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Beautiful Man Episodes 7 and 8

Scandal! Lies! Socks! Park Ji Yoon! Sink noodles! This drama doesn't have an incredible amount of depth to it, but it is doing it's job and that is okay with me. I wonder if I would like it as much had I read the manwha before I watched this.

Episode 7

In this episode there are quite a few awkward meetings two of which are uncomfortable and one that makes you take pause and say, "What?" A new woman also came into Ma Te's life, but it's not woman number four, but he will probably be able to learn something from her since that is the dramas theme.

I will become your lover

Ma Te has finally met his match and he isn't aware of it yet. He thinks that In Joong is just another woman who he can drag about on a string, but what he doesn't realize is that he is actually tangled in her strings. She kind of reminds me of an Aes Sedai from the Wheel of Time series. I think that if In Joong were an Aes Sedai, she would be in the Blue Ajah, maybe even a secret Black sister, she sucks enough for that.

Nerd alert! I'm sorry you had to see that. Anyways, he tells her that he will become her lover if she helps him sell 300,000 KRW worth of socks so that Hong Ran doesn't crush them later on. Too bad In Joong got that promise on tape and is going to crush you instead.

How does David know Yoo Ra?

It is no secret that I love the character of David, but as I am getting farther into this drama I realize that he has quite a few secrets. The one that is revealed in this episode is that he and Hong Yoo Ra seem to have had a thing. I don't know what that thing is yet, but he was very surprised to see her, and even more surprised to see that Ma Te has some connection to her.

Knitting clothes for you grandchildren, eh?

Someone had a secret baby in New York! And guess who speaks English because he spent a lot of time in New York? David. Is he this secret child, or are the writers making it so obvious so they can slap us with something later? I don't know anything about the story so I can't say, but I'm thinking that David and Ma Te are going to be step siblings somehow. Unless David is illegitimate child and that adds a whole other layer of scandal frosting to this cake.

Renew, Reuse, Recycle

So gross!! Why would you think that this is a good idea? I know that you guys are all about re-purposing, but there is a fine line between being creative and just being incredibly strange. I did like the phone idea though, that is kind of brilliant. 

Episode 8 

It's confession time in the land of Beautiful Man. By the time the episode is over we are left with two and a half confessions and a collective "omo"! 

Shocking, I never saw that coming. 

Oh, Bo Tong, you sweet, sweet simpleton, everyone knows that you are desperately in love with Ma Te. The only consolation that I have is that the first confession is a big deal in Asian culture and she technically, I assume, has never outright told Ma Te that she loves him. I kind of wonder what Ma Te will do when she finally tells him, because it is one thing to know some one likes you and another thing entirely to have them tell you. 

Another secret baby?

Surprise! Myo Mi isn't actually a lesbian! She just uses that as a front to hide the fact that she had a secret child ten years ago. What? I'm not sure how that makes sense, but whatever. I'm just glad that she was brave enough to say it herself before In Joong used it against her. Side note, In Joong is a sucky human being. 

Get it, David!

I'm going to continue to live in my own personal delusion that Bo Tong will accept David's confession if he actually gets the words out before something happens. Side note, his jacket is fantastic. I love everything that he has worn in the drama. Ever since I watched Dream High last year, I have noticed that I drool over men's outerwear more than women's.

Is that the sound of frenemies I hear? Maybe even a bromance?

I don't know if I would go so far as to say bromance, David is too grumpy that all Bo Tong sees in Ma Te to truly like him. I feel you David, I feel you. If David and Ma Te really are somehow half siblings though, it will be interesting to see what that new conflict does to their potentially budding relationship. 

Final thoughts

Well, the drama is halfway over at this point and thus far I am really enjoyed it. The story is light and it isn't trying to be anything that it isn't. It's about socks and pretty boys for Pete's sake! Ever with this though, there is a nice amount of drama with Yoo Ra's revenge plot and the conflict that is brewing within MG. 

Then we also have the woman of the moment, In Joong messing with Myo Mi and Ma Te's life. she is the longest standing woman thus far and she is doing really well. I kind of wonder though if there are really going to be ten women though since we have only met three out of the ten and we're now half way through the drama. 

Keep doing what you do drama! I am thoroughly enjoying myself.  

~ Alora

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