Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Roy Kim Love Love Love

How's the song?

My first Roy Kim song was "Bom Bom Bom" and I thought that that was fantastic. My initial thoughts about him when he began to sing was that he was like a Korean John Denver. When I heard that he was going to release another video I was really excited because I wanted to hear more of the beautiful sounds that came from his throat.

While it's not my favorite type of music, I like listening to folk and blu grass sometimes. It just has this really clean feeling that isn't heard a lot right now. Especially in K-pop, electric and dubstep is really popular, so being able to listen to a song that is about one person's vocals and their guitar is cool. Last week I wrote about Sunny Hill's "Darling of all Hearts" and I think that if songs were friends with other songs, these two would be hanging out a lot. 

How's the video? 

This video was so chill it was awesome. It's just Roy Kim walking around the city, playing in a park, and on the back of a truck while is fans adore him. It had a really natural feel, it's like he just popped up out of the ground and people started to fan girl all over the place. It is fun to see celebrities around their (non crazy) fans. You can also tell that Roy Kim is happy to be around them as he says hello and takes pictures.

Speaking of pictures, the amount of smart phones in this video was ridiculous! Everyone was just pulling them out and taking videos and photos of Roy Kim. They seemed to be predominantly Samsung phones too which I guess would make sense since I am pretty sure that Korea makes that model. I think.

On of my favorite places that Roy Kim was in, is when he is hanging out on the back of a truck, playing his guitar, and waving to people. He just seems so at ease with everything and I am in love with that pink chair.

How's the styling?

There wasn't really any styling in this video because all the extras were real people in their real clothes. I liked that Roy Kim was dressed like anyone else his age. I fell like these clothes could have come out of his own closet. They were age appropriate and fit with the sound of the song.

There is a hanging out at the park look

Slightly fancier park wear

And an evening concert outfit

Was the dance super amazing?  

No dance to speak of in this video, unless you count walking as a dance, and I don't, so there. 

Who owned it? 

Since Roy Kim is a solo artist I would hope that he would own his own video. Seriously, how cute is this boy?

There was a random girl that almost stole his thunder though.

The girl that was holding the 'L' kept showing up so I decided to count how many time she was in the separate shots. Only counting times that her whole face was in the shot, I figured about 32 times. Then in those 32 shots, she got two full face shots and one shot with Roy Kim, but she was the focal point of the picture. Is she suppose to be someone that I know or is she just super cute?

Did the English make your ears bleed?

The only English in this song is "Love love love" and Roy Kim, from what I have gathered, went to high school in America and was accepted into Georgetown University so that means that his English is probably pretty good. 

What else is happening? 

Sweet Sorrow "Just Get Away" - The video was BTS footage of something else they are doing, I'm assuming. The song made me think of a musical and I love musicals, so this song is okay with me. They also look like a bunch of dorks, which I also love.

4Minute "Is it Poppin?" - With the exception of the club scenes I think that this video is a good example of girls being sexy without being so sexy that I fell super uncomfortable. Is it weird that I'm saying that about 4Minute?

100% "Only U" - I love BTS videos so much. This song was also upbeat and  happy which matched with the informal style of the video. I also loved that black man who looked like he was going to pee himself at 3:12, K-pop knows no boundaries

Dynamic Duo "BAAAM" - This isn't really my stye of music but it definitely had me bobbing and grooving in my seat.

ICON "Rockstar" - That video was one giant acid trip and the music is a mix of rock and techno. I like rock and I have a soft spot for techno, so I'm pretty much in love with this song.

Xia "11AM" - So I'm confused if this is the actual video or not because it is the whole song, but it says "special clip" in the title. Either way, this was beautiful and raw and freaking fantastic.

John Park "Baby" - John Park's voice is awesome, combined with this cute video, it makes for a pretty good pairing. 

MR.MR "Waiting for U" - The song was almost there for me. I just needed more harmonies and I didn't like the falsetto singing that they did.

~ Alora

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