Friday, December 6, 2013

Beautiful Man Episodes 5 and 6

I am still enjoying this drama which is good because I am still a little traumatized about the time that I put into Mi-Rae's Choice and the realization that it had no point. Why do you do these things to me dramas? This one continues to be cute though and I am suffering from Second Male Lead Love right now, which seems to be a trend in the dramas that I am picking this year. I don't know how much more my poor heart can take!

In this weeks episodes, there were misunderstandings, hidden agendas, and a whole lot of socks. I love a good sock, but it is getting a little ridiculous, but I love it. This drama is based off a manwha so it is going to be a little crazier than your usual drama and it is doing just that. Now all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that it doesn't crash and burn.

Episode 5

Does Hong Yoo Ra have a heart somewhere under that facade of beautiful vengeance? 

This episode begins with Hong Yoo Ra crying to Ma Te because her ex-mother-in-law has told Yoo Ra that she is going to send Yoo Ra's six year old daughter abroad. This, of course, makes Yoo Ra cry which is totally understandable. She misses her daughter and wants her back, but now there is no way that is going to ever happen because she won't even be in the same country. She asks Ma Te to help her take down MG so that she and her daughter can be reunited. Special moment.....kind of.....

As soon as she is out of Ma Te's house though her scary poker face is back and all she's concerned about is her smudged mascara. So, do you actually care about your daughter or not?

Be careful Ma Te, your button is showing

Even though Ma Te isn't aware of it yet, Bo Tong is his button, it will be interesting to see what he does when he realizes that. When he misunderstood when Bo Tong and David said that they were living together and talking about beds was amazing. Like with all the other women that we have seen him come in contact with, you can see that he does care for Bo Tong even if he doesn't love her.....yet.

So much second hand embarrassment

I am making the same face as that nail artist. This scene was gloriously painful. 

I'm sorry that you are the second male lead

"I am so, so sorry." - The Doctor 

Episode 6


In the last episode we were introduced to woman number three, Kim In Joong, and Ma Te is suppose to learn about connections and how to deal with people from her. Something that you always see in dramas is that the nice girls are always poor and sometimes quite dumb and it can be infuriating; on the other hand, the rich girls are beautiful and have a horrible personality. This drama is giving us successful women that are good people and even though they may fall for Ma Te's charms, they are also smart enough to step back. I hope that all these woman will continue to be portrayed this way because it is a nice breath of fresh air. 

Socks, socks everywhere

I thought that this sock thing would die out after Jaek Hee left, but it is still going strong and I am actually liking it. It wasn't a plot that was awkwardly dropped, instead, it is forging onward hysterically. David and Bo Tong go to a sock club in hopes to get someone to pick up and sell their cleaning socks. Enter this piece of work and his independent sock company. 

No words

Jang Geun Suk loves a good pose. After Bo Tong and David almost ruin everything with the sock man, with his newly acquired information about making connections from In Joong, Ma Te comes to the sock company flaunting some seriously skinny legs to show off his socks. They are able to get help from sock man, and, thus, able to sell their socks on MG's home shopping channel. Now it is up to them to be able to sell enough to knock Na Hong Ran off her high horse. Knowing her though, she'll have something else up her sleeve, she is a high up, scorned, dragon mom, a dangerous combination. 

Stop being so perfect!!

Just stop! All you are doing is causing my heart to break because you aren't going to get the girl. I can already see your heartbroken face in my head and I don't like it. 

~ Alora

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