Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rainbow Sunshine

How's the song? 

I came to the decision to do Rainbow instead of BTS since Rainbow is an older group and I haven't done a girl group yet. BTS is still awesome though and I hope the do well!

That being said, this song is really fun. I don't listen to a lot of girl groups because they normally annoy me. They are either overly sexy or overly cute and I just can't handle it. Even in American music, I don't listen to popular female artists because they are just so far away from my style.

Something that can be applauded for these girls is that the song sounds the same from the beginning to the end. This song doesn't give me whiplash like so many other songs that have come out this year. I also didn't mind the rap sequence since many times raps seem to be put into songs just for the sake of having one there. This one was cute and it didn't detract from the feel of the song. 

How's the video?

This video was silly and it didn't take itself too seriously. The girls really looked like they were having fun and I think that some of the best music videos are the ones where the members look like they are just goofing around instead of being strictly choreographed.   

Now it's story time, so hold on and let's go!

Being smarter than the average girl group, Rainbow discovers that there is only one boy in their music video that is dating all of them. They make the decision to hunt him down and use him as an example to all other music video boys who think that they can pull one over on music groups.

After making their poster, Jaekyung gets her girls ready for battle, arming them with super soakers, her own shoe, pink baseball bats, and telling them to use their charms to destroy the boy who sought to make a fool of all of them.

They had not been able to find the guy (is his name Soo Won or Jerry or what?) so they went to have some afternoon tea. While they were there, they noticed that he was sitting right beside them. They were all ready to destroy the scum, until Jaekyung lost her mind and followed him with hearts in her eyes.

It was all just a clever ploy though. Jaekyung tricked him at his own game and the girls were able to take him to DSP where they each demanded their own boy in videos. We will see if their demands are met in the future. 

Not my best story, no one was murdered, but it will have to do.

How's the styling?  

I'm going to start out by calling the fashion police on JaeKyung

White socks with black pants and shoes? For shame. Okay, that was pretty lame, but I thought it was funny.......kind of.......

There are a lot of outfits in the video and while they are all very cute, they cross the cute spectrum from edgy cute to cute cute.

Here we have our edgy cute. I like it in videos when members aren't wearing the same outfit, but they are still all cohesive. It is more fun to look at and you can actually tell when your favorite member is. 

Here we lose a little of the edge seen above, but it is still not super cute because of the black and the cut outs and angle designs.

Here we lose any semblance of edge and we are pretty cute with the poofy skirts and crop tops. I like that these outfits have the 09 on them since that is the year that they debuted.

This is probably the girlyest outfit that they wear. It is super freaking short and it is all pastel and lace. They were also drinking tea to make it even more frilly and fancy.

The last outfit, or rather the first one I guess, has kind of a retro sailor look. I think that this could easily be a swim suit patter that people would love to buy.

Overall, I really liked their outfits. None of them made me go, oh gosh, why?
Is the dance super amazing? 

There were two main parts to the dance, there was a hand movement at banjjakbanjjak part and there was also a movement when they "ooooo"

The banjjakbanjjak move makes me think that they are doing an advanced version of patty cake. They're patting the cake here, if no one gets that reference and thinks that I am spouting nonsense, which is kind of true anyways. 

After you make a cake you of course have to eat your masterpiece and according to this dance move, Rainbow made a pretty good cake. Yum.

Which member owned it? 

I'm not terribly familiar with Rainbow, the only member that I am aware of is Jaekyung and that is because she was on Oh! My School. After watching this video though I have decided that I really like *quick looks it up on the internet* Jisook. She was so funny throughout the whole video.

Seriously, how cute is she?
Someone else that I noticed was Yoon Hye because her eyes freak me out. They are really big and in her first head shot, it made me jump back a second.

It's like she's staring into your soul
Then as I watched more of Rainbow's videos, I noticed her for another reason, she always seems to be wearing more clothes than the other girls. In "Tell Me Tell Me" you never see her stomach and in "A" she kind of has a Jasmine from Aladdin costume going on whereas some of the other girls are practically naked.. In this video she does show her stomach, but you never see her belly button. Modesty (kind of) for the win, yeah!

Did the English make you ears bleed? 

The English all sounded pretty good. They had a few full sentences "I'm feeling pretty good. I can't stop loving you" and sporadic English "sunshine boy" "rock and roll" and "go Jerry go". Even though I still don't know who Jerry is, everything made sense and their accents didn't make me cringe. 

What else is happening? 

Ivy "I Dance" - That music video almost gave me a seizure. 

After School "First Love" - My emotions ping ponged between bored and uncomfortable the whole time. This was a little too "my body is ready" for me.

BBde "Halo" - debut song, I think that they are way better than this cheap video and average song lets on

Crayon Pop "Bar Bar Bar" - It kind of had an eighties feel, but it wasn't really my cup of tea

ODD EYE  "Catch me if you Can " - debut song, Well that was different, but kind of cool. It will be interesting to see what they do in the future

Heyne "Dalla" - debut song, I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first because her voice is very cutesy and unique, but now I can't stop listening to it!

Taecyeon and Gui Gui "I Love You" - I normally don't do any OSTs, but this one is sung by a We Got Married couple and it's adorable and I love it.

Baek Ah Yeon - "A Good Boy" - I wasn't blown away by the video, but I liked the song

LEDApple "Bad Boys" - This song had a little Spanish flair which was kind of cool. Also......boobs......

Lee Hyori "Crazy" - Another fantastic song by the queen 

~ Alora

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