Thursday, May 21, 2015

A6P Face Off Debut MV Review

I thought I would mix it up today and talk about a newly debuted group. I hadn't even heard about them until the day of their debut but I am always willing to listen to a new group. I try to not make a snap decision on a group's debut song because a debut song isn't always a correct representation of who a group is. I mean, look at Block B and VIXX (to name some recent groups) and where they started and what they are doing now. Of course, VIXX's debut was actually enjoyable whereas Block B's debut was slightly cringe worthy. To go off on a brief tangent, it's a good thing that Stardom decided that Taeil wasn't cool, because as soon as they gave him the "nerdy/quirky" concept he became cool because he didn't look so freaking uncomfortable all the time. Tangent over.

After I listened to A6P's debut song I decided to Google them and all it came up with was the Soompi article that took me to the video (which also popped up) and then a lot of tech stuff. Apparently A6P is some sort of Adobe file. Narrowing down the search didn't give me much more, but I know do that they are under DS Entertainment and their name means 6 Aces giving a Perfect performance.

Oh, K-pop. You and your acronyms.

As for the song, I was so on board with this song until we got to the bridge. I thought we were done with random dubstep breakdowns K-pop! I wanted to leave that trend back in 2012 and 2013! Don't try to bring it back! If that one part hadn't been in the song this would have been a really solid debut for me. All the members seem to sing well enough and the rapper is okay as well. I'm not sure how I feel about the tone of his voice, but he was confident and that is sometimes half the battle for rappers.

The song did give me some VIXX "Voodoo Doll" vibes at the start of the chorus but that is it. I try not to compare new groups to other groups but it really is an inevitable thing. It is how people decide if they like something. I like A. B is similar to A, therefore I am going to give them a try. It is when people start bashing for "copying" is when it is a not okay thing.  

I enjoyed the dancing in this video too. It wasn't too flashy but it was done well. There may also be some acrobatics in the future of this group with all the swinging around members that was done.

As for the member that caught my eye that would be the guy that I have named "I am Number Four" since he was the fourth person to reveal his face. As I was searching for information on these guys one other piece that I was able to find were their birthdays. Apparently the guy that I think is cute is the maknae.

And there are older members that were born in '96.

That means he could have been born between 96' to maybe even to '99.

He's got this unique cuteness to him though! As weird as it sounds, he has a nicely shaped mouth. If anyone is going to have a nice mouth, I guess it should probably be a singer.

The only big question that I have about this group is who is their last member? There are six of them, but one member didn't take his mask off and didn't get any singing parts. It's a little strange and if I was that person I might be a little sad that I didn't truly get to debut with the rest of the group. It does keep the masses curious though which is a good thing in an industry like this one. I am certainly interested in who this mystery member is and I will be waiting for whatever they do next. Hopefully whatever that is won't have any dubstep in it though.

~ Alora

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