Monday, June 24, 2013


Taemin is a member of the Korean boy group SHINee. He is a singer, dancer, and the maknae of the group. His status of the maknae kind of automatically makes him the cute one, but lately he has become TaeMAN, so let's see how long SM allows this concept to go on.

I made this doll this past week because I haven't really been working. School is over and I don't have a schedule at the pool I'm starting to work for. I only worked last Monday, so by Thursday I was starting to get the crazies. Making dolls is the perfect way to keep the crazies at bay because it takes up all your time to make one of these if you let it, and I did. I pumped this guy out in about two days.

The only snag that I ran into with Taemin is his vest. I was watching the "Lucifer" music video to try to get a picture of his necklace when I noticed something, the entire back of his vest was mesh. So, after I cried and swore, I tore out the back of his vest and created the mesh pattern that you can kind of see in the bottom picture.

All I have left of the SHINee "Lucifer" collection is Jonghyun and Onew and the question "what the heck am I going to do with these five when I'm done?" still gnaws at me, but oh well, it's fun. 

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