Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CL The Baddest Female

How's the song? 


Those were my thoughts after the first time I watched the video and after watching it a few more times, it hasn't really changed. You can't say that we didn't know what was coming though. YG told the masses that it was going to be a slow song, but even with that knowledge, I don't think that I was ready for what I got. I was hoping that there would be some singing in it and maybe a cool dance because CL is very good at those things as well.

I do think that this song fits her image though. She isn't wild and crazy like we see in G-Dragon's video's and she isn't solely a singer like we get from Bom and Daesung's videos. I think that she fits more in the TOP category how they both have that kind of swag going on.I can't believe I just said swag......

How's the video? 

There wasn't a story line to the video and I don't even have anything to work with to make one up. The point of this video was basically to make CL look as cool as possible and I guess that is okay because it is her solo debut.

Since this doesn't leave me with much to talk about, I'll talk about some of the people in the background of the video. There were three cameos in the video made by GD, Taeyang, and Teddy. I thought that it was weird that none of the 2NE1 girls were in the video, I think that it would have been cool to see them in the background supporting CL.

In the video there were three people that caught my eye, first was GD

GD, dude, where are your pants? He looks like a man back at home that we call Super Fly because he is always walking around in leather, gold chains, and sometimes a cane, no matter what the weather is like. He wears pants though......

Second were these two girls

The girl with the blue hair looks a little draggish and what the heck does that other girl have on her face?

Third, this little kid

It's so cute!

Was the dance super amazing?  

There was one dance in this song and it was what I call the squat and sway. That's about all I got. Also, how does one go about doing "the unnie"?

This music video is really giving me nothing to work with. 

How's the styling?

Holy crap how many outfits does one girl need? Seriously, she had more outfits than B1A4! Well, sort of. Since there are five of them they would have 35 outfits plus Baro's extra one, but she wins for individual outfits. Let's count them shall we?

Thirteen outfits later...... This video is only four minutes long! I can't imagine how long it took to shoot this thing with all of these changes. Her hair and makeup are different in almost all of them as well. I would go insane if it were me.

There is also a lot of "gangster style" clothes in the video as well and if there is nothing else that I have learned from Eat Your Kimchi, there is no such thing as the hood in Korea. Even in dramas, gangster are often very well dressed or just wear your average clothes that you would buy at a department store. Go home YG, you're drunk.

Does the English make your ears bleed? 

The English is fine, as well it should be since CL speaks perfect English.

What else is happening? 

Henry of Super Junior M is coming out with his solo album on June 7.....until SM delayed it! This better be good SM!

EXO Wolf - I like the song, but EXO was trying to be overly cool and it came out slightly comical and awkward, Nega Eurf AOOOO!!

Junsu is coming out with an album in July

MBLAQ Smokey Girl - It's got kind of a cool 20s vibe to it, but I don't know if I love it yet

Boys Republic Party Rock - This is their debut song. It is catchy, but someone was super heavy handed on the auto tune.

~ Alora

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