Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Heyne Love007

How's the song? 

From the moment that she debuted, I fell in love with Heyne and I don't know why, it doesn't makes any sense. Her voice is so cute and her debut video was really cute too and that is something that I normally don't like at all. But then again, I do like to listen to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu sometimes. I'm a complicated being.

Heyne has this fun 80s vibe about her so it made perfect sense that she would dress up as Cyndi Lauper during that performance where VIXX dressed like the Wonder Girls. When I heard that was going to be her performance, I immediately though, that makes perfect sense. I could already hear her voice and see her bouncing around the stage with teased hair and neon colors.

I think that what I like about her so much is that she does have a different sound than the other female singers around her. That's one of the reasons that I like Lim Kim, her voice is fantastic! There are so many groups and soloists in K-pop and it is hard to make yourself known even if you do have something that no one else does.

It also helps if you have a large company to back you up, but not everyone has that. As I have been broadening my K-pop spectrum I have found that some of my favorite groups are a bit nugu which is a shame because they deserve some sort of recognition, but who's to say if that is ever going to happen with the amount of activity that is going on in the entertainment world. Go support the lesser knowns!!!

How's the video? 

I don't think that Heyne would be a very good spy, either that, or the company she is working for is incompetent because she wouldn't be able to take anyone out in that brick room because every member of the K-pop community live in there. I can see it now.......

HEYNE: Code Name: Heyne. Mission: take out that guy from SNL Korea. My target is locked, nothing could go wrong........wait, what? U-KISS? What are you doing here? I'm on a top secret mission, you have to get out!

U-KISS: We can't! We're been stuck in this room for so long that Dongho has come down with a serious case of the crazies! He has this imaginary girlfriend and we don't want to get him out into the real world until we know that he isn't going to end up doing something embarrassing or dangerous.

HEYNE: That's terrible! I hope that he is okay, send me a text when he's better. Try to stay out of my way though, I may be the size of a toothpick, but I'm packing heat. Okay, that was weird. Well, back to the mission. Where are you, you.....what? Again? What are you guys doing in here?

TEEN TOP: Oh, you know, just posing, cheating on girls, you want to join?

HEYNE: Excuse me? How about I shoot you? Get out of here! I'm on a mission! Seriously, how big is this room? I could have sworn that U-KISS was standing in that exact spot a second ago.

This is totally what would happen. This room is so overused, you would think that K-pop groups would want to be original but they all just go to this same room. Whoever owns this room is a genius because he must be rolling in money.

How's the styling? 

I wasn't totally sold on Heyne's hair in this video. I actually thought that she was wearing a bad hair piece in the beginning. From the front it looks likes she has ahjumma hair and it confused me.

The only time that I thought her bangs looked good was in the dancing scenes and when she was wearing the pencil skirt because they were straight and even then I wasn't totally on the bang boat. They seemed way over styled and heavy and they weren't doing anything for her face.

Questionable hair aside, I did like what she was wearing in the video. I also noticed for the first time how tiny she was. I had read something about it, but I didn't realize how small she was until she was standing with her back up dancers.

Yes, he knees are a little bent, but so are all the other girls' knees! And look at her waist! She is seriously like half the size of the girls around her.

My favorite outfit that she wore was the white one with all the colorful  spots.

This outfit has a bit of an 80s feel with the one glove and the tulle skirt and I've already said that she reminds me of an Asian Cyndi Lauper so I loved everything about this.

Is the dance super amazing? 

The main point of the dance was a modified River Dance.  

Other than that, there wasn't much to the dance, just a lot of hopping and looking cute.

Which member owned it? 

Since Kim Min Kyo played Heyne's James Bond, it could have been easy for him to outshine her since he is such a large character and popular in Korea. Heyne was able to shine along side him though, which is good since it was her video and all. 

Did the English make your ears bleed? 

The English in this song is all pretty good. I heard all the English parts before I added subs and that can sometimes be a great accomplishment in songs (ie Ravi-ese). I don't know if Heyne speaks any English or if she just works under a very competent company, but I hope that her English continues to be good. 

What else is happening?  

Things I liked 

MIB "Worry About Yourself

LPG "Ppang Ya Ppang Ya"

Topp Dogg "Cigarette"

Things that made me go meh

9Muses "Glue"

G.NA "Mornin'"

Jonghyun and Juniel "Love Falls"


Crayon Pop "Lonely Christmas

EXO "Miracles in December"

United Cube "Christmas Song"

Jellyfish Entrainment "Winter Confession"

Mystic89 "Christmas Wishes"

Koyote "After Winter"

Queen B'z "What I Want"

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