Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MBLAQ Smoky Girl

How's the song? 

The first time I listened to the song I thought it was a little 'meh', but the second time I listened to it, I totally loved it. I think that it was because of the 'smoky girl' chorus line. They just say it so many times that was all I remembered from the first time listening to the song. I then counted all of the times they said "smoky girl" and it came out to be 28 times and that is not including all the times that they say 'girl' or 'baby girl'.

Something that I really enjoyed is that the beginning of the song is very smooth and then it continually builds to the chorus and the party, neon paint atmosphere that you get at the end. One complaint that I do have is that I wasn't ready for it to end! All of a sudden it was just over and I was still grooving, that was very rude of them to do that. I guess that is what the repeat button is for. 

How's the video? 

The sets is this video were really cool. I also like how we transitioned from all the members being in black and white with some color highlights to complete neon by the end. It's like the clothes were slowing gaining momentum along with the song. 

One thing that confused me was the fact that the smoky girl is white. I'm also pretty sure that she is a bottle blonde, that wanna be. I'm blonde so I feel no shame in saying that. I'm also pretty sure that she is a demon or a harpy or something. Why you ask? Because of this last picture

Here eyes just creep me out. Also, who goes to the club and drinks lemon juice? I mean, I don't drink, so I would also drink something else, but lemon juice? I guess lemon juice is more correctly termed as lemonade, but still I don't trust this chick.

Something that I thought was funny is that U-Kiss and MBLAQ are sharing props.

What is this fascination with these giant chess pieces? I mean I guess they are kind of cool looking, but why? Who goes around and says, "You know what are video is missing? Giant chess pieces. Yeah, that will make it super special." I have often wondered if there is a giant warehouse somewhere that houses all of these odd props and costumes for sageuks so when people need something, they just sign it out and return it when they are done. Basically a library for music video and drama props and costumes.
Was the dance super amazing?  

There was some crazy footwork in this dance. It was all about the lower half of the body and think that dances that focus on foot work are some of the coolest looking. It is even cooler because I am constantly bumping into things and falling all over myself so I just imagine the disaster it would be if I were in a K-pop group. I would probably end up killing everyone because of some tragic misstep.

Who owned it? 

Go was definitely the boss of the first part of the song. I love his voice, it's so smooth and clear; it's wonderful. He was also working that couch that he was sitting on. With all of that and the sunglasses, it was like he was the owner of the club or a mob boss or something. GO has an offer that you can't refuse.

The member that comes in second place for me in Joon. I am kind of Joon biased, so that plays a big part into this and also, he was rocking that fedora.

One more person that I want to mention is Mir. I just want to say that in all of the MBLAQ videos, he comes out with his super awesome raps and looks amazing, but you aren't fooling us Mir, we know that you're a big derp monster that wants waffurs.

 How's the styling? 

Two words: Thunder's hair

These outfits were fantastic! Why you ask? Because of all the details that were in them!I loved that at first the black suits that they begin the video in look like average suits, except for GO's open seams on his arms and then Joon's tie up back. As I watched the video multiple times I noticed that everyone had something special about the outfits.

Joon: Corset back and purple upturned cuffs
Thunder: Cut out shirt front and shoulder seams and his super amazing pink hair
GO: Split seams on his upper arms and his purpley hair
Seungho: Purple upper lapel
Mir: Reddish pocket square and button hole seam
I couldn't find any open seams on Seungho and Mir's jackets and it made me sad, they were a cool touch.

Then they ended the video with these neon explosions of awesomeness. They also kept with the theme of Joon wearing that fedora that I so love. I liked that their shoes and the fedora were more neon than their suits. Way to properly accessorize MBLAQ.

Does the English make your ears bleed?  

The part of English in this song was "She was a smoky girl",  but they didn't have an article so it was just "She was smoky girl". For shame MBLAQ, more specifically, shame to Joon and Thunder since they are the English speakers.

What else is happening? 

LC9 cover "Just a Dream" by Nelly - Holy balls, this was absolutely incredible, go watch it, now.

Henry solo debut "Trap" - This was really good and I am totally a sucker for guys who play the piano.

Block B fighting!!!

Rainbow "Sunshine" - This song is super catchy and had me dancing along in my seat.

Nell "Ocean of Light" - This is a song that would play at the end of a rom-com as the couple kisses and we fade to credits

Chocolat "Black Tinkerbell" - I've never listened to Chocolat before, so I have nothing to compare this too, but I was kind of bored.

SISTAR "Give it to Me" - The song was okay, but I was more interested in the Cabaret/Moulin Rouge costumes and sets. Also, Shin Dong Yup, super random.

Park Myung Soo "Your My Girl" - I had no idea this side of Park Myung Soo existed! You go park Myung Soo!

BTS (Bangtan Boys) "No More Dream" - This is their debut song and holy rap song Batman! These boys are pretty talented, I want to hear moar!! Those stage names tho.........

What should I do? 

I don't know if anyone cares one way or another, but I thought I would ask. I was thinking about doing Rainbow for next week, but then this BTS group debuted and they are looking pretty legit right now. BTS song is fun and I can talk about the hood in Korea or I can finally write about a girl group! CL doesn't count because that was a solo and I didn't like it.

~ Alora


  1. Alora, you know so much more about the music than I do. I love it because I've wanted you to give me updates on what I should be listening to for so long! Yay! I'm not sure how many people are reading this, but I appreciate them so much!

  2. I really appreciated the shout out to my homeboy Mir! I just wish his part was longer or maybe if they would have given him some extra scenes other than his short but awesome rap... YOU GO MIR! YOU GO! G.O. was definitely owning it. Big time. Girl Smokey Girl Smokey Girl Smokey Girl.

  3. I just want to add my 2 cents in as well.
    First of all, Mir- I love him so much, but I do not like his hair in the first part of the video, I think it looks a million times better in the pony tail when he's wearing white (and possibly because I also think his glasses are sexy)
    Second of all, I love GO's jacket when he's wearing white. I love that style of jacket and he wears it really well.
    Awesome song too, I listen to it all the time now.