all the other women that we have seen him come in contact with, you can see that he does care for Bo Tong even if he doesn't love her.....yet.

So much second hand embarrassment

I am making the same face as that nail artist. This scene was gloriously painful. 

I'm sorry that you are the second male lead

"I am so, so sorry." - The Doctor 

Episode 6


In the last episode we were introduced to woman number three, Kim In Joong, and Ma Te is suppose to learn about connections and how to deal with people from her. Something that you always see in dramas is that the nice girls are always poor and sometimes quite dumb and it can be infuriating; on the other hand, the rich girls are beautiful and have a horrible personality. This drama is giving us successful women that are good people and even though they may fall for Ma Te's charms, they are also smart enough to step back. I hope that all these woman will continue to be portrayed this way because it is a nice breath of fresh air. 

Socks, socks everywhere

I thought that this sock thing would die out after Jaek Hee left, but it is still going strong and I am actually liking it. It wasn't a plot that was awkwardly dropped, instead, it is forging onward hysterically. David and Bo Tong go to a sock club in hopes to get someone to pick up and sell their cleaning socks. Enter this piece of work and his independent sock company. 

No words

Jang Geun Suk loves a good pose. After Bo Tong and David almost ruin everything with the sock man, with his newly acquired information about making connections from In Joong, Ma Te comes to the sock company flaunting some seriously skinny legs to show off his socks. They are able to get help from sock man, and, thus, able to sell their socks on MG's home shopping channel. Now it is up to them to be able to sell enough to knock Na Hong Ran off her high horse. Knowing her though, she'll have something else up her sleeve, she is a high up, scorned, dragon mom, a dangerous combination. 

Stop being so perfect!!

Just stop! All you are doing is causing my heart to break because you aren't going to get the girl. I can already see your heartbroken face in my head and I don't like it. 

~ Alora

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mi-Rae's Choice

I'm feeling a lot of things right now and happy is the least of them. The last episode of this drama has given us four people, three parallel universes, two men, and a baby. If I was feeling more creative I would make that singable to "The Twelve Days of Christmas", but I'm not, so that is what you get.

This drama had a lot of potential and I was enjoying it. There was time travel, Yoon Eun Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, weird noises when people cursed, and just general silliness. By the end though, it got a little repetitive and it was all I could do to not hit my computer and yell at the people because, seriously, why doesn't anyone tell Mi Rae anything? Do you realize how many things could have been solved had everyone not treated her like she was five? *heavy sighing*

The story made me think of Full House a little in the sense that the male lead is a giant man child and somehow everything is the female leads fault even if it totally wasn't. Granted, it wasn't as bad as Full House (thank goodness) but it was similar.

The story

Our story is about Na Mi Rae, she is 32 years old and works at a call center and has to deal with the stupid people that call in. One day she finds herself on the street, and not in some metaphorical way, she actually meets her future self.

Future Na Mi Rae says that she has come to help present Na Mi Rae have a better life than the one that she is fated to have. Something that I wondered all throughout the drama is where the heck did Ahjumma get all of her clothes. Unless she brought a Marry Poppins bag with her there is no way that she could have had as many wonderful clothes as she did.

We learn that Mi Rae marries the announcer Kim Shin and their marriage doesn't go well and Ahjumma looses the person that she loves the most in life and she is going to stop that from happening. Her plan is to get Mi Rae to marry Park Se Joo instead, the heir to the YBS broadcasting company who is masquerading as a VJ.

With the help of Ahjumma, Mi Rae quits her job at the call center, and rather spectacularly at that, and joins a production team at YBS, much to Ahjumma's dismay because that is where Kim Shin works. To make matters worse, Mi Rae and Kim Shin are on the same team. Also on this team are Park Se Joo, Mi Rae's older brother (who is not happy about his sister's choice), and Seo Yoo Kyung, doesn't that sound like a party.

Mi Rae's brother was also in I Miss You with Yoon Eun Hye and I'm glad that he still has his fabulous hair. 

That is the main story of the drama and it sounds really good, but, like I said, no one tells Mi Rae anything and everyone is keeping all of these secrets and it gets ridiculous. The writer started out strong but by the end, I don't think that he really knew what to do with the story that he had created.

The characters 

Lee Dong Gun as Kim Shin 

That sensor thing, I wish that it hadn't gone away so soon. I'm not sure how I feel about Kim Shin. I'm actually not sure how I feel about most of this cast of characters to be perfectly honest. He was just so full of himself and attacked other before he had all of his facts straight, it was hard for him to be completely likeable. I could see that he was a good person, but sometimes I was surprised there was enough room in his house for both him and his ego.

He did grow a lot as a character and that was nice to see, but I couldn't unconditionally love him by the end. I was so irritated by the choices that he had made throughout the drama and the way that he treated some people. I want to like him but his personality throws me off a lot. 

Yoon Eun Hye as Na Mi Rae

That hair.......I just wanted to go at it with a hair dryer and a can of mousse because that is really all it needed. The number one problem is that it wasn't styled, but that is the concept of most female leads, unkempt.

I love Yoon Eun Hye, I do, she is my favorite female actress, but I was not a fan of Na Mi Rae. She was the type of person who let everyone else decide her future and she was so indecisive about everything, it was a little ridiculous. She really only made two decisions in the whole drama, to become a writer in the beginning and then standing up to Grandma in the end.

She did have some good moments while working in the broadcasting station, but overall, she was a little useless and that is too bad.

Jung Yong Hwa as Park Se Joo 

Hello there you beautiful human being. It was too funny that he got a halo in one of the first scenes that we see him in to not use this picture. Se Joo was also a character that wasn't the best, but I did like him better that Mi Rae and Shin. This drama was one of the rare cases where I like the second leads better than the main leads.

I liked that Se Joo wasn't your typical chaebol and didn't think that he deserved everything on a silver plate. He started low and stayed there until his grandma made him come back to the top. Then when he did get to the top he tried to make reforms, even if they weren't the best ideas. He tried though and that is what counts.

Another thing that I both liked and disliked about him is that he wasn't the second male lead that sat back and pined about the woman that he wanted. He took the initiative and made advances toward her. That is something that I didn't like though because he was kind of pushy. I understand that he saw his opportunity and wanted to jump on it, but he needed to take a chill pill.

Han Chae Ah as Seo Yoo Kyung 

When I first met Yoo Kyung I didn't like her, I guess it comes with the Second Female Lead territory. She had far too much aegyo and she was also rude to Mi Rae and I was not having it. As her character developed though, I found out more about her personality and what a hard worker she was and what she put up with.

She was also the only person who acted instead of being acted upon. She thought that Ahjumma was weird so she did a little investigative work and learned a lot of information. She also put up with Se Joo's crap like a pro even though every time she saw him you could see that her heart was breaking. She is probably the only person that I wanted to be happy without any underlying uncertainty.

The ending

Spoilers! Close your eyes! Look away!

May I just say that I am not impressed right now. This drama did what Nail Salon Paris did couple wise, but then Mi-Rae took it a step farther and didn't even tell us who she ended up with. I have no words to correctly express the disgust that I am feeling right now. 

What was the whole point of the story if we don't know what happens in the end? Did Ahjumma really change the future, even if it wasn't hers? That being said, future Mi Rae never buried that box, Yoon Eun Hye Mi Rae did, so how did it get to Ahjumma? Anything that happened to Mi Rae after Ahjumma came doesn't affect Ahjumma so there is no way that she could have received that box. My brain hurts.

I swear, this drama was so close to dividing by zero it wasn't even funny. I'm surprised the universe didn't just collapse in on itself from all the people meeting themselves. 

In the end, I ship Mi Rae and Se Joo and there is nothing that you can say to convince me that they don't get together. NOTHING!

In all seriousness though, I was so done with all of the characters by the end and I was confused as to who should end up with who. I really only wanted Yoo Kyung to be happy because I felt that she deserved it the most because she should have been rewarded for being the only proactive character.

Final thoughts

I didn't hate this drama, it did have it good points and there were a lot of cute moments, but the characters were hard to like and the story was a little muddled in the end.

If someone asked me if they should watch this drama, I don't think that I would say no, but I would warn them that it does let you down story-wise and the ending might make you want to flip a table. It makes me sad.

~ Alora