Friday, July 12, 2013

Full House

This was suppose to go up on June 28, but obviously I had a brain cramp and it didn't happen. Oops. Well, here it is now. Better late than never right?

This drama tested my patience in many ways. First of all, I had no idea that one drama could house so many stupid people. Seriously, how can one person be so stupid? It is baffling. I know it is just a drama, but still, I wanted to badly to jump into Full House land and smack all of these characters silly.

Our story stars Rain as Lee Young Jae, an actor, and Song Hye Go as Han Ji Eun who is a messy internet writer who owns Full House. Now, prepare yourself for the waves of stupid that are about to hit you. Han Ji Eun has two friends who discover that they have become pregnant, but the problem is that they don't have any money to support themselves. Now any normal person would maybe get another job or even apply for welfare, if they do that in Korea, but not these people! They tell Ji Eun that they have won a trip overseas and that they will share it with her. Han Ji Eun reluctantly leaves on this trip.

When she gets to China, she finds that the whole trip was a fraud and she is now trapped in a foreign country without out any money, transportation, or means to get back to Korea. Luckily, when on the flight over, she sat next to Young Jae and barfed on his shirt. She happens to stay in the same hotel as him and goes to his room to return the cleaned shirt and ask for money. As a last resort, because he won't give her money, she ends up telling him that she dated his friend Yoo Min Hyuk.

When she gets home, she find that her friends have taken all of her money and sold everything in the house and the house itself, and guess who bought it?

Instead of doing the sane thing of turning in her friends and having them pay her back for everything, Ji Eun makes a deal with Young Jae that, in order to buy her house from him, she will be his maid. WHAT?! Are you freaking kidding me? How does that make any sense at all? I guess she had to do that in order for the story to progress, but seriously. I know they're your friends and that they are going to have a baby, but they majorly screwed you over.

Also, while I'm on this anger roll, what happened to the baby? They never had it and the friend was never even given a baby bump or anything! This is what she looked like at the last episode.

There is definitely no bun in that oven, you can't even pretend that there is. I'm not sure how long this drama lasted, but Ji Eun and Young Jae divorced before six months and then he disappeared for an unspecified amount of time. She should have either had that baby or been about two seconds away from going into labor.

I'm just going to continue being angry for a while I think. Something else that really rubbed me the wrong way is the way that the second male and female lead, Min Hyuk and Hye Won, kept inserting themselves into Ji Eun and Young Jae's lives. Granted our leads let them, but Min Hyuk and Hye Won basically told Ji Eun and Young Jae "I'm going to take you away from him/her because they aren't good enough for you" or something along those lines. The reason this made me so mad is because Ji Eun and Young Jae were seriously married! There was a ceremony and everything. It wasn't just a piece of paper, it was a legalized piece of paper. Horrible home wreckers!

While I'm on the topic of Hye Won, everything that woman wore put her boobs on complete display. She had to make sure that her underwear was always cute because you could always see it.

Then, the one time that her boobs weren't out for the world to see, the were entrapped in a shirt that made her look like she could tuck them into her belt. A strange polka dotted belt.

I know that this is a slightly older drama and everybody in the early 2000s dressed in a questionable manner, but even so, who thought that this was cute?

While we're on the topic of clothes, let's look at some of the other outfits than made me want to cry

The vegetable dress 
Rain's honeymoon outfit, complete with stupid hat and pants the size of a circus tent
This strange see through jacket over a wife beater
I have nothing to say about this shirt

It's the prequel to the pajama jeans, the pajama slacks and blazer
I am doing a lot of complaining about this drama, but I did enjoy it. From what I found when I was looking up this drama, the articles would always talk about how this drama was THE romantic comedy that started everything that we love to watch today.

The main problem that I had with this drama is that it got so redundant. Ji Eun and Young Jae start their marriage hating each other and then slowly begin to fall in love. Okay, I can deal with that, isn't that the premise of all contract relationship dramas? Their issue is that they refuse to admit that they like each other! Ji Eun does confess to Young Jae, but he thinks it's a joke! Then she does it again and he believes her and says that they should break up, even though you know that he loves her too. THEN, he basically tells her that he likes her and because of that they should break up. You know when these two finally confess and kiss? Seventeen minutes from the end of the drama. Oh my gosh. I was so done by the end.

If I wasn't so set on finishing this drama I might have given up because I was so irritated. I don't believe in giving up on dramas though, that is why I finished "Iljimae" and currently "Nail Salon Paris" even though both of these dramas were not and are not good. Not to say that this drama isn't good it just tests your patience in a ways that I have never had to deal with in a drama.

So, should you watch it? I would say yes because it is a classic and it does have a good story, but prepared for stupidity and redundancy. this drama does have a nice soundtrack and the scenery is also pretty because they get to go out of the country for some of the shoots. For the last thing, I will leave you with this picture of Rain because he's kind of adorable in this drama when you don't want to smack him upside the head.

What was I watching when this was suppose to be posted?

Nail Salon Paris - NO! No, no, no! I just.....I can't....Gah!

Dating Agency: Cyrano -Ah Rang better get himself a girlfriend by the end of the drama because he was the only one in "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" without someone at the end. I'm still hoping that they bring back that girl that cornered him in the bathroom. Make that happen!!!!

Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers - How many power hungry females can you put into one palace before it explodes?

Coffee Prince - That was a good rewatch <3

What am I watching now? 

 Dating Agency: Cyrano - I am considering flipping my table right now.

Gu Family Book - At the end of this drama, I feel as though something has been stolen from me. I'm happy, I guess, but not content, which is too bad. 

Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers - I need to be better about this drama. *sigh*

I Hear Your Voice - This drama calls for a marathon until I have caught up! And it has been extended by two episodes! This is wonderful! 

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  1. I watched this drama last year and I agree with every complaint you made. Often you tell yourself, "It doesn't have to make sense... it's a Korean drama." But that doesn't work with Full House. The crazy actions and reactions of the characters are too outlandish! Thanks for posting this.