Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sunny Hill Darling of all Hearts

How's the song?

What do you get when you combine K-pop, bluegrass, and 70s inspired outfits? You get complete and utter awesomeness, that's what you get! Sunny Hill seems to have a different sound that most super main stream K-pop groups which nice. Not that I'm have a problem with the main stream music since that is what got me into K-pop in the first place.

I was immediately hooked when I heard this song which is always a good sign. Normally with new songs, it takes me a few listens to fall completely in love, but not this time. As soon as the pipe started to play I knew that wonderful sounds were about to hit my eardrum. Then to make things even better, I read the lyric translation and I have decided that this is totally my new theme song!

It seems like there have been a few of female empowerment songs that have been coming out lately. Miss A had "I Don't Need a Man" last year and Glam has "I Like It" in January and now Sunny Hill. There are probably  more songs that I don't know about because I don't always check lyrics unless I buy the song or the lyrics are in the video. 

This song had a really unique sound to it. It wasn't electronic, or sinthy, and there was not a drop of dubstep anywhere. It did have all these cool instruments though:

I don't even know what some of those instruments are! The instrument that carries the main melody is the flute that he is playing in the standing box. It makes me want to go find a fairy circle and make flower crowns while wearing something bohemian and colorful. 

How's the video? 

This video doesn't have a story line, and doesn't even give me anything to create on my own. It is just cute shots of the girls in their individual sets or dancing together. I don't mind though because it fits very well with the theme of the song. It has an upbeat folk-y sound and it don't need any fancy bells and whistles in the video to take away from the songs.

One of my favorite things about this video is that all the women are properly clothed and that they dance is cute and simple. There weren't any butt shots or boobs shots and I didn't feel like they were exploiting themselves. That seems to be the popular concept lately and I don't really like it. All these groups are filled with pretty and talented girls and they can be pretty and talented without walking around in hardly anything and touching themselves. Is all.

How's the styling?  

I would kill for most of the outfits and accessories in this video. There were just so many polka dots and full skirts with tulle underneath! Also, those neon shoes that they were wearing with the last outfit were fabulous! Give them to me!  

Also, the girls' nails are painted the same color as the shoes that they are wearing at the end. I thought that was a cute little girly touch. To add on to the color combo thing, the color scheme of the outfits in their individual shots also match they nails and shoes they wear in the end.

No, I don't like clothes and fashion, why do you ask? 

Is the dance super amazing? 

The dance fit it really well with the sound of the song. There was a lot of hand waving and box steps, almost like they were doing a line dance of some sort. I'm going to go back to what I was saying in the section about the video, it is nice to see a dance that doesn't make me uncomfortable. Hooray for being attractive without leaving nothing for the imagination! 

Which member owned it?  

Kota definitely had the most lines in this song. She also began the song and I tend to follow the first singer in music videos, especially when I am not terribly familiar with the group.

I also really liked her voice. It's cute, but not to that point where my fingers and toes actually start to curl from the sweetness.

Does the English make your ears bleed?

There were four English parts in this song. There was the chorus of "I need love, oh, I need love" which sounded very good. They were able to pronounce the 'l' like an 'l' and not an 'r'. There were also three other English parts of the song, they said "One two three let's go", "one shot", and  "so I'm feeling down." All of these parts made since in the song and were also pronounced very well. Good job Sunny Hill!

What else is happening?  

A-Prince "My Lady" - That was freaking adorable

Kye Bum Joo "The Ceiling" - It's a good song, but a little too R&B for me

Dal Shabet "Be Ambitious" - The Korean title is "Look at my Legs", there is a lot of leg in this video, it's catchy though

2EYES "Don't Mess With Me" - debut song, for such a tough sounding song and coming from SidiusHQ, this song was kind of boring and cheap looking

Girls' Day "Female President" - This song had a very powerful sound and vocals to match, but I wish that the hot pant trend would go away. Also, was that butt shot really necessary?

A-Prince "Mambo" - Meh, I liked "My Lady" better

Roy Kim "Love Love Love" - And I love love love you, Roy Kim

YB "Mystery" - More rock music yay! It was good, but I didn't fall in love with the song.

SM! Y U NO release EXO "Wolf" drama version?

~ Alora

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